How to Register Digital Ocean without Credit Card September 2022

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There are some who want to buy hosting packages at Digital Ocean but they do not have Credit Card. This is also a problem that many students are asking.


VPS (Vitrual Private Servers) is a fairly affordable solution for websites with limited access to a shared hosting, usually over 5, 000 hits per site. Days are easily up and down down continuously due to frequent overload of memory is set.

Typically, the price of a VPS package ranges from at least $25/month to several hundred Dollar depending on the needs and reputation of each vendor. So how to get a VPS for just $5/month? That is the use of Cloud VPS service at DigitalOcean Coupon.

Guide to register your account and create VPS at DigitalOcean

Before you apply, you need to have an international credit card, such as Visa or Mastercard, available. If you have not yet, see Visa Prepaid card opening instructions.

  • To sign up for an account click here (you will get $ 10 in your account) and click the Sign Up button.
  • To sign up for an account click here and click the yellow Sign Up button.
  • Then enter your email with login password, then you will login with the email name.
  • After clicking the Create My Account button, you will not need to activate the email confirmation that will go directly to the account administration page at DigitalOcean. Starting from here, you can top up and create cheap VPS at DigitalOcean.

How to add money to DigitalOcean account to buy VPS

Before adding money, remember that your money will be charged based on the number of hours spent. They leave a $5/month fee, which means you will lose $5 if you give VPS 24 hours/day/4 weeks. And the minimum deposit amount is $5.

As soon as the registration is complete, you will see the Update Billing button, click on button.


Then select the payment method that you need to use to pay and select the amount of money to be charged.

If you buy VPS on DigitalOcean,  you will receive additional $ 10 to your account when using some coupon code of Digital OCean such as DigitalOcean Coupon Code – Donated $35 Free

Digital Ocean without Credit Card – You can choose many other payment methods such as: paypal, visa or master cards, credit cards and more.

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