How to choose a Quality Web Hosting for website March 2018

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Depending on your needs of use, source code, traffic, sources of access … To be able to choose the best quality hosting for your website.

Web hosting for website

Web hosting for website

1. Webspace:

This is a important element of a hosting package. Webspace like a folder on your computer’s hard drive, if you rent this large space, it will contain a lot of information, data, images, video clips of the Website.

wespace for web hosting

wespace for web hosting


Depending on the data of your Website, you should choose the most suitable hosting package.
– For a website introducing companies, small shops, you should hire hosting packages from 1GB to 5GB.
– For e-commerce websites, large websites, we need a hosting packages with 5Gb or higher.

2. Bandwidth:

Bandwidth is the only indication of the maximum amount of information that a website is able to move back and forth each month.

Bandwidth is usually much larger than Webspace, which typically ranges in size from a few GB to hundreds of GB.

Bandwidth Web hosting

Bandwidth Web hosting

3. Limit of accounts needed in hosting:

These are the basic and required parameters in the hosting package such as:

– MySQL Accounts: The number of MYSQL accounts that can be created in the hosting
– FTP Accounts: The number of ftp accounts allowed to create to upload files
– CPU: Data processing center
– Max file: The maximum number of files that can be uploaded to the host including the full disk
– PHP: The latest version of php
– Addon Domains: The number of domains you can point to hosting
– Sub Domains: The number of subdomains can be generated from the primary domain
– Parked Domains: The number of domain names can be parked.

4.The number of emails in hosting:

This is the number of emails per domain name. Depending on the hosting package, usually a GoDaddy Web hosting Coupon can b create from 5 emails to hundreds of emails.