KoDDoS December 2022

Koddos offers excellent security and anti-DDoS servers
Koddos offers excellent security and anti-DDoS servers

KoDDoS is a business focused on premium hosting with maximum protection packages for customer operations, was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. They provide offshore shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated server hosting plans, superior DDoS protection, and hosting for medium- to high-risk websites. Their customers can benefit from an additional degree of protection and data privacy thanks to their data centers’ locations in Hong Kong and the Netherlands, respectively.

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About KoDDos

Two of the most knowledgeable people online in the fields of DDoS, security, hosting, and high risk hosting founded KoDDoS. The business was established in 2009.

KoDDoS is a high-end hosting company that offers premium hosting. They use cutting edge technology and software to create a setting where your web pages will be served as quickly as possible while being protected from DDoS and other threats. The company is prepared to offer our clients the best possible services. A further assurance of quality is provided by the fact that our servers and equipment are based in Holland.

A fresh and innovative company called offers top-notch options for high-end hosting. They host websites in an environment with the fastest possible speed and the best level of security against DDoS and other attacks by utilizing top-tier hardware and cutting-edge technology. On the Alexa website, you may view its history.

How does KoDDoS protection work?
How does KoDDoS protection work?

Features & Ease of Use

Shared hosting, DDoS proxy protection, DDoS-protected colocation services, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers are just a few of the services that KoDDoS provides.

However, the additional protection KoDDoS provides its clients is its main point of differentiation. Numerous pre-made, non-customizable, high-security hosting packages are offered by them. They offer shared hosting with a medium to high level of risk as well as offshore hosting plans.

Their entry-level medium-risk shared hosting plans include 50GB of premium clean bandwidth, 10GB of RAID10 storage space, and a maximum attack filtering of 10 Gbps. Maximum attack filtering at the top end of this range is 120 Gbps, with 200GB of premium clean bandwidth and 30GB of RAID10 storage capacity.

All subscriptions include an unlimited number of emails, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases. You can pick one of three server locations with any of these packages: Hong Kong, the Netherlands, or the United States. A dedicated IP address will also be provided for your website. You get better maximum attack filtering, more packets per second, and more bandwidth if you choose the high-risk shared hosting plans.

KoDDoS is on the more expensive end of the scale, so I wouldn’t suggest it for novices. Depending on the sector they operate in, they are most effective for companies that have already been subjected to a barrage of DDoS attacks on their websites or who expect such attacks.

Several languages are also supported by KoDDoS, including Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, and Italian.

For websites that, for a variety of reasons, are prone to frequent outages as a result of different sorts of DDoS attacks, they are providing cutting-edge, customized hosting packages. They employ our unique DDoS technology to safeguard the websites of our clients. So here’s everything about their services:

  • Medium & High Risk Web Hosting.
  • Offshore Shared, Reseller, and VPS Hosting.
  • Remote DDoS Protection.
  • Offshore Dedicated Servers.
  • DDoS Protected Servers.
  • Domain Names and SSL Certificates.
  • DDoS Protected Colocation.
  • Server Management.

Additional Features

Offshore Web Hosting price list of
Offshore Web Hosting price list of

Offshore hosting:

Offshore hosting services are provided by KODDOS hosting services. Regardless of the location of other data centers, one can host the hosting using offshore hosting services. Offshore hosting is used to host material for websites that are prohibited in a particular geographic area, such as pornographic and gambling websites. One of the greatest hosting services on the market, according to their claims, is their offshore hosting.

DDOS Protection:

They provide DDOS protection to their clients in order to safeguard the websites and client information. For hosting companies, data centers, and websites that contain sensitive information, such as governmental websites, network service providers, etc., DDOS protection is a top priority. DDOS Protection assists you in protecting websites from spam traffic of any kind, which, if not handled effectively, can result in significant losses for your company.

Spam Protection:

They offer their users total spam protection. Real-time spam protection is something you can get to help defend your websites from spam attacks of any form. They will promptly notify you of any spam attack or virus attack using their spam protection methods and tactics, and they will take the required steps to secure your websites right away.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Their hosting packages give a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is fantastic in and of itself. It is the highest uptime guarantee that any hosting service offers. For certain reasons, such as enhancing the user experience and from an SEO standpoint, uptime is crucial. Additionally, there are greater opportunities for conversion on your websites with 99.99% uptime.


