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HostDare Reviews and expert opinion for April 2024

For regions in Asia and China, HostDare is a top-tier web hosting provider. It offers all the resources needed for a productive online presence. The organization is aware of your needs whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, a novice, or a web developer. Customers can select from a variety of shared hosting packages, including SSD or HDD shared hosting, Linux or Windows hosting, and more.
  • Shared Hosting
  • $1.99 - $5.99
  • Asia optimized VPS
  • $3.99 - $15.19
  • China optimized VPS
  • $41.99 - $85.99
  • Dedicated Server
  • $75.00 - $85.00

HostDare with data center

United States


Overview of HostDare - The dedicated hosting and superior experience
Overview of HostDare – The dedicated hosting and superior experience

HostDare will assist you in locating the solution to create a high-quality, efficient online presence, whether you choose one of their many exceptional partnerships or one of their thousands of free website builders.

Rapid scaling is a feature of HostDare cloud servers, which use enterprise-class servers with the newest Intel processors. The highest speed and dedicated resources are what you can anticipate with only 15 cloud servers per node.

Is HostDare Valuable?

Absolutely, yes! HostDare is an excellent purchase. The top hosting provider in the globe works hard to give its clients the greatest services at the lowest possible prices.

To enable the owner to concentrate on their business rather than other duties, they only wish to offer an easy online business creation through their services.

Additionally, there is access to 99.9% uptime, the newest databases, a CMS support network, 24/7 support, free setting, control panels, and other features. There isn’t a single justification for not choosing HostDare.

Why choose Hostdare.com

Hostdare.com wants to be the finest with first-rate service supported by round-the-clock assistance. Its primary goal is to provide our customers with high-quality hosting services, but it also takes pride in giving them the best uptime in the business.

The main objective is to satisfy the customer and give them the best hardware and customer service they can. They offer the same service to everyone, including hobbyists and IT start-ups.

Instantaneous scalability is offered by HostDare Asia VPS servers, which are enterprise-class servers powered by the most recent Intel hardware. Additionally, it grants unlimited access to the Server Control Panel, where you may restart your server, rebuild your server, and do a lot more.

To install programs and customize your system to your preferences, you can use full-access SSH and SFTP. All server nodes have a 1000 Mbps uplink, but the speed of individual cloud servers varies depending on the package.

What services and features do HostDare’s plans offer?

With years of experience in operating data centers and providing dedicated servers, HostDare is a premier provider of cloud VPS, dedicated servers, and shared hosting.

Whether you need something for work or for pleasure, choose Hostdare. Each SSD server is set up in less than a minute. An uptime guarantee of 99.9% and a 30-day money-back guarantee are included with each SSD web hosting package.

SSD cloud web hosting for a superior experience
SSD cloud web hosting for a superior experience

Let’s dive into the features of each service Hostdare provides:

Shared Web Hosting

With shared hosting, several websites can share a single server. Typically, you won’t know who or what websites you’re sharing a server’s resources with. The overall amount of system resources that each client may utilize is often capped, however, this is determined by your hosting package.

The least expensive and most cost-effective choice for your needs is shared hosting. However, the low cost has drawbacks, which we’ll discuss below. Since most hosting providers will provide the same amount of storage and space, it’s crucial to pick a business you can rely on.

What is the process for shared hosting?

In that, they have a hard disk, a central processing unit (CPU), and RAM, shared servers resemble computers. Different users hosted by the server can share these resources. This enables you to safely store all of the stored files, data, and information that comprise your website.

The stored information from your website is transferred from the servers to the internet user whenever someone asks for access to it from their computer. Since each website generates a varied volume of traffic at different times, shared hosting makes the most of a server’s maximum efficiency.


Email optimization

An outstanding service for email management of HostDare is that unlimited email accounts can be made and managed. All email accounts have a number of sophisticated features. So your management and optimization become the easiest one ever.

Extensive capabilities

Hostdare offers some cutting-edge features including email, databases, file managers, SSH access, and log file access.


You can start with what you require at first, then advance to more potent solutions like VPS or dedicated servers. So scalability can be planned and made with confidence.

Gratis domain

Every one of the yearly plans includes a free domain. The management of domains is simple with our domain manager.

SSD pure storage

SSDs guarantee constant maximum performance with up to 100 times higher IOPS and less latency than HDD devices.

The deployment time for each HDD server is under a minute. With the top-notch Denial of Service Mitigation solution, your HDD Server will be safeguarded (up to 3gbps).

Weekly backup

Every week, HostDare automatically backs up your whole account. Upon request, backups can be restored.

Are shared hosting services right for you?

Shared hosting is best suited for anyone or any company that:

  • Has little prior experience with web hosting.
  • Intends to reduce expenses.
  • Favors easy website management.
  • Need a basic website for purposes related to small enterprises or personal use.
  • Is considering learning WordPress, coding, or site design?.Both fun and intimidating, building a website. To lay a solid basis for the growth of your website, selecting the appropriate web hosting setup is crucial. It’s likely that shared hosting will meet your website’s demands unless you have big viral marketing plans.

Once your website is operational, you will be able to determine where it needs to expand, whether it be in terms of bandwidth or data storage. Starting with a shared hosting package gives you the freedom to scale without any problems.

