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About Interserver Company

Interserver is a provider of web hosting, web hosting, cloud virtualization services with 17 years of experience in the cloud. Interserver was launched in 1999 with the ownership of a single domain name and a virtual server agent account with the motto of operating cost and quality service to attract users.


Over the years, with the ingenious leadership of the founders Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri, Interserver has grown steadily and by 2015, has developed two major data centers in the world at Secaucus, N.J. Interserver has served tens of thousands of individual customers and hundreds of large companies around the globe.

Interserver has built a solid reputation and is highly valued by the end-user community with excellent service quality and good customer care policy. That’s why Interserver has won many awards in the field of providing web hosting space and virtual server services.

Interserver CouponThere may be a WHSR 5 star quality hosting award; Editor’s Choice Award by FindMyhost, Best Dedicated / VPS Hybrid Service Award, Google Trusted Partner …

From the very beginning, Interserver has turned to a quality service at the right price so they do not have a very good user preferences.

The keywords “Interserver coupon” or “Interserver discount” are always searched by users most.

And Domainhostcoupon.com has helped you bypass this search that gives you all the information about hosting packages being discounted by Interserver, Interserver voucher.

Whenever VPS discount codes appear, we will update you to save more money for web hosting services from Interserver.

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Guide to register for web hosting services, using the Interserver coupon code

Web hosting is the first service to be exploited by Interserver so this is the most used service registered here by the quality of service has been confirmed and the experience of handling errors from users of Interserver is very good. We will guide you to register for this service and use Interserver coupon code.

Step 1: Select the service package: From the Interserver home page, select “Web Hosting” and go to the web hosting service.

Here you will find three packages of hosting services introduced by Interserver: “Standard Web Hosting”; “Managed WordPress” and “Windows Web Hosting” with a monthly maintenance fee increase. You choose according to the development needs of individuals and businesses themselves, then click “Buy now”.

Step 2: Complete the information: After step 1, you will be redirected to the information page. In the information section of the website, you have 2 options either use a new domain name for your website or enter your website name here if you already have a domain name.

Next, you will be asked to register your account, enter your email address and password into Interserver here. Next complete the personal information at “Contact Info”

Step 3: Payment: You will be redirected to the payment page after step 2. Here, you will select monthly, 3 month, 6 month or yearly payment cycle …, select payment method via credit card. Use or PayPal. In the “Optionally Enter a Coupon to use”, enter InterServer coupon code here to get Interserver discount. Finally hit “Place Order” to complete the order.

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