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Veesp Reviews and expert opinion for April 2023

You are looking for a company to choose a server rental service for your business. Veesp will provide you with a variety of services that people can learn more about. Renting a server is the optimal choice for businesses, helping to solve storage and data management problems. Server rental service makes it easier than ever to invest in a server to store data for software and other forms of technology applications. Veesp is one of the companies that provide a variety of services to meet the needs of customers that you can refer to. The following article will help you gain more understanding about Veesp.
  • VPS Hosting
  • $5.00 - $160
  • Dedicated Server
  • $150 - $330
  • Custom Server
  • $120 - $3,741
  • Acronis Backup
  • $12.00 - $170

Veesp with data center

Russia, Latvia


Discover a reputable and quality server rental service in Veesp
Discover a reputable and quality server rental service in Veesp

Overview about Veesp and related information

Veesp is one of the companies providing server rental services chosen by many businesses. A server is a device on a network, or computer, that manages the network’s resources. Any network user can store files on the server. The server is networked, has a high processing capacity, is designed with many outstanding features, and has a much larger storage capacity than a regular computer. Servers are the foundation of all services on the Internet. A database service machine is a computer system that processes database queries.

Simply put, the server can be understood as a mysterious PC, with outstanding features, performing amazing tasks, and an open system. At Veesp, there are now improvements and providing a variety of services to customers with the best quality experience.

Both virtual private servers and dedicated servers are available here for many different purposes. Veesp virtual servers have the function of storing and processing information with the same memory as physical servers, but the difference is that it is virtualized based on the Internet. Each such virtual server will be run on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux…

Veesp not only provides customers with server rental services, but also can deploy VPS. In addition, the company will ensure customers receive a full range of additional services based on the quality infrastructure of a reliable data center. Services provided at a reasonable cost, customers can completely choose according to their individual needs.

Overview about Veesp and related information
Overview about Veesp and related information

Features of Veesp

Server uptime

Veesp provides services that always guarantee 99.9% uptime, extremely flexible and without any problems during the experience. Customers can rest assured that the company promises to refund the entire cost of services if the uptime of the server falls below 99.9%. Make sure that with this experience, you will not lose time in finding a new server and dealing with frequent problems affecting the operation of the server.

Data center

Level II data center is also one of the services highly appreciated by customers during use. This data center provided by Veesp corresponds to the premium Tier II level, performing strongly according to the Uptime Institute classification. Therefore, every customer experience here is always guaranteed in all aspects.

Server network connection

Veesp also provides a reliable network source that is not compromised in any way, everything is fully tested and supplemented before providing it to customers. The outstanding advantage here is that the total capacity of the external channels has reached 250 Gbit/s. Make sure you can store and process a lot of information with unlimited capacity.

Server hardware

The hardware brought by Veesp is also guaranteed to be highly advanced. All servers provided here boast the latest and most modern hardware, promising to provide maximum performance for businesses, support development in the best way.

Built-in API

API is also one of the features of the server provided by the company when it is strong, through which it is easier for developers to make their business stronger. The RESTful API has provided completely premium visual programming experiences and is worth using.

Custom configuration

Besides, the example packages given here are completely customizable to suit the needs of all customers. you can completely adjust any configuration according to the purpose and needs that your business is aiming for.

Features on Veesp system
Features on Veesp system

Veesp provides services with many advantages, easy to use

The decision to rent a private server or services at Veesp depends on the area in which you do business. For small and medium businesses, different industries, you should only rent a server. The reason is that the investment cost of buying servers, operating and maintaining them is extremely expensive and complicated.

Cost savings

Buying a server is only suitable when you intend to run a server rental business, while also demonstrating that you have the ability to effectively manage the server and make a profit. If not, you should rent a server to save costs, ensure the website is still operating well. Besides, you need to choose a reliable server rental service provider, demonstrating safety and smooth operation of the system. Veesp is the perfect choice for any business.

Currently, private server rental services are being used by businesses. Enterprises have the need to use separate resources, ensure data safety, stability, good response to data processing, and a huge amount of traffic from business activities. Renting a server and services at Veesp will help businesses save costs, no need to make expensive investments in hardware, technical staff to operate and maintain the system, no need to care about equipment depreciation, …

Efficient service

Besides, there are countless other advantages when you choose a server rental service at the company such as:

  • Increase equipment life, limit failures that delay work thanks to a standard environment.
  • Information and system data are secured by professional firewalls, anti-virus, anti-Spam systems.
  • Get 24/7 professional technical support.

In addition to saving costs, renting a server also gives you peace of mind about the efficiency of services, optimizing constant connection speed, so that your work always goes smoothly. work. Thanks to these advantages, the server rental service is increasingly trusted to use. And the future trend is that most businesses will use this server rental service.

