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40% OFF on Virtual Hosting Plans

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60% OFF on Shared Hosting Plans

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50% OFF + EXTRA 20% for 3 mos on Dedicated Servers

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Brand HOST iQ

In the realm of web hosting, emerges as a purveyor of not mere services but finely crafted digital experiences. The essence of extends beyond mere promises; it is a dedicated deliverer of excellence. Irrespective of whether one is a reseller, a business magnate, a developer immersed in code, or a visionary dreamer,’s hosting plans transcend the conventional. They serve as more than just plans; they become the passport to a transformative digital journey, where each click becomes a purposeful step toward success. Opting for is not merely selecting a service; it is an immersive encounter with an artful approach, an experiential voyage, and a jubilation of boundless digital possibilities. beckons you to choose not just a hosting provider but a curator of your digital odyssey – an architect of success in the dynamic digital landscape!

About our HOST iQ coupons

We currently have 6 active coupons & deals for Enjoy top deals and save you Upto 60% Off at We've also found discount codes for VPS Hosting Plans Starting from just $7,69/mo.

Our latest discount code was discovered on May 2024. At we always update and share the latest promo codes of HOST iQ promo codes. On average we discover a new HOST iQ discount code every 14 days.

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$7,69 From

VPS Hosting Plans Starting from just $7,69/mo

Starting from just $7,69/mo on VPS Hosting Plans at Wake up and see unbelievable price valid today. Take action now kVPS2 Plan: - SSD 20 GB - Guaranteed Ram 2048, ...

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$78 From

Starting from just $78/mo on Dedicated Servers Packages

Dedicated Servers Packages at have price starting from just $78/mo. Don't let your cart be empty when you see this great products. These top rated products could be , ...

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$5.57 From

Starting from just $5.57/mo on Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud Hosting Plans Starting from just $5.57/mo. Shop everything and save more money with HOSTiQ. Is here offers bargains at unprecedented rates Cloud 10 Plan: - SSD25 GB -, ...

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Shared Hosting Plans Starting from just $4.87/mo

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Explore a world of unbeatable savings with the latest and most popular coupons and promo codes from HOSTiQ. Elevate your product experience while ensuring your budget stays intact – HOSTiQ brings you a variety of sought-after deals that redefine both quality and affordability. Get ready to step into a realm where seamless products meet exclusive discounts. Let's explore the offerings of Popular HOSTiQ Coupons & Promo Codes!

Discovering Hosting Excellence with A Digital Odyssey Unveiled

In the vast landscape of the digital realm, where every click resonates and every second counts, the choice of a hosting provider becomes more than a decision—it becomes a journey. emerges as not just a service provider but a digital ally, weaving an intricate tapestry of hosting solutions that redefine the essence of online presence.

A Decade of Innovation and Commitment unfolds its narrative across the canvas of the last ten years—a decade marked by innovation, commitment, and the relentless pursuit of setting new benchmarks in the Ukrainian hosting market. Beyond the servers and data centers lies a story of people, partnerships, and even love blooming within the corridors of a team that has evolved into the coolest in the world.

Hosting as a Silent Guardian

At the core of’s philosophy lies the belief that hosting should work seamlessly, akin to a silent guardian “in the background.” With an outstanding 99.9% server uptime, ensures websites remain not just entities but digital forces. The technical team stands committed to swift issue resolution and constant technological evolution.

User-Centric Approach: Making Complexity Simple embraces a user-centric approach that goes beyond providing services; it’s about making the digital realm accessible to all. Detailed instructions, engaging video tutorials, and a customer support system that stands as a pillar of reliability ensure that clients can navigate the digital landscape without being overwhelmed.

Reseller Hosting: Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Success

Reseller Hosting Plans at a mere $12.75/month open doors to entrepreneurial aspirations. Initiating a hosting business becomes a reality with full technical support from HOSTiQ. This venture demands no substantial financial investments, eliminating concerns about maintenance personnel, as HOSTiQ covers these aspects entirely. The commitment extends to a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, offering resellers full control over their sites and clients through the cPanel/WHM control panel.

Operating the control panel becomes a breeze as resellers manage packages and customer accounts seamlessly through the user-friendly cPanel/WHM interface. This expanded access empowers resellers to customize packages, upload their company logo, and configure a convenient billing system, forging not just a hosting service but an individual brand.

The arsenal of features includes the robust Imunify360 antivirus, allowing resellers to independently manage website security. With its proactive scanning, any detected malicious code prompts a notification, enabling resellers to clean files or add them to an exclusion list. The antivirus’s configurations are adaptable to the reseller’s preferences, easily managed through the cPanel control panel.