  • 1000GB maximum monthly transfer.
  • Countless email addresses.
  • MySQL databases are infinite.
  • Reverse DNS and dedicated IP, as well as custom nameservers.
  • 24/7 website monitoring and client service.
  • Completely functional cPanel Control Panel.
  • Zend Optimizer with IonCube Loader.
  • Access SSH.


KoDDoS provides live chat, phone, or email help around-the-clock. It was encouraging that the few support requests I submitted received an average response time of 5–20 minutes. They were also able to respond quickly and with clear, helpful responses that answered all of my questions.

You can reach their team through support tickets, chat help, or email at any time if you experience any difficulties or a problem with any of their services. A basic requirement for users, live chat help is offered by a very small number of businesses.

Choose KoDDoS DDoS protection service packages - your trust will not be misplaced
Choose KoDDoS DDoS protection service packages – your trust will not be misplaced


Although KoDDoS is undoubtedly more expensive than the average entry-level host, in this case, you get what you pay for. With the higher cost comes a team of elite security specialists and cutting-edge hardware to defend against any attacks on your IT infrastructure, providing you more peace of mind and enabling you to concentrate on growing the audience for your website.

Given the caliber of service they provide, it is understandable that they do not provide a free plan or a money-back guarantee. For their anti-DDoS protection package, they do offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Services provided by KoDDoS

The Netherlands is where their offshore data centers are located. Koddos offers four different options for its offshore hosting services. Following are these plans:

Offshore Hosting Services:

Their basic offshore web hosting services range in price from 8 to 39.95 dollars per month. You can click here or on the image below for additional information about costs and other specifics.

Dedicated Offshore Hosting Services:

Dedicated Offshore Hosting Services are another type of offshore hosting that they offer. Their Dedicated plan has a monthly price range of 270 to 420 dollars. You can click here for more information about their plans or look at the illustration below.

VPS Hosting Services:

They also provide VPS Hosting. Their VPS Hosting plans range in price from $10 to $60 per month. Every one of their VPS hosting plans is protected from DDOS attacks. It offers you more than just one more advantage. You can go here for more information about their VPS hosting services, or you can look at the image below.

Hosting for Resellers services:

For their customers, they also provide hosting for resellers. You can use their hosting plans to offer hosting to more customers by using their reseller plans. Their reseller hosting plans range in price from 15.95 to 99.95 dollars per month. You can click on the following website or the image below for additional information about reseller hosting.

Server Management:

They also offer services for server management. They may manage your entire server, including any hardware or software capacity, depending on your traffic and security needs. There are two server management packages available, with prices ranging from 19.99 to 59.99 dollars. The fact that all of their packages include 24-hour uptime monitoring is the best feature of their server management. Click here for additional information about server administration programs, or see the photos below for more.

SSL Certification

The security of your website also depends on SSL certifications. All code transfers are encrypted with SSL certificates, making them difficult for spammers and hackers to intercept. Additionally, search engines like Google, Bing, and others give SSL-certified websites preference. Secure socket layer, or SSL as it is commonly known, adds an additional degree of security to websites. For a year, SSL certificates are $30. You can visit here for more information on SSL certificates.

DDOS Protection:

Medium Risk, High Risk, Remote Protection or Proxy Protection, and Dedicated Server Protection from DDOS Attacks are the four types of DDOS Protection they provide. These plans are all included below:

Medium Risk DDOS Protection:

For more information on their medium risk DDOS protection, go here or see the graphic below. Their Medium Risk DDOS Protection plan ranges in price from $39.99 to $389.99.

High-Risk DDOS Protection:

High-Risk DDOS Protection is a different package that they are providing. Their plans range in price from $140 per month to $700 per month. You can click here for additional information about their ideas, or you can look at the illustration below.

Proxy Protection:

They also provide remote protection or proxy protection as an additional kind of security. Their Remote Protection options range in price from $140 to $700 a month. To learn more, let’s discover below.

Dedicated server hosting:

Dedicated server hosting, which starts at $450 per month and may cost up to $825 per month, is another service they provide.


For large businesses with a lot of secret data, the KODDOS Hosting service is a smart choice. Despite being expensive for small businesses. You can use their services since they provide several things that no other businesses provide, such as server management and DDOS protection. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. We also include both of advantages and disadvantages of KoDDoS below to let you have more consideration. December 2022

Dedicated Servers in the USA & Canada - Build your Infrastructure Today!
Dedicated Servers in the USA & Canada – Build your Infrastructure Today!

