GoDaddy Web Hosting Promo Codes and Reviews May 2022

GoDaddy, Hosting Reviews

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GoDaddy is the largest domain provider in the world. However, the hosting packages of this company is not well known.

If you are looking to register for cheap hosting to create a website, a name that can not be ignored is GoDaddy. You will own WordPress Hosting packages for only $12 per year and get a free domain name.

On this time, the domain registrar Godaddy has once again stimulated their hosting services by promoting the discount package Economy to $1/month.

This provider regularly launches many GoDaddy coupon code renewal for their customers, which causes many regular customers to use GoDaddy’s services.

This supplier was established in 1997 by Baltimore, Maryland and entrepreneur Bob Parsons. This supplier serves over 13 million customers worldwide. They have over 4, 908 employees.

GoDaddy Hosting Packages

Godaddy’s hosting package is not comparable to Hawkhost’s hosting package but with Godaddy’s hosting package only $12 fisrt year, GoDaddy’s servers are considred to be powerful.

GoDaddy’s advanced hosting technology can withstand very good CPU overload. This provider does not lock the hosting but only informs you to upgrade to a higher package.

So you have also seen the power of hosting GoDaddy. Although some recent reviews have been slower than before, this is still a good choice.

With Hosting pricing, although the price of hosting GoDaddy offer is not really cheaper than Namecheap or Hawk Host but with the first year, you just spend only $12 for a web hosting package. The price is so affordable.

GoDaddy integrates a lot of security features into the control panel such as:

  • Protect your folders with passwords.
  • Block IP
  • Connect hosting with SSH.
  • Encrypt files with GnuPGn … and some other features.

GoDaddy management interface or domain name is very easy to manage, for WordPress Hosting you just a mouse click to create a WordPress site immediately very quickly.

Support Service

Speaking of Godaddy hosting technical support team, you will see many poor reviews from their customers such as:

  • The response time is extremely long.
  • But it can also be extremely fast but with just one sentence.
  • Copy & Paste scripts available, from email to chat.
  • Money back is very bad.
  • Phone support is NOT FREE for all customers.

Weekness of Godaddy

Referring to the support system, Godaddy is underestimated in the webmaster community. The response time is quite long.

I have read some Godaddy hosting reviews from customers using Godady’s shared hosting services that have a lot of comments like: slow, unstable, flicker, … The reason is that a large number of shared hosting users make the server overloaded.


Godaddy is a longtime and reliable supplier. Price is one of the advantages of Godaddy when they regularly offer monthly promotions so it is very economical to use the services in here.

This is a good choice if you are looking to build a website with low price but high quality hosting.

Although there are many limitations but when using the GoDaddy hosting but you still enjoy the good features. Therefore, we should evaluate the hosting at Godaddy to normal, it is not so bad but not to good.

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