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5 Dollar VPS at AlphaRacks Discount Codes April 2019

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Alpharacks Coupons

Only $5 per month for a high quality VPS at AlphaRacks. This is a great discount codes from this hosting provider on this month.

$5 per month VPS at Alpharacks

Only 5 dollar per month, you will get a high quality Windows VPS from this provider with up to 6BG Ram.

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How to choose a good VPS Provider? April 2019

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If you have chosen the direction of using VPS then surely you have used through the Shared Host services and have a lot of experience in using the host, so the concept you need to understand that in this article I just Focus on new concepts when you use VPS.


One difficulty for first time people exposed to VPS is that many technical concepts are difficult to understand and do not know how to use it effectively. If you are planning to use VPS, it will be very helpful if you read through the information in this article.

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Guide to Free Trial for 7 months Free VPS at DigitalOcean April 2019

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An extremely attractive opportunity for you to experience the VPS service of the famous provider DigitalOcean.


DigitalOcean partnered with CodeAnyWhere, which launches a free $ 25 coupon code for all new accounts at CodeAnyWhere. Combined with the $ 10 you get when signing up through your referral link, you will total $ 35 free to try VPS within 7 months.

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GreenGeeks Coupon Save 50% Off VPS Hosting April 2019

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GreenGeeks is one of most Environmental friendly VPS providers. They offer unlinited for bandwidth, disk space, domains, e-mail and more for their customers. They focus on shared hosting, VPS, Domain reigistrar.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting - Domainhostcoupon

In this promotion campaign, they are saling 50% Off for VPS Packages. GreenGeeks VPS is highly rated by the Webmaster community.

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InterServer Reviews Servers hosting April 2019

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Are you looking for a medium to large host, VPS hosting? InterServer is a perfect choice. InterServer offers many high quality VPS hosting at affordable prices.

All of their servers are located in high-tech datacenters at New Jersey. With the long history of operation since 1999, InterServer is a well known and the best trusted name.

interserver coupon codes

On this post, we will read some customer reviews for Interserver and pricing of InterServer VPS Coupon, Hosting backages.

Interserver Shared Hosting Pricing:


Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPrice
WINDOWS Web HostingUnlimitedUnlimited$5.00

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IO Zoom The Best Reviews April 2019

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Selecting a suitable VPS hosting for your website or blog can help your website increase the traffic and ranking on Search engine. That motivates them to buy your products or services and boost your profits.

IOZoom The Best Reviews

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The Best VPS to make BPNs for SEO April 2019

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The most important things to do BPNs of SEO are to make sure each BPN has other IPs, hide domain information, or use different domain information.

There are many ways for building BPN systems, some of ways are using Blogspot, However, the most effective way is to build a website on its own hosting, using the WordPress source, using the international domain such as: .COM or .NET and IPs must be different.

VPS for SEO - Domainhostcoupon

Typically, each VPS providers a IP for you. Therefore, to choose VPS for BPN system, we will note two things: the monthly rent and the cost of buying IP.

There is good option: 512MB RAM VPS packages that cost $ 12 to $ 15 /year are also a reasonable option, costing about $ 1- $ 1.25 a month (512MB is the minimum amount of RAM to Run web server).


vultr coupons

Server quality in Vultr is too good, very stable. Special $ 2.5 package is 512MB of RAM. Vultr launching a new cloud server package for just $ 2.5 per month.

Vultr has 2 locations in Singapore and Japan. You can find some deals and coupons from Vultr Coupon codes


Virmach Coupons

Virmach is also a name that should be mentioned with big deals and promotions on Domainhostcoupon.

This brand usually offers Windows VPS packages, but Virmach also has very cheap OpenVZ packages. 512MB RAM that only $ 14.7 per year.

IPs prices in here are also very cheap, only $10/ IPs/year, you can use coupon to save 30% off to only $ 7/IPs/year. Each VPS, you can add up to 5IPs. You can not find any other providers cheap more Virmach Coupon Codes about IPs prices.


hostus coupon codes

The last vendor I would recommend in this article is HostUS. This is a small provider, but also many people know this brand.

HostUS does not sell IPv4, but they always offers OpenVZ 512MB RAM package in the US and UK only $ 16 per year. With this costs only $ 1.33 per month, make BPN site is really reasonable.

Get your saving with Deals from HostUS on :

There are other VPS providers that you know are suitable for making BPN website systems for SEOer. Let’s share VPS providers that you are using for everyone with your comment below.

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