Features of

Effortless Use

For websites with high traffic volumes, provides a selection of instant dedicated servers that may be configured to your specifications. Key attributes of dedicated servers include:

  • 5 functional IP addresses.
  • 100% uptime SLA Custom Control Panel for Synergy.
  • iKVM/IPMI access.
  • Supports a range of Linux variants as well as Windows.

Different storage options, including HDD, SSD, and NVMe, are available with rapid deployment dedicated servers, and the maximum disk space is 2x 2TB. I suggest using SSD or NVMe if you want blazing-fast performance.

Free on-site DDoS protection is included with every service offered by Each of its 10Gbps ports travels via a Corero Smartwall Appliance effective of filtering out a 10Gbps line-rate DDoS assault, as opposed to installing an independent detection system that leaves your servers susceptible for a small period of time before the incoming attacks are noticed.

These security procedures make sure that your server defenses are constantly active and that there is never any downtime, not even during the dreaded DDoS attack’s early phases. Oh stop for a moment, if you want to learn more about other server providers check out Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers for other options, otherwise continue with them I.

Free DDoS protection is included in every service offered by
Free DDoS protection is included in every service offered by

With the VPS hosting KVM or OpenVZ packages from, you could spend less if you require fewer resources. The following are some VPS hosting features:

  • SolusVM management console.
  • SSD drive with complete root access.
  • Individual server resources.
  • You can choose between 10 GB and 320 GB of SSD stor.

For VPS users, a SolusVM management panel is a fantastic choice. For instance, installing various operating systems and controlling multiple servers from a single pane is simple.

Great Support

You’re in good hands thanks to our 10+ Years of hosting & data center experience. is available to help you whenever you need it and is committed to doing so.

A minor knowledgebase is available on the website, however, it is insufficient to address intricate technical problems. For each service offered, a FAQ section is also available.

You can send an email, call, or start a support ticket to contact customer service. For example, users submit a support ticket to request additional information because the website indicates that provides managed hosting. Within eight hours, they will have a reply to them. has the perfect hosting plan for you! has the perfect hosting plan for you!

Types of services of hosting

The primary product lines of include dedicated and colocation services, virtual private servers, and private cloud hosting.

Let’s dive into how each type provided by hosting works and which one is suitable for your business.

How can businesses use dedicated services?

Does your company fit into any of the aforementioned categories? If so, you have the power to give your website access to a plethora of fresh opportunities. Dedicated servers give you the strength, speed, and pace you need to succeed, greatly reducing downtime for your company.

Dedicated servers are frequently used by organizations with massive volumes of data or popular websites. Because they require a high level of security and availability, large organizations may use dedicated servers. Smaller companies, however, could also profit from the services a dedicated server offers. Businesses normally manage their own dedicated servers internally, but they can also rent dedicated hosting from a third party. Knowing how many people visit your website will help you decide whether you need to switch to a dedicated server.

Here are a few further applications for a dedicated server:

Preserving private financial information

Dedicated servers frequently provide top-notch security and safety for vital accounting and financial data for firms. An example of a company that uses a dedicated server to store financial data is a banking institution. Dedicated servers can be used by brokerages and investment firms to protect financial data and limit access to authorized users.

Collection of patient data

For record-keeping in the healthcare sector, security is also crucial. So as to protect sensitive data, including health and insurance records, medical companies frequently use dedicated servers. For instance, a hospital might set up patient information, statistical data, and staff details in its data on a dedicated server to guarantee data security.

Keeping an eye on client service and sales

Having dedicated servers might be advantageous for online business operations as well. This happens because a dedicated server offers defense against dishonesty, bugging, and hacking efforts. An e-commerce site, for instance, might use dedicated servers to safeguard the credit card data of its user base. This is a useful tool for online buying transactions because it secures personal information including mailing and delivery addresses, purchase history, and dates of birth.

Who requires a dedicated server?

If you own or manage any of the enterprises listed below, you could require a dedicated server.

