How to choose suitable hosting for your blogs July 2018

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Quality of hosting is evaluated based on the following factors: Reasonable price, reliability of hosting service provider, and stability.

On the market today, there are many reliable hosting providers for us to choose from. But owning a reliable, best-stable hosting means the price is not cheap.

For beginners to create blogs, the cost of hosting and hosting is also a concern. Since you do not have any income from blogs and blogs, you do not have to invest a lot of money for hosting and domain names. Invest in small, then grow, and invest incrementally.

This article will help you rent hosting is guaranteed criteria as mentioned above: Cheap, but still ensure the quality of blog activity. Let read How to choose suitable hosting for your blogs topic to choose a good hosting for you.

How to choose hosting for your blog

As I said from the beginning, now there are many reputable hosting providers for you to choose from. But your criteria is to choose a hosting provider cheap, but still ensure the basic standards, help your website stable operation.

I would like to introduce to you hosting provider of Godaddy. The price is reasonable, only $ 1 / month, you will be offered a free domain name in 1 year. You can visit the following link to register hosting with discount code is only $1/month.

What is Hosting?

When you create a website and want everyone to see your website, you need to upload your data to a hosting.

Hosting works by storing your website’s data files on high-capacity computers (web servers), which are connected to extremely fast lines. When someone visits your website address (Ex:, the Internet connection connects to the web server to retrieve your website files and transfer your website information to their computer. So, they can surf and view the information on your website.

*Note: There are also many reliable hosting providers at affordable prices like HawkHost, BlueHost, Hostgator… and more. You can easy to choose a hosting package for your blog at cheap price. Read Web hosting Provider reviews 2017 in here or Top 10 Web hosting WordWide .


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