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ZAP-Hosting Reviews and expert opinion for March 2024

Zap Hosting offers many features that are loved and chosen by gamers. This is also one of the game servers that meet the needs of many people in all aspects. The game server plays the role of hosting the game software through its own application. The server then transmits the data to the client and ensures that the interface is displayed correctly to the player. Besides, the server also takes care of receiving and processing input data from players. Zap-Hosting is one of the choices that many people love and choose. So there is notable information related to this server, let's explore through the article below.
  • Game Server
  • €2.76 - €723.52
  • Team Speak
  • €1.90 - €116.16
  • VPS Hosting
  • €7.90 - €98.84
  • Root Server
  • €7.90 - €150.54
  • Dedicated Server
  • €37.90 - €414.75

ZAP-Hosting with data center

Canada, United States, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, Finland


Zap-hosting review about features, benefits
Zap Hosting Review about features, benefits

About ZAP-Hosting

Zap-Hosting is known by many people as well as many businesses as a hosting company established in 2010 and growing strongly until now. They offer a wide range of products that make it easier for users to access the web. Their services range from VPS through game servers to domain selection. This provider also ensures to have a support team available to you at any time through tickets, e-mail and also live chat.

Along with the development of information technology and the explosion of data, there is a need to preserve and store data safely and effectively. Therefore, modern data storage solutions were born to meet the needs of users.

Due to the constantly increasing data volume, there are increasing requirements for retrieval performance, stability and availability of data; Storage has become very important. Data archiving is no longer simply providing mass storage devices, but also includes the ability to manage, share as well as backup and restore data under any circumstances.

With that need, Zap-Hosting along with many other hosting servers was born to meet the needs of users. Zap-Hosting will provide users with quality game servers along with many other services. Besides the game server, they provide many more services that are: VPS & Origin Server, ZAP Hosting, many of which are outstanding.

Zap-Hosting provides a form of server created by using virtualization technology to split from a private server into many different virtual servers. Virtual servers have similar features to a private server, but run shared resources from the original physical server. It is very simple to upgrade or change the configuration of the virtual server, which can be changed directly on the system management software.

Besides paying via the rare Bitcoin method, they also provide users with a free storage space so you can back up similar files. Zap-Hosting well meets all the advantages that a reputable, high-end provider needs to promise not to disappoint users.

Services provided by Zap-Hosting

Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD VPS hosting
Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD VPS hosting

Super fast VPS hosting

ZAP-Hosting.com supports users to rent a private server, including 3 outstanding servers: Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD VPS hosting. Each type of hosting service offers outstanding features and advantages.

With Linux VPS hosting, the Linux operating system allows you to optimize applications to help VPS use less resources, operate independently and efficiently. Vps Linux is favored by high security, preventing malicious code, virus attack. Businesses get rid of every threat from online platforms. The flexibility of this service allows users to add and remove applications and software at any time, customize the virtual server environment to suit their functional needs, and improve the user or visitor’s experience with the website.

Besides, at ZAP-Hosting.com, Linux has the preeminent feature that it can work without problems for many years. Small and medium-sized businesses can rest assured when using Linux virtual servers because of its nature. stability, limiting the risk of server failure.

The Windows VPS hosting service at ZAP-Hosting.com also offers highly appreciated strengths. Intuitive Window interface, convenient to use and manage the server. Not many people when starting to manage a server also understand the command line. Everyone is familiar with the graphical interface when using a PC frequently. Therefore, VPS with Windows operating system is loved by everyone.

Businesses and individuals need a virtual machine with low storage capacity. The cheap Windows VPS plan is very suitable when you are a newbie. As the work grows, it requires a high-configuration server. Rent a Windows VPS at ZAP-Hosting.com, you can upgrade the configuration quickly

Windows VPS is capable of supporting a large amount of access and transmission on one or more websites. Vps Windows owns a certain configuration of CPU, RAM, HARD drive, and does not share with anyone, ensuring maximum working performance.

FreeBSD Server hosting offered at Zap-Hosting also ensures that users can benefit from unrestricted SSH access. This service ensures relatively high stability, fast speed, maximum operation and many pre-installed services.

Your cheap Prepaid Gameserver in the Cloud at ZAP Hosting
Your cheap Prepaid Gameserver in the Cloud at ZAP Hosting

Game Server Hosting

Zap Hosting also provides users with prepaid game servers at relatively cheap prices. You can come here and search for your favorite games offered here and enjoy the experience with your friends.

They provide dedicated servers that simulate the game world without direct input or output support, except as necessary for the management function of the game server system.

The most important advantage of the dedicated servers at Zap-Hosting is that they are suitable for central hosting and are located in professional data centers with all the benefits such as: reliability, stability of Electricity, air conditioning, data center network infrastructure, internet connection, bandwidth and data transmission traffic are unlimited to ensure the performance that a game server program requires. Their dedicated game servers help to centralize data storage and reduce data processing latency between players connecting to a server from the same workstation or multiple workstations in a local network.