  1. With 500+ people, midsize to large businesses manage a lot of data. If your business uses databases, has a sizable infrastructure for its inventory and supply chain, and conducts thousands of e-commerce transactions every hour, you should invest in a dedicated server.
  2. Dedicated servers are required by system administrators, programmers, and information technology companies who need to host resource-intensive online applications such as custom software, API-driven apps, software as a service, and e-commerce websites.
  3. To host the websites of their clients, organizations and web hosting resellers require dedicated servers. They can manage their clients on a dedicated server rather than having to handle numerous hosting accounts with various providers.

Fully managed infrastructure for server locations in Los Angeles
Fully managed infrastructure for server locations in Los Angeles

How can businesses use colocation services?

The act of storing privately owned servers and networking hardware in a different data center is known as colocation. It is possible to “co-locate” equipment by renting rooms in a colocation data center as opposed to the in-house scenario where servers are housed within a room or a portion of a company’s own business infrastructure.

Colocation in a data center may be the best option for any company, regardless of its size or sector. Let’s examine the advantages.


Server uptime is a significant benefit of enterprise company colocation in data centers. Each enterprise network client is given a fixed percentage of uptime by purchasing into a particular tier, with no additional maintenance costs or payroll costs.

Management of risk

In case of a natural disaster or an outage, using a colocation center assures business continuity. This implies that network traffic won’t be impacted if your business location loses power.

Replication is the secret to its success. A lot more intricate layers of redundancy are available at a colocation data center than many businesses can afford internally. While keeping backup copies of the data on-site, some corporate companies will see the off-site address as their primary information storage location.


The most recent security technology is installed in data centers, including cameras and biometric readers. Check-in desks are available to greet visitors as they arrive, and security badge checks are frequently performed.

Both physically and digitally, these facilities are watched over constantly and 365 days a year to prevent unauthorized access.


One of the key benefits of colocation is the huge cost savings it produces, especially when compared to managing a data center internally. This implies that for many businesses, renting the space they require from a data center is a workable answer to the IT budgets that are constantly getting less.

When needs colocation services?

Reliability and Redundancy

Your IT infrastructure can be housed in secure, multiple environments thanks to colocation. Your sensitive information may be compromised in countless ways. Office relocation, power outages, security threats, careless equipment management, and natural disasters are just a few examples. Because of this, it is crucial to make sure that data is stored in a secure environment with proactive assistance.

Your IT infrastructure will be protected to the best of its ability by colocation providers. Most data center locations offer on-site support that is available around the clock. Facilities will also have several backup mechanical systems and generators to ensure that services are not disrupted – under any circumstances.

Connectivity and Scalability

You couldn’t provide your goods and services to customers without a safe, dependable connection. As a result, the data center’s connectivity is crucial. Access to high-quality bandwidth is made possible by data centers. This makes sure that websites are operating as quickly as possible, enabling quicker downloads and the capacity to handle more traffic. If problems do occur, the support staff is ready around the clock to diagnose and swiftly return to peak performance.

A colocation facility is flexible enough to grow along with your business as it gains more customers and grows. The ability to tailor solutions to meet specific industry needs accounts for a significant portion of colocation’s value.

Through colocation, businesses can affordably gain access to faster networking and more reliable connectivity. You can concentrate on your main line of business because colocation providers are experts in data center and network services.

How does VPS service work?

Your web host maintains the databases and files necessary for your website on a server. Every time a website visitor requests access, their browser makes a request to your server, which then sends the required files across the internet. You receive a virtual server through VPS hosting that looks like a physical server but is actually shared by many users. If you are looking for cheaper VPS Hosting packages, we have this article Best Cheap VPS Hosting Providers, all of them are leading the hosting market, and you will probably find a better provider.

Your hosting company adds a virtual layer on top of the server’s operating system (OS) using virtualization technologies. Each user can have their own independent OS and program installations thanks to this layer, which also isolates the server.

A virtual private server (VPS) combines the concepts of virtuality and privacy because you have complete control. It is segregated from other web servers at the operating system level. VPS technology is essentially the same as building a system on your own machine when you want to operate more than one OS (including Windows and Linux) without having to restart your computer.

Your website can be set up on a virtual private server (VPS) with assured resources that you don’t have to share with other users. With VPS hosting, you receive root-level access just as you would with such a dedicated server, but at a far lower cost.

VPS hosting provides its consumers with a number of advantages, including various components.


The VPS hosting platform is highly scalable and independent of physical servers.