Friendly interface, many features

Besides Veesp server providing VPS service, is a great technology application of cloud electrification technology with many advantages such as:

The interface is comfortable with the user, which makes people more and more accessible to modern technology 4.0 because access becomes as easy as the way the Windows operating system has simplified the operations that people use. accessible on a regular physical server.

The reserve function of cloud electrification technology is great when the system is ready to disperse a VPS from one physical server to another to ensure that data is still processed and stored normally. Solve the problem of bandwidth exceeding the limit due to sudden increase in visits, unlimited visits. – Has the same function as a physical server running on a regular Windows operating system and full of software and applications. It is possible to ensure safe information for users, but if at an absolute level of information specialization, users should still choose Dedicated Server.

Especially all of these services are optimized so they are easy to use, just a few steps to be able to operate normally.

When choosing WordPress, it will also be easy for businesses to install. WordPress is used to run complex websites for large multinational corporations, manage small businesses, and create personal blogs. WordPress sites can contain full-service e-commerce stores, portfolio showcases, or host social networks, groups, or podcasts.

Regardless of the requirements of the business, the core WordPress package plus its combination of many plugins can make a website just right. Thanks to its wide range of themes and easy access to its source files, WordPress also easily adapts to the changing needs of the business.

A WordPress website can be installed and up and running in minutes. Even if you don’t have any technical expertise. All users need is a domain name and a hosting account. WordPress can be installed for free through a hosting provider or uploaded directly from WordPress.org. From there, the intuitive and easy-to-manage admin dashboard has all the features you need to customize key features like your site’s header and layout, and to start creating pages and posts right away. ie. So you can come to Veesp to get the best experience.

Veesp provides services with many advantages, easy to use
Veesp provides services with many advantages, easy to use

Performance available in Veesp service

Performance is one of the terms that refer to the ability of machines to operate, from mechanical machines to electronic machines these days and VPS virtual servers are no exception.

In a virtual server, performance is the parameter that evaluates the ability of the server to operate compared to what it should be able to achieve. A higher percentage performance number indicates that the server is operating optimally and is properly exploited.

Often with virtual servers, we need to maximize the performance from the resources that the physical server provides to avoid waste. For example, if that virtual server has 6gb RAM, 4-core CPU, they must at least be operated up to 80%, not counting the resources provided to the platforms running in the background, then we can call the system.

Virtual servers are used based on virtualization platforms, divided by software, so the software used to set up, operate and manage virtual servers is also extremely important.

We must regularly update these types of software so that they can fully support our operating VPS system. Usually updates always include things like adding new features, optimizing performance, and fixing bugs.

Therefore, investing in high-end, regularly updated software systems is very important to us in the process of operating the virtual server systems that we care about to optimize performance today. .

Especially in the process of operating systems, it is important to optimize the system, not allowing them to conflict with each other. Because many virtual server systems can all run on the same physical server, just two pieces of software from two virtual servers that conflict with each other can greatly affect performance. However, the services that Veesp providers are always quality assured, so you will not encounter these problems.

Veesp’s virtual server service is built on a powerful infrastructure foundation with the world’s leading virtualization software VMWare to help you build IT applications and achieve results faster with low latency. All virtual servers issued from Veesp are ISO Information Security certified to protect your data and applications from DDoS and Trojan attacks.

Performance available in Veesp service
Performance available in Veesp service

Review of support for Veesp

Using Veesp’s server rental service, customers are assured when the machine is located at a reputable address that it is easy to upgrade CPU, RAM, HDD depending on customer needs, and domestic and international bandwidth can be expanded. up to 1Gb.

Veesp’s servers use high quality Firewall, Anti Virus, Anti Spam systems for security, the servers are also controlled by professional surveillance camera systems, fingerprint security…

In addition to server rental services, the company also rents out server space, helping businesses that already have a server to have a quality server space, rest assured to use the information system to work, develop their business. business.

The experience that Veesp provides to customers will certainly not disappoint. From the quality and reputation of the service to the customer experience are highly appreciated. There is a team of extremely professional staff, with in-depth knowledge to ensure full information and customer support in the best way. Whenever you need, the staff will answer enthusiastically 24/24.

One of the most concerning issues is the language barrier. Since many businesses come from different countries, they worry about not understanding the language. However, Veesp has staff trained in many different languages, of which English is the only one. So customers do not need to worry too much about this because the staff will try to translate and explain to you.

With the above services, Veesp ensures to provide customers with reasonable costs compared to the market. They also have different costs for each service to ensure that they are tailored to the needs of their customers. You can contact the staff to be able to explain and advise more about the price for each service that your business is in need of.

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