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PulsedMedia Reviews and expert opinion for February 2023

Are you one of those individuals who enjoys downloading files from the internet? Then Pulsed Media is the place for you! Discover everything there is to know about Pulsed Media below! You can access the internet whenever you need something. Nearly all of one's inquiries can be answered here. Additionally, you can access and download anything you desire online. Are you one of those individuals who enjoys downloading files from the internet? Then Pulsed Media is the place for you. Discover everything there is to know about Pulsed Media below!
  • Entry Level Seedboxes
  • 9.99€ - 44.99€
  • SSD Seedboxes
  • 9.99€ - 34.99€
  • Shared Seedboxes
  • 9.99€ - 54.99€
  • High End Seedboxes
  • 15.99€ - 99.99€
  • Dedicated Server
  • 25.97€ - 249€

PulsedMedia with data center

EU, Finland


Understanding Pulsed Media

One of the most established seedbox providers, Pulsedmedia, has the majority of its data centers in Finland and France. They will have four distinct types of seedboxes with various speed ranges available in 2020. Which options do they offer clients that are really good? Their lowest speed range begins at 1GBPS, a very basic speed that is now offered by the majority of seedboxes. The majority of their customers are drawn in by their 20GBPS top bandwidth speed, which is amazing for both downloading and uploading.

Additionally, they provide several excellent seedboxes with big HDD space but low bandwidth connections. Let’s start with an examination of several parts that assist us determine where Pulsedmedia sits in the race of seedbox suppliers due to their incredible speed and some incredible combinations of seedboxes.

Pulsed Media – Performance

As previously said, we are quite pleased with the pulsed media’s quality. The variety of items they distribute in their seedbox is highly appealing and attracts a lot of interest. As a result, they offer very modern and quick services. Let’s go through the few characteristics that the majority of seedboxes depend on in more depth in the section below.

Pulsed Media – Features

Here are the top features that even the Standard package offers:

Money-Back Guarantee for 14 Days

A 14-day money-back guarantee is included with all of our shared services! Simply open a ticket during the first 14 days if you need a refund for any reason.

99.99% Uptime

Reliability and stability are crucial. Highest dependability seedboxes are what we offer. If you experience any downtime, we provide a very generous Service Level Agreement.

It’s in the cloud

With Seedbox, all of your Torrent activity and data will stay on the Seedbox server. Use Resilio or the built-in rclone web-ui if you require even more.

Storage Add-Ons

For up to 7 days, you may store 25% more than your allotted amount. By becoming a member, you will also receive FREE more disk space! For as long as you stay with us, your Seedbox will expand along with you.


We take protecting your privacy very seriously and have a strict policy in place. Read more about our strict privacy policies here.

24/7 Support

Support is provided round-the-clock via email, tickets, as well as our knowledge base and wiki. You can ask other users for assistance in our Discord server with frequent issues.

There are more and more features such as:

  • Fast Downloads
  • Powerful Software
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Available Anywhere
  • More and more

Pulsed Media – Support

On their website, they provide IRC chat, emails, and tickets as their help methods. IRC chat rooms on the website are quite outstanding because they provide quick responses and allow you to talk with other users and staff so that your issue can be resolved as soon as possible. They gain credit for their customer care system as a result. Additionally, they have set up user tickets so that whenever a user has questions about a technical issue, they may attach screenshots or videos for a clearer understanding.

It has been noted that they respond quickly, and they also make an effort to resolve any technical problems with the seedbox within 24 to 48 hours so that users don’t have to deal with them for an extended amount of time.

Pulsed Media – Speed

One of the main criteria used to compare most seedboxes is speed. Additionally, Pulsedmedia has demonstrated some positive qualities in the bandwidth allocation that they offer. According to the discussion above, the maximum amount of download and upload bandwidth that they offer subscribers is 20GBPS, which is included in their Dragon series plan. Additionally, they have a relatively common lowest speed that may be increased from. It has also been observed that the majority of the plans they provide have varying speeds and storage capacities, which is helpful because it gives users a variety of options from which to pick based on their demands.

Which of those is a strong argument in their favor? Additionally, they have said on their website that they provide users with 99% uptime, which is a really special feature to offer on a website. This aids customers in determining whether they will be a minor inconvenience in their services and so be able to adopt multimedia as their product. Overall, it can be concluded that pulse media offers a variety of speeds at various rates with the least amount of downtime, but they still need to work on increasing their lowest bandwidth allocation speed in order to offer better speeds at lower prices, similar to cheap seedbox and evoseedbox.

Pulsed Media – Ease of Use

Regarding the user interface, it has been noted that Pulsedmedia’s offering is very interactive and simple to use. When you open their interface, a select few items that are significant to you are immediately visible. Your HDD storage area constantly indicates how much storage you are using and updates it frequently so you are aware of it. In contrast, the app install area offers a good platform where you can quickly and conveniently download all the apps with just one click.

Bottom Line

As for the end assessment, we can state that Pulsemedia is generally an excellent option to purchase a respectable seedbox at affordable rates with good speed. One of the main benefits of purchasing with Pulsemedia is the availability of a wide range of products in various pricing levels. Additionally, they provide prompt customer service while providing users with a good and stable seedbox. They also allot users ram, so you can check how much RAM is being utilized when using various apps in your client area.

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