It gives you the freedom to alter your chosen hardware or software setups and still execute the application.

No technical knowledge

Necessary It doesn’t need sophisticated technological support. You can connect virtual private servers easily by using GUI control panels. You may easily (manually) install and set up your application using these panels.

Root access

Because VPSs operate independently, you have the power to control your virtual server. It enables you to change things to fit the needs of your website.


The VPS hosting service often maintains uptime ratings of 99.5% or higher on a conventional level.

Better Security

Unlike shared hosting platforms, the VPS hosting site does not share space, therefore security is a comparatively higher concern. No one can access your files or use extra resources, bad scripts, or user errors to fill up your storage.

Who requires a VPS

Most business owners are still unsure of whether they need a VPS or another type of hosting platform. You must absolutely switch to a virtual private server if any of the requests fit the guidelines below.

  • Your company is booming, so you need a more flexible server.
  • If you need more management over your hosting server than a shared server can provide.
  • Do not want to make significant transactions or experience abrupt website crashes but have eCommerce websites.
  • Wish to execute sophisticated software or applications.
  • If you want a server that is affordable, private, and reliable.
  • If your website draws a lot of traffic and you have to deal with a lot of everyday visitors.

FXVM December 2022

fxvm review forex vps hosting Review Forex VPS Hosting

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is essentially a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting. While you and the client are sharing the server. You can also continue to use a fraction of the server’s resources. The remainder of the server is allocated based on the site’s requirements. However, your part is in its own area. Because it is basically a small dedicated server. A virtual private server (VPS) can be useful for sites that have huge shared servers that do not have a separate operating system installed.

Each VPS hosting is a completely independent system with its own CPU, RAM, HDD capacity, IP address, and operating system. Users have full root access and can restart the machine at any moment.

A virtual private server (VPS) serves as a server enabling users to construct websites or apps on a separate set of resources. As superusers (or root, admin access), users have complete authority over installing the operating system of their choice, installing any applications required, and configuring the operating system.

The term “private virtual server” refers to the fact that while renting a VPS, users have independent resources that are not shared with others, even though they are on the same physical server system.

VPS solutions always offer a large number of packages available for fast expansion, with no interruption or downtime when upgrading. offers many VPS plans that are ready to extend resources to meet your website’s rapid growth. Because of virtualization technology, your website will not experience downtime whether upgrading or downgrading.

So, what is Forex VPS?

This article will assist in defining “VPS” and other technical terms while describing the objectives of virtualized hosting.

Virtual Private Server, abbreviated “VPS,” is sometimes known as a “VM” (virtual machine). It is a typical form of hosting for websites and might also be referred to as a form of dedicated server hosting. Read on for additional information regarding a VPS’s technical aspects.

Businesses can locate their physical hardware in a datacenter, also known as a data center, which is a professional computer hosting facility. This is done in order to take advantage of direct connections to ISPs and to gain access to the cooling and electrical resources necessary for the continuous functioning of computers.

Virtualization is becoming increasingly important in various commercial and IT fields, including forex trading and the hosting of financial applications. The advantages of virtualized hosting are ideal for trading and financial applications since they frequently require greater stability and faster connectivity than any other kind of application:

  • For a small portion of the expense of co-locating your own system, you can access cutting-edge hardware.
  • The opportunity to access top-tier data networks and connectivity without taking full ownership of the contract.
  • Configuration of high-availability and fail-over systems to guarantee the continuity of hosted applications.
  • Simple scalability enables you to launch with only the resources you require and grow afterwards.
  • The actual hardware and network components are professionally maintained and managed by us at no extra charge.

How to use VPS for Forex?

Because the VPS environment already includes a very user-friendly and easy-to-use Windows operating system, using VPS for Forex is identical to using a personal computer. You only need to connect to the VPS, and then you can operate on it from anywhere (on your phone or PC) without having to carry it around.

To utilize VPS on a PC, simply type “Remote Desktop Connection” into the computer’s Start box, and the VPS control application will display (like teamview or ultraview). To utilize it, you must input the IP address of the purchased VPS, as well as your login and password. The only thing to remember at this point is to update the VPS password, personalize it, and keep it safe so that no matter where you travel, you can still access Forex transactions on VPS when necessary.

So, when you have clear information about Forex VPS, let’s have a Review below!