Cloud VPS

By definition, cloud computing is the process of storing, managing, and processing data on a network of remote computers that are accessible over the Internet rather than on a local server or a home computer. As long as you have an internet connection, you may access your computer from anywhere and at any time.

The Cloud VPS of Hostdare is the optimized solution, especially for Asia locations, especially China. It provides virtualized, scalable resources as a service, typically paid for by the amount of use. You would pay for a particular limit that you could not exceed in a typical web hosting setting. Instead, you only pay for the resources that you really use, which can be advantageous to you in many ways over the long run.

A cloud computing solution is known as a cloud VPS. It provides virtualized, scaleable resources as a service, typically paid for by the amount of use. You would pay for a particular limit that you could not exceed in a typical web hosting setting. Instead, you only pay for the resources that you really use, which can be advantageous to you in many ways over the long run.

In a virtualized system that is scalable, you have dynamic provisioning. You can usually find the resources you need for a project within a few minutes. In essence, Cloud VPS enables you to have access to a new server very immediately.

You are ensured of the greatest efficiency and resources to support with a limited number of customer VPSs per node.

Server Resources Allotted

You’ll see parallels between dedicated servers and VPS cloud servers if you’re acquainted with what a dedicated server is. A VPS cloud server provides many of the same advantages as a dedicated physical environment despite not being one.

Access to a specific pool of cloud VPS resources is the most important of these advantages. The only client who has access to that specific VPS server’s CPU, RAM, and disk space is your business.


VPS cloud servers imitate their dedicated counterparts in this additional area. Your data is immediately more secure because you are the only tenant using a specific virtual server within the VPS hosting.

When comparing cloud VPS to shared hosting, cloud VPS’s level of protection is unmatched. Customers have access to a publicly available pool of hosting provider resources in a shared environment. If another user develops to the point that they start to consume the majority of the storage and memory infrastructure, this could present problems.

Customers using VPS servers also have root access rights over their respective servers. You have access to the entire system with this superuser account. Given that root access is one of the primary targets for cyber threat actors, this security precaution is crucial.

Total control

In shared or public cloud hosting environments, changing server resources frequently necessitates getting in touch with a different hosting company. Cloud VPS functions differently by combining the flexibility of the cloud with the management of specific resources.

What you state is accepted because you are the sole tenant using your portion of the host server. You won’t need to worry about your website or applications running out of resources if you use resources as you like.


Speed is a crucial component of the user experience as a whole. You must deliver what your customers want as quickly as possible through your app, website, or eCommerce store if you don’t want to lose them.

There is little possibility of your site slowing down because all of the cloud VPS’s RAM, CPU, and disk space are yours. Best of all, Liquid Web enables you to simply add resources as your company expands so that your website continues to run at the pace that your clients have come to expect and appreciate.

China & Asia Optimized

ASIA OPTIMIZED HostDare KVM VPS Hosting servers provide instant scalability on enterprise-class servers powered by the latest Intel hardware. They also include full access to your Server Control Panel where you can reinstall your own operating system, you can also reboot your server set up security settings and more! Each VPS includes advanced features and is instantly upgradeable. The server system is protected from DDOS, the network is optimized and 24/7 Support. You are also guaranteed maximum performance and dedicated resources on each of your VPS servers.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting service where you get exclusive use of an entire server. It can provide you with more control over the server and make sure that it doesn’t affect any of your customers’ websites.

Compared to shared hosting, dedicated servers are significantly more expensive. However, a dedicated server will be appropriate for you if your website experiences high levels of traffic or you have other needs (such as additional security measures).

Here are features of Dedicated server:

Root access

You can install applications and customize your system using full-root SSH and SFTP.

Fast network

Budget dedicated servers come with 1 Gbps, whereas our smart servers have 100 Mbps per cloud on a 1 Gbps node.

Business-grade hardware

On nodes with enterprise-level SuperMicro systems, Hostdare utilizes potent Intel processors.


Upgrades and Add-Ons are also available to assist you to scale your online presence and business as it expands, such as more hard drives and IP addresses (with the right justification).


Performance-wise, a dedicated server outperforms every other hosting option available. The basic answer is that you have access to the entire server and all of its hardware. You will get the best performance possible with this hosting option until you pool resources from numerous dedicated servers.

You are ensured of the greatest efficiency and resources to support with a limited number of customer VPSs per node.

Domain registration

Domain name registration is the process of securing a screen name for a predetermined period of time, frequently one year. You ought to be aware that you can only purchase a domain name once and it will only belong to you as long as you renew it.

Registration of a domain name is necessary to use a site, email, or even another web service. However, you are not required to always register a fresh domain name. Many companies allow you to use their major domain or a subdomain of it for your website or email account.

You don’t need to register a new one in order to start or grow your business. However, you must register if you want to create a website for your business.

Even if the website for your business isn’t yet ready, you can still register for a domain name. You can make sure the name you want will be available when you need it by doing this.

Hostdare VPS KVM Premium Features
Hostdare VPS KVM Premium Features


HostDare targets Asia and China market with Optimized Servers for this region, They are currently leading web hosting provider. The leading providers of shared, cloud, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. Their cutting-edge technologies for fast upgrades, DDOS protection, an optimized network, and 24/7 Support are included in every service.

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