Zap-Hosting provides a variety of high-configuration servers from famous server companies to ensure that they can meet all the needs of individuals and game publishers as well as meet the load capacity for all applications. game server software.

Advanced features offered by Zap-hosting
Advanced features offered by Zap-hosting

Features offered by Zap-Hosting

High speed SSD

SSD has extremely fast data access speed, whether the file is large or small. The main use of this type of hard drive is to store data on your computer, the operating system and your source code files on it. For ordinary users, HDD is the right choice. However, for those who require large read and write capabilities, fast speed should choose SSD.

One of the best features of Cloud server SSD is its scalability. This means you can increase certain system resources as your website, app grows and gets more traffic. It can also reduce resources if there is a large drop in the number of visitors on your page. Yo

SSD supports data that will be stored in flash chips, so even if there is data fragmentation like on HDD, this will not affect data access speed, so when you need to find data, accessing Output happens almost instantaneously with no lag. Zap-Hosting supports the use of flash chips, so the data on the server SSD is stored more securely than the server HDD and the speed is also many times faster, in short, the SSD server can speed up your tasks.

DDoS protection

Cloud server SSD at Zap-Hosting has the best protection against DDoS attacks. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) does not violate your private information or files. Instead, its goal is to overwhelm your server with requests, causing the server to eventually crash. This can be harmful if you are running a business website as you can easily lose sales for every minute the website is down.

So how do Cloud servers SSD solve this problem? Due to their network architecture there is no single point of access to your website files. And even if one server goes down – there are many more available to load. In other words, you always get maximum availability, which is unique to Cloud server SSD.

DDoS protection is the act of preventing potential threats from accessing and connecting to a particular service. A DDoS attack can be disruptive or severe, it is important to lose connection to a very large machine or network. The real purpose, the intruder is to intentionally obtain a large amount of information or resources like bandwidth, storage space, etc. and other clients cannot request data recovery.

Zap-Hosting brings Anti-DDOS 2 software that can be installed to Cloud Server and Cloud Desktop, which can block minor attacks. Get physical and anti-DDOS protection from VMware for cloud data centers. Perform High Availability backups when one server goes down, another is up, users won’t notice any service interruptions.

Automatic setup

Choosing a reputable hosting provider will determine the stable operation of the website in the future. Therefore, the stage of choosing a hosting provider needs to be careful and thorough. Zap-Hosting gives customers a quality experience and ensures to meet all user needs.

With Zap-Hosting’s admin interface, even if you don’t know how to code, you can quickly build a website or personal blog for yourself. For services from the host, Zap-Hosting will help you set up automatically quickly. After paying, you just need to wait for a few minutes and all services will be pre-installed.

Has its own web interface

The concept of a native web interface has been around for decades, but developers started to really realize the benefits of responsive website design in the mid-2000s as more consumers started using the device. more mobile. As designers look for ways to ensure that their websites look appealing on desktops, smartphones, and tablets, they quickly discover that flexible layouts are required. Therefore, they have created websites that are compatible with a wide range of users’ devices. Understanding that need, Zap-Hosting also supports users to have their own web interfaces with the most features.

Live chat with staff

It is no coincidence that Zp-hosting’s hosting service always scores points in the eyes of customers. They receive the trust and appreciation from users because of advantages such as: applying current leading technologies, good refund policy, maximum guarantee of customer benefits, support 24/7 through many different channels, and easily upgrade to higher hosting packages. Overall, the hosting service at Zap-Hosting has nothing to complain about in terms of quality.

The expansion of the 24/7 communication network is very important, not only for timely solutions and responses to satisfy customers’ needs, but also to increase the number of potential customers. At Zap-Hosting, the chatbot is always available 24/7 to automatically respond to customers immediately when they just texted, helping to speed up the average response time by up to 3 times. Here, customers do not have to wait long, are taken care of, and effectively solve their problems.

The company is committed to always listening to the opinions of customers and always looking for the best solutions to satisfy customers. With many years of experience in the field of technology and strength in research, they are proud to always be a Hosting provider that deploys the latest technology and solutions in the world.

A gaming server with a price to suit everyone
A gaming server with a price to suit everyone

How is the pricing at Zap-Hosting?

Your business can really thrive with the services offered at Zap-Hosting. Your website will be available online without you spending too much time managing. You won’t need dedicated management staff. Thay can fulfill your needs so you can take care of your business freely.

Zap-Hosting offers a variety of VPS rental packages as well as different types of cheap servers. You can find these options on their homepage. Or if you find that these cheap service packages do not meet your needs, try contacting the consulting team of this provider directly. They will help you find and select the most optimal service package to help you maximize your needs.

Note that, don’t focus too much on cost and forget about quality criteria. A perfect low-cost service package will be a great combination between optimizing costs and providing users with commensurate service quality.

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