What Is

FXVM is a Forex VPS provider with a 2013 founding date and approximately 10 years of industry expertise. With the goal of assisting traders in achieving high uptime with low latency and getting the most out of their internet use, hosting companies provide platforms like MT4.

For traders that use EAs, bots, algorithms, or who simply want a stronger connection to the markets, they provide specific Forex VPS packages that are ideal. FXV, which has servers all over the world, distinguishes itself from other forex VPS services with a number of essential characteristics.

FXVM – Features

One of the top providers of forex virtual private servers on the market is FXVM, which provides a variety of benefits and features. It is obvious why the business is so well ranked and respected within the industry because they outperform a lot of the competitors in many aspects. Let’s examine a few of the features.

100% Uptime Guarantee

A reliable uptime % is necessary in order to trade effectively over the best internet possible. FXVM’s 100% uptime guarantee makes it clear why you should select them as your VPS provider. Traders can feel assured when using FXVM because they won’t have to worry about technical difficulties or slow internet.

Fxvm has multiple server locations around the globe
Fxvm has multiple server locations around the globe

Multiple VPS Hosting Connections

A single server simply cannot provide optimal communication. With reliable, high-quality providers like Equinix, Global Switch, and Internap, FXVM has servers located all over the world. Using servers in many countries, all VPS plans offered by FXVM. For traders seeking low latency, this is essential, and without it, we honestly wouldn’t even think about using the best forex VPS. if they don’t have numerous data servers spread out around the globe.

Various Trading Platforms

With all of the packages offered by FXVM, traders can utilize this VPS with confidence knowing that their needs will be met regardless of the trading platform they choose. We have firsthand experience with how irritating it is when a company doesn’t make an effort to allow traders to work in a way that suits their preferences and maximizes their productivity. This applies to any platforms that may run on a Windows OS, such as MetaTrader, cTrader, and others.

Low latency Forex VPS
Low latency Forex VPS

Little latency

If the VPS service couldn’t guarantee minimal latency, was it even worth reviewing? Low latency makes for incredibly quick order execution and eliminates the need to worry about delays, which is crucial for traders using smaller time frames like HFT. Fast execution due to low latency results in higher pip gains per trade. Not only does FXVM have low latency, but before you sign up, you can view the latency at the leading forex brokers in the globe.


No less important is the need for robust system security for all applications, including sophisticated backend financial software and the MetaTrader 4 platform used by individual traders. Offloading your program to a remote server has implicit security advantages, and our Windows Server VPS templates are regularly updated to ward against hackers and other dangers. By making every component of our platform redundant, we have taken great care to guard against serious hardware failures. Our 24/7 NOC team works in tandem with Technical Support to continuously monitor our host servers and key network components for new problems or congestion areas.

FXVM – Ease of Use

Our assessment of FXVM is supported by the positive feedback the company is receiving on Trustpilot; it appears to be a genuinely excellent VPS service to take into consideration. It’s important to note the enormous number of reviews as well. While some other forex VPS providers only have a few reviews, FXVM only has 1400 on this one page, which is fantastic to see!

FXVM – Support

Customer service that is trustworthy is crucial. It’s comforting to know that you can simply contact the business if something goes wrong with your VPS. FXVM offers help to its consumers through a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Even better—and in our opinion a major plus—is their live chat service, which is available 24/7. It’s important to note that they also provide a Knowledge Base and a FAQ section, both of which are excellent resources for traders wishing to learn more about VPS or who have specific queries concerning FXVM’s unique service.

I can now attest to the value of having a helpful and educated customer support team when operating in the financial markets. Having this assistance is essential since even a little period of downtime on your server can result in significant financial losses and missed opportunities.

FXVM – Performance

A trader could prefer to use a VPS over operating their business only from a local computer for a variety of reasons. There are two primary reasons:

Run MT4 in several instances

To manage numerous MT4 accounts simultaneously, traders use a forex virtual private server the most frequently. I have a comprehensive guide on how to have several MT4 instances within 5 minutes if you’re curious how to go about doing this. However, why would a trader need several MT4 accounts?

This enables traders to use a forex trade copier to trade on many accounts simultaneously. Trade copiers automate the procedure so that your trades are simultaneously copied automatically across several brokers. This is why it’s so popular because it can, of course, significantly lower risk and enhance earnings.

