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Overview JaguarPC

JaguarPC is a company specializing in storage services, they are based in Colorado. The company was founded in 1998 and now offers over 500, 000 domain names. In addition, they offer hosting services with powerful and affordable features.

JaguarPC Website

Their hosting services are highly valued by users and businesses. When purchasing JaguarPC hosting packages, customers will receive free SSL certificates, website builds and more.

JaguarPC Coupon Hosting Plans

At present, JaguarPC offers many popular hosting services including: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers.

For Shared Hosting packages, they offer 3 hosting plans including: Lite, Standard and Pro. When customers pay for 36 months of Shared Hosting packages, they get the cheapest rates from $2.95 to $17.95 per month. The Share Hosting packages at JaguarPC have features ranging from 40GB to Unlimited Storage, 100GB to Unlimited Bandwidth and MySql from 25 to Unlimited.

Shared Hosting Plans at JaguarPC

If customers are looking for a hosting package tailored to individual and small business websites, JaguarPC offers Reseller Hosting options with features that suit your customers’ needs.

The Reseller Hosting packages at JaguarPC range from $17.95/mo to $59.95/mo. Their Reseller Hosting packages include basic features such as Free Migration, SSL Reseller Account, R1Soft Daily Backups, Free Domain for Life and more. The customer can read more pricing and features of these hosting on table below:

Reseller Hosting Plans at JaguarPC

In addition, they offer a wide selection of VPS packages including: Managed VPS, Unmanaged VPS and Reseller VPS Hosting. These VPS packages cost just $14/mo. Customers can find a VPS package with features ranging from 40GB to 320GB SSD Storage, 2GB to 16GB RAM, CPU from 2 to 4 Cores and Bandwidth from 10000GB to 25000GB.

For dedicated server packages, they offer four main selections ranging from $127 to $267 / mo. These dedicated server packages have powerful features and high performance. They are suitable for large business websites, forums and retail websites with high traffic. The Customer can read the features of these hosting on table below:

Dedicated Servers at JaguarPC

The uptime and reliability of JaguarPC Hosting

JaguarPC always guarantees 100% uptime for their hosting packages. JaguarPC will refund 10 hours of storage per hour of downtime. They also provide a hardware warranty along with the dedicated server plans.

JaguarPC’s data centers are located in the US. These data centers are equipped with UPS systems and 24/7 network security systems that allow JaguarPC to provide reliable and secure storage services to all customers.

JaguarPC Customer Services

Similar to other storage providers, JaguarPC provides customers with universal communication methods such as: Live Chat, Support Tickets and Email, Support Phone.

Overview, their customer service is highly appreciated. Customers will receive quick and professional help from JaguarPC’s support staff.


JaguarPC is one of many companies that provides leading storage services. Customers will receive a hosting package with many great features and the friendly support of JaguarPC staff.

Customer satisfaction is JaguarPC’s operational and development goal. They are always working to improve the products and services to meet all the requirements of customers.

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