GreenGeeks Web Hosting Reviews August 2019

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GreeGeeks is reviewed ‘Web Hosting friendly with environmentally‘. Green Geeks are known for their clean energy when their servers get power from wind, this’s mean doesn’t have any carbon footprints for web sites hosted on greengeeks. Today, we are going to evaluate this hosting services.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Reviews

The First, GreeGeeks is founded in 2008 by Trey Gardner, Gree Geeks offer host more than 300,000 websites. Two statements of Trey Gardner are ” 99,9% uptime and 100% customer satisfaction”.

We tried a Web hosting backage on GreeGeeks on more 6 months. And this is results:

99,99% uptime is really

On six months, average operation time is 99.95% of GreeGeeks Top 10 Web Hosting. That is very good.


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We think that GreenGeeks load time during our six-month just stop at average. Not better than their competitors.

  • On January average speed: 894ms
  • On February average speed: 884ms
  • On March average speed: 949ms
  • On April average speed: 923ms
  • On May average speed: 920ms
  • On June average speed: 739ms

Good Customer Services:

I tried to connect with GreenGeeks and after some minutes, i connected with a supporter. However, I are feel happy and satisfied with their customer services.

Nightly Backups

ReenGeeks offers free nightly backups. For security measures, they also provide real-time security scanning to automatic detection of violence or Spam.

We Conclude that

Although all the above reviews are great for GreenGeeks, there are a few things you should know before buy a Web Hosting from this provider.

Unlike most other web hosts, GreenGeeks offer a shared hosting packages only $ 3.96/mo if you purchase 3 years or more. The actual cost is $ 9.95 per month if you pay monthly.

Their WordPress Hosting is the same as their Shared Hosting package, but it seems to be enhanced specifically for WordPress.

You can find some renewal promo code or GreenGeeks Coupon in below:

GreenGeeks Coupon – Extra 60% Off WordPress & Shared Web Hosting

Extra 60% Off WordPress & Shared Web Hosting at GreenGeeks

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GreenGeeks Deals – Hosting Unlimited + Free Domain & Marketing starting from $3.95/mo.

Unlimited Space, Transfer, E-mail + Free Domain & Marketing Package starting from $3.95/mo.

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Green Geeks Deals – Get Virtual Private Servers $39.95 Per Month

Get Virtual Private Servers $39.95 Per Month at Green Geeks

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GreenGeeks Deals – Get Reseller Hosting 50 GB SSD Just $19.95/Mo

Get Reseller Hosting 50 GB SSD Just $19.95/Mo at

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