For those envisioning a website presence, the SitePro web designer emerges as a creative ally. In just half an hour, resellers can craft a website using one of 190 templates, with options ranging from online stores to business card sites. SitePro becomes the gateway to a dynamic online presence, offering a myriad of templates tailored for diverse areas of life and business.

Streamlining the installation process, the Autoinstaller CMS Softaculous facilitates the setup of popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla!, and OpenCart in a matter of minutes. Resellers select their preferred engine, and Softaculous takes care of the intricate installation steps.

As an additional incentive, opting for a year or more of hosting grants resellers a complimentary domain registration for one year in popular zones. The convenience continues with the user-friendly cPanel/WHM interface, ensuring smooth management of clients’ accounts. Further enhancements include private DNS servers, allowing resellers to fine-tune and exert additional control over site operations, exemplified by DNS configurations like and

Security is paramount, and extends this commitment with free SSL Certificates, ensuring the reliable protection of clients’ information. Unlimited traffic eliminates the need for constant monitoring, offering resellers the freedom to maximize the efficiency of their resources without the constraints of monthly quotas. This comprehensive suite of features positions Reseller Hosting Plans from as not just a service provider but a catalyst for resellers to shape their hosting narrative and brand identity in the digital landscape.

Cloud Hosting: A Symphony of Reliability

Cloud Hosting Plans start at just $7.96/month, offering a dynamic hosting experience akin to a reliable guardian for your digital assets. In this cloud ecosystem, websites operate seamlessly with an impressive 99.9% uptime, ensuring minimal interruptions even in unforeseen circumstances. guarantees compensation in the event of sudden downtime, exemplified by an additional day of free hosting for every 30 minutes of site inactivity—a proactive measure for client reassurance.

Security is a paramount concern, and addresses it with the fortitude of cats and the reliability of reinforced concrete. Files in the cloud are duplicated on three separate disks, providing a robust shield against potential data loss. The meticulous protection extends further with regular backups, rendering the mission of “data loss” an impossibility.

Scheduled server maintenance, a necessary aspect of server health, is executed with precision. prioritizes client convenience by conducting such tasks outside business hours, ensuring minimal impact on site functionality. Clients are always forewarned about impending maintenance activities, demonstrating transparency and commitment to client satisfaction.

Speed is not merely a feature; it’s a commitment to excellence. employs Enterprise edition SSDs throughout its infrastructure, delivering operations that are five times faster than traditional HDDs. The servers themselves, running on Intel Xeon E5, are equipped with up to 256 GB of DDR4 RAM, ensuring a powerful and responsive hosting environment.

Beyond the technological prowess, extends a helping hand with smart and caring support available via chat and phone 24/7. The 30-day cloud test allows clients to experience the platform’s capabilities risk-free. Transferring websites from another hoster is made effortless, reflecting’s dedication to seamless transitions.

Python support and an engine auto-installer cater to developers, simplifying the integration of these elements into the hosting environment. Unlimited protection for websites is provided by the antivirus Imunify360, ensuring a secure online presence. adds a touch of generosity by offering a cool domain as a gift for clients opting for a six-month or longer commitment.

The commitment to client education and empowerment is evident through useful newsletters, training videos, an insightful blog, and a comprehensive knowledge base. For those venturing into website creation, provides a user-friendly website builder with 190 templates, facilitating the realization of diverse digital visions.

In essence,’s Cloud Hosting Plans transcend the conventional, offering not just a hosting solution but a holistic digital experience. It’s a symphony of reliability, speed, security, and support—a testament to’s commitment to elevating your digital presence.

Dedicated Servers: Power and Control Unleashed

Dedicated servers, starting at just $78/month, prove indispensable for managing large, heavily visited sites that require constant monitoring. The intricacies of renting a dedicated server involve technical know-how, from configuring the server to loading the website and managing additional services. Recognizing the need for expertise, opting for a server with permanent support service is a wise choice, ensuring the stable operation of sites with diligent assistance.

Renting a server from ensures not only stability but also attentive support. The billing department expedites the process, delivering a ready-made dedicated server within 24 hours. The technical team takes charge, installing necessary services and ensuring a seamless operation. Customer support remains accessible throughout the ordering and utilization phases, addressing queries promptly. The accommodating accountants facilitate server purchases for individuals or legal entities, ensuring a comprehensive agreement.

Free installation is a hallmark of dedicated server rental at, encompassing the assembly and setup of the server. Clients need only select and order their preferred server configuration. The commitment to 24/7 support is reflected in both client and technical assistance. Whether day or night, clients can seek advice or solutions via chat or phone, with technical support available through the ticket system.

For those looking to sidestep the intricacies of software installation and updates, system service setups, and other technical nuances, a full server administration service is available upon request. This comprehensive service streamlines the server management process—clients need only contact support to avail themselves of this invaluable assistance.

