Domain .CLUB revenue of more than $500.000 July 2020

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In the first three months of 2017, 475 premium domains were sold through different channels, bringing the total revenue to $505, 139.40 from the .CLUB domain.


It can be said that this is a positive sign, marking a prosperous year of .CLUB domain name when the revenue of one quarter has reached more than 50% compared to total revenue 2016 ($ 941, 121.78).

475 premium domain names .CLUB are successfully sold through channels: auctions, domain providers, marketplaces and directly by the registry of this type of domain .Club Domains, LLC. Most prominent is and is $ 18, 000 / domain and $ 10, 000.

  • There are 88 domain names sold directly from Of these, 85 domain names were paid by partial payment under the .Club Domains, LLC Easy Payment program, earning US $ 320, 844.60 in revenue, approximately 89% of the total sales of beautiful .CLUB domains purchased from get .club domain.
  • Four domain names were successfully sold in January’s NamesCon auction with a total value of $ 12, 800.
  • 351 other domain names have been sold through 30 domain name vendors coming from 13 different countries such as USA, China, Russia, France, Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany …

GoDaddy is the most sold agent with 197 domain names, earning US $ 89, 298.03. Next is Namecheap CouponĀ with 46 domains and 14, 001.62 USD. A list of premium domain names sold in domain name registrars for over $ 2, 000 in the first quarter of 2017 is as follows:

Domain name

Pricing$10, 000.00$7, 498.61$6, 999.99$4, 999.99$4, 999.99$2, 999.99$2, 999.99$2, 999.99$2, 870.55$2, 856.74$2, 113.00

Accumulated until March 31, 1977, total revenue from the sale of premium domain .CLUB reached $4, 844, 428.45.

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