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WPML’s support sets the standard for the WordPress multilingual plugin market. With its extensive support hours, multilingual assistance, and proactive development, WPML provides peace of mind to users, ensuring they can build and maintain their multilingual websites with confidence.

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WPML.org Review: The Ultimate Multilingual Solution for WordPress

WPML, or WordPress Multilingual Plugin, is a game-changing solution for anyone who wants to create a multilingual website using WordPress. In today’s global marketplace, having a website that caters to multiple languages is a necessity. WPML simplifies the process of building and maintaining a multilingual website while offering robust features and seamless integration with popular themes and plugins. In this WPML.org review, we’ll take a deep dive into the plugin’s features, benefits, pricing, and more to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your needs.

About WPML

WPML was created by OnTheGoSystems with the mission of making WordPress run multilingual websites efficiently and affordably. Since its inception in 2007, WPML has grown to become the market-leading multilingual WordPress plugin, installed on over 1,000,000 WordPress sites and supporting translations in 45+ languages.

Key Features of WPML

One WordPress Installation – Multiple Languages

WPML allows you to run a multilingual website with a single WordPress installation. You can choose from the 65 preloaded languages or add your own language variants using WPML’s language editor. The plugin enables you to translate custom post types, custom fields, widgets, menus, images, taxonomy, media, and even admin texts, providing comprehensive language support.

Flexible Translation Methods

WPML offers multiple translation methods to suit your needs, whether you’re a solo website owner or a large organization. You can opt for automatic translation powered by Google, DeepL, or Microsoft, or choose professional human translation by adding your own team of translators or utilizing WPML’s partner translation services.

Multilingual & Multicurrency E-Commerce

WPML seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling you to create a fully localized and multicurrency e-commerce experience. The plugin supports simple and variable products, related products, sales, promotions, and more, ensuring a localized purchase process for your customers.

String Translation

WPML’s String Translation interface allows you to translate texts from other plugins and admin screens directly, ensuring a consistent and cohesive multilingual experience across your website.

Multilingual SEO

WPML helps optimize your website for searches in different languages by allowing you to translate page slugs, SEO meta, and titles. The plugin is compatible with popular SEO plugins, enabling you to monitor your SEO performance in each language.

Fast and Efficient

WPML’s modular design ensures fast performance in both the admin area and your website’s front-end. The plugin is always ready ahead of any WordPress release and covers all of WordPress’ features and security updates.

Compatibility with Themes and Plugins

WPML is compatible with almost all popular WordPress themes and plugins, enabling you to build a rich multilingual website without hassle. The plugin follows WordPress standards, ensuring seamless integration with other plugins and themes.

Comprehensive Support

WPML’s support team is available 6 days per week, 19 hours per day, in 9 languages, ensuring that any questions or issues you have are promptly addressed. The support team covers Asia, Europe, and the Americas, providing uninterrupted assistance when you need it most.

WPML Pricing

Before we dive into promotions and coupons, let’s quickly recap WPML’s pricing plans. WPML offers three different pricing tiers to cater to various user needs:

  1. Multilingual Blog – $39: This plan is suitable for users who need basic multilingual support for their WordPress blog.
  2. Multilingual CMS – $99: This plan offers a comprehensive solution for multilingual WordPress sites, including advanced translation management, e-commerce support, and integration with professional translation services.
  3. Multilingual Agency – $199: Designed for agencies that build multiple multilingual websites, this plan includes all the features of the Multilingual CMS plan but supports unlimited websites.

All plans come with one year of support and updates, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons of WPML


  • Comprehensive language support for a truly multilingual website
  • Flexible translation methods, including automatic and professional human translation
  • Seamless integration with popular themes, plugins, and WooCommerce
  • Multilingual SEO optimization for improved search rankings in different languages
  • Dedicated support team available 6 days a week, 19 hours a day, in 9 languages
  • Pricing plans to suit various needs, from individual bloggers to large agencies


  • Some users may find the plugin’s extensive features and options overwhelming initially
  • While WPML is compatible with most themes and plugins, there may be occasional compatibility issues that require troubleshooting

Tips for Getting the Most Out of WPML

To maximize the benefits of WPML, consider the following tips:

  1. Plan your multilingual website: Before implementing WPML, plan your website’s structure, content, and design to accommodate multiple languages. This will help ensure a smooth translation process and a cohesive user experience across all languages.
  2. Leverage automatic translation: Save time and effort by using WPML’s automatic translation feature. This will provide a solid starting point for your translations, which you can then refine and review as needed.
  3. Optimize your site for multilingual SEO: Take advantage of WPML’s multilingual SEO features to improve your search rankings in each language. This includes translating page slugs, SEO meta, and titles, as well as monitoring your SEO performance using compatible SEO plugins.
  4. Regularly update your translations: Keep your website’s content up-to-date and relevant by regularly updating your translations. This will help maintain a consistent user experience across all languages and improve your site’s overall credibility.
  5. Seek support when needed: Don’t hesitate to reach out to WPML’s dedicated support team if you encounter any issues or have questions about the plugin. Their extensive knowledge and expertise will help you resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.