Renting dedicated servers on guarantees a constant cost in dollars, providing financial predictability. After the initial payment, the server’s price in dollars remains unchanged, irrespective of external factors. The commitment to transparency and consistency is evident in this pricing model. offers an array of powerful server configurations, featuring AMD and Intel servers with processors ranging from 4 to 24 cores. Each server boasts multiple SSD drives in a RAID array and RAM capacities ranging from 8 GB to 64 GB. The promise of unlimited traffic ensures uninterrupted project operation even with a sudden influx of visitors.

Clients retain control over their dedicated servers, choosing from a variety of control panels. Whether opting for the free Webuzo panel or premium panels like cPanel, DirectAdmin, or Plesk, customization is at the client’s discretion. Additionally, the choice between Linux or Windows OS adds another layer of flexibility, distinguishing dedicated server rental from VPS hosting.

Expanding their global reach, allows clients to rent dedicated servers in the USA or Europe—locations that offer advantages like fault tolerance, information protection, and enhanced performance. Alongside the server, clients receive a free dedicated IP, with the option to purchase additional IPs for specific network tasks.

VPS Hosting: The Canvas for Digital Innovation

VPS Hosting Plans, starting at just $14/month, represent the ideal solution for programmers, startups, and freelancers. With the ability to scale resources at any time, these plans ensure the smooth operation of sites hosted in data centers located in both Lviv and Rotterdam, offering a diverse and robust hosting environment. Notably, Docker support is a key feature, catering to the needs of developers seeking efficient software deployment and scalability.

In the realm of Cloud VPS, companies aiming for almost 100% uptime and the flexibility to increase capacity as needed find an ideal solution. This form of hosting is also advantageous for website owners facing sudden traffic surges, allowing them to adapt dynamically by adding resources on the fly. These cloud features serve as a catalyst for businesses, enabling instant scalability, revenue growth, and the acquisition of new customers.

The cloud at HOSTiQ ensures uninterrupted operation of sites through a fault-tolerant infrastructure. Distributed data storage guarantees stable performance even during server problems or overload. Scaling resources on the fly is a seamless process, empowering users to adjust resources based on project requirements. The cloud VPS hosting can leverage up to 24 CPUs and up to 100 GB of RAM, providing the flexibility to harness maximum resources when needed.

Docker support further enhances the efficiency of the cloud VPS, facilitating quick deployment and scalability of software products. Running on OpenStack, the cloud server seamlessly integrates with Docker, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for developers.

For those seeking a Ukrainian touch in their cloud VPS, HOSTiQ offers servers in the data centers of Lviv or Rotterdam. With a decade of market presence, these cloud servers on SSD disks reflect a product crafted by Ukrainians for Ukrainians. The option to rent cloud servers in either the Ukrainian data center in Lviv or in Rotterdam provides users with a tailored hosting experience, combining quality service with regional expertise.

Conclusion doesn’t just provide hosting services; it crafts digital experiences. It doesn’t just promise; it delivers excellence. Whether you’re a reseller, business owner, developer, or dreamer,’s hosting plans are more than just plans; they are your ticket to a digital journey where every click is a step towards success.

Choose – where hosting isn’t just a service; it’s an art, an experience, and a celebration of digital possibilities!


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We currently have 6 discount codes in active with HOSTiQ, access and enjoy saving money at, discount opportunities now with HOST iQ Coupon Codes. You can see more of these promotional offers:

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Yes, you can add a discount code to the HOST iQ brand on this site, via the link Can I submit a HOSTiQ coupon code, This will save more members.

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You can save Upto 60% Off with the latest HOST iQ discount codes, find this promotion content: 60% OFF on Shared Hosting Plans at

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Experience unbeatable discounts tailored for new plan sign-ups with HOST iQ coupons. Even if you're transitioning from a free plan or trial, you still qualify to apply a HOSTiQ coupon code. These exclusive codes are crafted for newly-registered users, ensuring you get the most out of your hosting experience. Need help deciding? Explore our curated list of the top website hosting services to make an informed choice.

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Elevate your savings game effortlessly with HOSTiQ's straightforward coupon redemption process. Simply navigate the checkout process, locate the discount code input box, and unleash the power of your HOST iQ coupon. Watch as the discount seamlessly applies to your total bill. Still undecided? Dive into our carefully curated list of the best affordable, high-quality web hosting providers for added assurance.

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Unleash the full potential of savings with by understanding the coupon stacking dynamics. While typically doesn't allow coupon stacking, our product coupon page is your go-to source for the latest and greatest deals. With one input field for each order, ensure you don't miss out on the unbeatable discounts waiting for you right now.

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