How to Transfer a Domain to other GoDaddy accounts July 2018

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Godaddy Domain providers have the ability to transfer domain names to other accounts. This is important for who wanna to trade their domains.

The process for sending and receiving domains between GoDaddy Domain Renewals accounts consists two steps:

Transfer the domain name to another account on Godaddy:

1. Login to Domain Management in here

2. Click to the domain you want to transfer, you will go to DOMAIN DETAILS. Then click “Account Change”


3. On the new tab, you choose “I have the recipient’s customer account #/username” and enter email and customer #/username of recipient. Then click “NEXT”


4. In the next window, please agree the terms of GoDaddy and click “FINISH” to finish.

Get a domain name from another account on Godaddy:

After transferring the domain name, the recipient must accept the new domain name appear in their management.

1. Login and access to Domain Management

2. On the top menu, click DOMAINS and select Pending Account Changes

3. In the left column, you select “INCOMING ACCOUNT CHANGES”, the resulting domains will show in here. Click the domain name and then click “Accept”.

4. Accept with the terms of Godaddy on new Tab and click “OK” to finish.