Overall, WPML is an indispensable tool for creating and managing a multilingual WordPress website. Its comprehensive features, extensive compatibility, and dedicated support make it a reliable and efficient solution for website owners and agencies alike. If you’re considering building a multilingual website, WPML is undoubtedly worth your investment.

WPML vs. Competitors: A Comparative Analysis

As the demand for multilingual websites continues to grow, numerous solutions have emerged to help WordPress users create and manage their sites in multiple languages. WPML is a market leader in this space, but several competitors also offer compelling solutions. In this section, we’ll compare WPML with three of its main competitors: Polylang, TranslatePress, and MultilingualPress.


Polylang is a popular WordPress multilingual plugin that allows users to create a bilingual or multilingual website easily. It supports an unlimited number of languages and automatically downloads and updates the necessary WordPress language packs.


  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Compatible with most themes and plugins
  • Supports RTL (Right-to-Left) languages
  • Free version available with essential features


  • Limited support for automatic translation
  • Advanced features and support available only with the premium version (Polylang Pro)
  • No integrated support for professional translation services


TranslatePress is another popular multilingual plugin for WordPress that enables users to translate their entire site directly from the front-end. It features a visual translation interface, allowing users to see their translations in real-time.


  • User-friendly, visual translation interface
  • Supports automatic translation via Google Translate or DeepL
  • Free version available with basic features
  • Premium version includes SEO pack for multilingual SEO optimization


  • No built-in support for professional translation services
  • Some users may find the front-end translation interface less efficient than other translation management options


MultilingualPress is a unique multilingual solution that uses the WordPress Multisite feature to create a separate site for each language. This approach offers several advantages, such as better performance and the ability to use different themes and plugins for each language version.


  • Improved performance due to separate sites for each language
  • No lock-in effect: each site can function independently if the plugin is deactivated
  • Allows for different themes and plugins per language


  • Requires a more advanced understanding of WordPress Multisite
  • Limited automatic translation support
  • No integrated support for professional translation services

WPML: The Standout Choice

While each of these multilingual plugins offers its unique features and benefits, WPML stands out as the most comprehensive and versatile solution. With its extensive language support, flexible translation methods, seamless integration with popular themes and plugins, and exceptional support, WPML is an ideal choice for users looking to build and manage a professional multilingual website.

WPML’s main advantages over its competitors include:

  • A wide range of translation methods, including automatic translation, professional human translation, and the ability to work with translation teams
  • Robust multilingual SEO features for optimizing your site in multiple languages
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce for multilingual and multicurrency e-commerce websites
  • A dedicated support team available 6 days a week, 19 hours a day, in 9 languages

While WPML may not be the best fit for every user, its comprehensive features and reliable support make it a strong contender for anyone serious about building a successful multilingual WordPress site.

WPML Support: How It Works and What Sets It Apart

When using a multilingual plugin like WPML, you need access to reliable and knowledgeable support to help you tackle any issues that may arise. WPML’s support team is renowned for their expertise, timely responses, and dedication to customer satisfaction. In this article, we’ll explore the various aspects of WPML support and what sets them apart from the competition.

Support Channels

WPML offers two primary support channels to cater to its customers’ needs:

  1. Support Forum: The WPML support forum is a wealth of knowledge, where you can ask questions, report issues, and seek assistance from the WPML support team and fellow users. The forum is organized by topics, making it easy to navigate and find relevant information. The support team is highly active in the forum, providing detailed responses and solutions to user inquiries.
  2. Chat Support: For urgent issues or questions that require immediate assistance, WPML offers chat support. This live chat feature allows you to connect with a WPML support representative in real-time and receive personalized help with your issue.

Support Availability

WPML support is available 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday, for 19 hours each day. This extensive coverage ensures that users around the globe can access support during their local business hours. WPML’s support team is composed of experts from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, enabling them to provide timely assistance to users in various time zones.

Support Languages

WPML support is offered in 9 languages to cater to its diverse user base. These languages include: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese

This multilingual support ensures that users can receive assistance in their preferred language, making it easier to understand and resolve issues more efficiently.

Proactive Approach to Support and Development

WPML’s support and development teams work hand-in-hand to ensure the plugin remains up-to-date, stable, and secure. They release updates ahead of WordPress versions, collaborate with other plugin and theme authors to ensure compatibility, and respond quickly to security reports. This proactive approach ensures that WPML remains a reliable and efficient solution for building and managing multilingual WordPress sites.


