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LiquidWeb Reviews and expert opinion for February 2023

LiquidWeb is a server hosting company founded in 1997 with three main offices. Their data centers located in Michigan, USA. LiquidWeb focuses on Smart Servers and VPS Hosting. So, their Web Hosting packages are more expensive than other providers.
  • WordPress Hosting
  • $13.30 - $699.30
  • Cloud Hosting
  • $149 - $219
  • VPS Hosting
  • $25.00 - $145
  • Dedicated Server
  • $169 - $549
  • Cloud Dedicated
  • $149 - $699

LiquidWeb with data center

United States, Netherlands


LiquidWeb Review Dedicated Servers

The size of LiquidWeb Company is smaller than other VPS,  Dedicated Servers companies. But,  they usually provide large-scale services to big companies such as RedBull, American Airlines, MTV Television, TechSmith, Motorola, Hitachi, National Geographic, FedEx.

Review the quality of LiquidWeb 

Speed and Pricing:

The first impression after the first use of VPS hosting, Dedicated Server or Web Hosting at LiquidWeb is the speed of hosting outstanding.

LiquidWeb offer the high speed Top 10 Best Dedicated Server than all their opponents.

VPS Hosting LiquidWeb

During peak times, with a lot of traffics, my websites is still smooth without any problems, there is no sign of slowing.

With a Web Hosting Packages of LiquidWeb,  you can be completely assured of using WordPress without any problems installing plug-ins.

They take advantage of all the latest technologies, LiquidWeb own all of their hardwares. By owning more than renting, they always have more control the options to their customers.

The best Support Team

Not only phone support, they also offer other support services such as: chat live, Ticket systems. They are absolutely superior to other providers about customer support services.

If comparing with Hostgator,  Hostgator only ranked 7/10 points than LiquidWeb. When you live chat, their support team do not have to settle criteria as fast as Hostgato, at LiquidWeb you will be consulted and solve problems complex.

If you try to contact with LiquidWeb support to increase speed of your website. Crazy? No, LiquidWeb can do that for you. This’s amazing.

Remember, when you buy hosting at LiquidWeb, that means you are supported by FULL MANAGED HEROIC SUPPORT!


Since i’m using VPS and Dedicated Servers on LiquidWeb, I have never had any problems with security. But you can be assured that you are supported by the strongest support team.

Disadvantages of LiquidWeb

Although they are a reliable and excellent VPS and Dedicated Servers supplier. But they have some Disadvantages too such as:

  • Very high pricing
  • You don’t have permission to added domain to host,  even though hosting allows you to add it.
  • Registration complex
  • No additional bandwidth or storage service or any other services.
  • There are not any add-ons in the host’s cPanel
  • Bandwidth and capacity are limited.
  • When live chat, you need to declare the website link or IP of the host you are using.

Reviews by experts

  1. 2022-07-30 15:28:33

    Brian Dothan

    I have been with LiquidWeb for several years now and I am not going to switch to another hosting provider. Currently, I have over 20 sites maintained here and there really aren't any major disruptions that I can mention. LiquidWeb support is by far the most efficient I've gotten. They are quick to respond and go out of their way to make sure any of my concerns, issues or problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. I anticipate continuing to work with LiquidWeb for the next few years.

  2. 2022-04-12 15:23:28

    John Young

    I use or have used up to 6 VPS for some of my websites. Liquidweb is the only site that maintains 100% uptime. Although it may stop working in some cases, the websites I actually run are pretty stable. Email support is really reputable. Technical support is unsurpassed. Any issues that I had before were really quickly resolved. I believe it is a bit expensive compared to other VPS hosting, especially since the page load speed is usually stable. On the other hand, the price as well as the incredible support from them, make it a good provider that I am willing to maintain for my official e-commerce sites

  3. 2022-02-24 15:36:05

    Bill Morin

    Liquidweb is not the cheapest hosting company yet. But once it went live, the response time was less than 1 minute, and I received great support from them. If you like 99.99% website uptime then you need Liquidweb. Maximum technical support action time? Sure. The worst reaction time I actually experienced was 1 minute 26 seconds. Only when the technology is necessary to hold me back to study a scenario. And I was never touched. No more aggravating incoherent conversations offshore leading to worries about your site being taken off the internet. I choose the Liquidweb provider for safety, goals in mind, and the best possible support.

  4. 2021-06-22 15:14:11


    I have actually held with Liquid Web for at least 3 years now, and have referred numerous customers to them. Contrasted to the many various other hosts I've dealt with, Liquid Web has the most effective technical support without a doubt. I can always get somebody well-informed on the phone within a min or 2 of calling, and tickets are managed promptly and also thoroughly as well. Every support individual I've talked with at LW has actually been practically proficient, which is greater than I can claim for numerous hosts. They are additionally located in the United States (MI, I think), so I have no idea what the other customer is speaking about in relation to his supposed chat with an individual in India. My major issue with Liquid Web is that they appear to have continuous, recurring rate concerns with their VPS facilities (at the very least their tradition VPS.) I have discovered the speed problems myself, as well as have actually had clients (for whom I was hosting a site) whine also.

  5. 2017-06-17 15:44:37

    Ryan Kuchel

    In the 5 years I have used Liquid Web's shared hosting, I have had many questions, submitted many support tickets and i'm always surprised at the level of detail and how quick they are to respond and resolve my issues. Liquid web may cost a few more dollars than the cheapest web hosting companies out there, but you will absolutely make up for the couple extra dollars through great support, features, and a rock solid service.

  6. 2017-04-21 15:41:00


    LiquidWeb has been the foundation for the confidence in my online business since sept. 2015. They provide incredible, friendly, fast and knowledgeable support and I trust them completely. I always know my sites are up and running and help is just a quick phone call or help ticket away.

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