In conclusion, WPML is a powerful and comprehensive multilingual solution for WordPress websites. Its robust features, compatibility with popular themes and plugins, and exceptional support make it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to create a multilingual website. With flexible translation methods, multilingual SEO optimization, and seamless e-commerce integration, WPML enables you to build a website that caters to a global audience effectively and efficiently.

WPML Promotion & Coupon: How to Save on Your Multilingual WordPress Solution

WPML is a premium multilingual plugin for WordPress, offering a range of features to help you create and manage a multilingual website. While WPML’s pricing is competitive for the value it provides, it’s always helpful to save some money when purchasing the plugin. In this article, we’ll cover WPML promotions, coupons, and tips on how to get the best deal on your WPML subscription.

Finding WPML Promotions and Coupons

WPML occasionally offers promotions and coupon codes to help users save on their subscription. To find the latest WPML promotions and coupons, follow these tips:

  1. Visit WPML’s official website: WPML may announce promotions or special offers on their website. Keep an eye on their homepage or the pricing page for any updates.
  2. Subscribe to WPML’s newsletter: By signing up for WPML’s newsletter, you’ll receive updates about new features, product news, and potential promotions or discounts.
  3. Follow WPML on social media: WPML maintains an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Follow their accounts to stay informed about any promotions, discounts, or giveaways.
  4. Search for coupon websites: Some websites specialize in aggregating and sharing coupon codes for various products and services. Search for “WPML coupon” on search engines to find any available coupon codes.
  5. Check out WordPress-related forums and communities: WordPress users often share tips, deals, and promotions in forums and online communities. Join these groups to stay updated on any WPML discounts or promotional offers.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on WPML

When you’re ready to purchase a WPML subscription, keep these tips in mind to get the best deal:

  1. Choose the right plan: Ensure you select the most suitable plan for your needs, as upgrading later may cost more than purchasing the correct plan initially.
  2. Take advantage of the money-back guarantee: If you’re unsure whether WPML is the right fit for your website, remember that you have 30 days to try the plugin risk-free. If you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund within that period.
  3. Renew your subscription on time: WPML provides one year of support and updates with each purchase. To continue receiving support and updates, make sure to renew your subscription before it expires.

By following these tips and staying updated on WPML promotions and coupons, you can save on your WPML subscription and enjoy the benefits of a powerful multilingual WordPress solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about WPML

In this section, we’ll address some of the most common questions that users have about WPML, its features, and its capabilities.

Can I use WPML on a WordPress.com site?

WPML is designed for self-hosted WordPress sites (WordPress.org). Unfortunately, it is not compatible with WordPress.com sites, as WordPress.com has its limitations on installing custom plugins. To use WPML, you will need a self-hosted WordPress site.

Does WPML work with page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder?

Yes, WPML is fully compatible with popular page builders, including Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder. You can easily translate your designs created with these page builders using WPML’s translation management system.

Can I use WPML with custom post types and taxonomies?

Yes, WPML supports custom post types and taxonomies. You can translate custom post types, custom fields, and custom taxonomies using WPML’s translation management system.

How does WPML handle media translation?

WPML allows you to translate media elements such as images, videos, and audio files. You can assign different media files for different languages, add translations for image captions and descriptions, and manage your translated media through the WPML Media Translation module.

How do I add a language switcher to my site with WPML?

WPML provides several options for adding a language switcher to your site. You can add a language switcher to your menu, widget area, or footer using the provided options in the WPML settings. Additionally, you can use WPML’s shortcode or PHP API to place a language switcher anywhere on your site.

Can I use WPML for multilingual SEO optimization?

Yes, WPML is designed with multilingual SEO in mind. It allows you to translate page slugs, SEO meta tags, and titles for better search engine optimization in different languages. WPML also integrates with popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO to help you analyze and optimize your SEO results in each language.

What happens to my translations if I deactivate or uninstall WPML?

WPML stores translations as separate posts in your WordPress database. If you deactivate or uninstall WPML, your translations will remain in the database but will not be displayed on the front-end. If you reactivate WPML, your translations will be available again.

What is the difference between the Multilingual Blog, Multilingual CMS, and Multilingual Agency plans?

The main differences between WPML’s pricing plans are the features and the number of websites they support. The Multilingual Blog plan is a basic option for smaller blogs and includes standard translation controls. The Multilingual CMS plan offers a more comprehensive solution, including advanced features like translation management, page builder support, and e-commerce support. The Multilingual Agency plan is designed for agencies building many multilingual websites and includes all the features of the Multilingual CMS plan with support for an unlimited number of websites.

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