Better market circumstances

Your advantage over the market is quite slight when trading currencies. Execution speed can be crucial in situations where you have a very small edge because every single pip counts. If you open a trade after 30 seconds have passed, the price may have changed so much that, when added to your spread, you may already be 6 pip worse off. Although 30 seconds is a bit of an exaggeration, having access to the quickest and most trustworthy market conditions is crucial for lower time frame traders.

FXVM VPS Plans Comparison
FXVM VPS Plans Comparison

FXVM – Pricing

It’s great that FXVM offers a variety of VPS plans because it allows traders who want to spend different amounts of money or who want different levels of VPS plans to be catered to and allows them to upgrade as necessary. We’ve gone into more detail about what each of the plans can provide you with below.

Lite VPS Plan

The Lite VPS is their entry-level package and costs $20 per month. It includes a single CPU core, 1.5GB of RAM, and 40GB of storage as standard. This is perfect for traders who want to use 1-2 terminals simultaneously with assured low latency and high uptime quality. This will be plenty for you if you only manage a few accounts or perhaps a funded account, like MyForexFunds.

Basic VPS Plan

This plan, which costs $29 per month, is the next tier up from the Lite VPS plan. It can run three to four terminals simultaneously and is a little more sophisticated than the least expensive option. It has two CPU cores, two gigabytes of RAM, and sixty gigabytes of storage.

Advanced VPS Plan

The Advanced VPS plan, which costs £36 per month, is slightly more expensive but is better suited to customers who require a slightly more sophisticated VPS server. It can support up to 4-6 terminals and has 4GB of RAM and 70GB of storage. For professional traders or traders operating prop company accounts like the FTMO Challenge, I would personally suggest this strategy.

Dedicated Server Plan

For individuals that require more in their plan, the fourth and final option is ideal. At £145 per month, it is the most costly. With a massive 120GB storage capacity and 16/32GB of RAM, this level of plan can host 32 servers simultaneously. Compared to the other plans, it takes the longest to set up (between 24 and 72 hours), but considering the intricacy of the plan, this is logical.

It’s fantastic that FXVM includes both those who require a VPS server on a small scale and those who require a bit more in their plans. For the majority of retail traders who only have a few MT4 accounts on a trade copier, this will be overkill.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, FXVM is among the top VPS services available, and we highly recommend it. Low latency, 100% uptime, and a range of bundles are just a few of the excellent qualities offered by the business. We were particularly impressed by the uptime and the variety of plans, which would allow traders with varied backgrounds and levels of experience to pick a plan that suits them and their pricing budget.

We are not alone in thinking that FXVM is a corporation because many traders who have utilized the service in the past support it. In conclusion, FXVM is a top pick for your next VPS service provider.

RackNerd December 2022

RackNerd Review - hosting platform with first-rate infrastructure
RackNerd Review – hosting platform with first-rate infrastructure

RackNerd is an American service that offers hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers to ensure the best possible experience and performance. It operates over 20 data centers in 17 locations and serves a global audience.

RackNerd is also the best shared hosting providers and the most efficient one. It comes with a variety of plans and packages that provide the best features at a low cost, with ongoing support, ideal servers, and strong computing power.

What makes Racknerd different?

A reputable and well-known hosting company, RackNerd offers hosting and a wide range of additional services all in one location at a lower price than its rivals. It differs from other solutions because it gives you a wide range of possibilities, including VPS, and hybrid servers.

The most notable aspect of it is its fully managed solutions with WordPress-optimized servers. It also uses strong and exceptional intel core processors that give you great speed and connectivity, increasing the effectiveness of your work. With cPanel and a free SSL certificate, it has a sizable SSD and HDD storage space.

For global connectivity, RackNerd has 20 separate data centers spread out over 17 different locations.

Features and services offered by RackNerd Hosting
Features and services offered by RackNerd Hosting

Features of RackNerd Hosting

  • SSD Storage is a fairly common option, however, not all providers provide it.
  • Even the most affordable options have a lot of storage.
  • Shared hosting offers limitless domains and databases (unheard of at this price).
  • Free LiteSpeed web server, which you may use to improve server performance by using the free LiteSpeed cache plugin. Unfortunately, some providers still charge for SSL certificates.
  • Stick with what you know with free cPanel!
  • Daily backups are free with most providers, who charge for more frequent backups.
  • Free migrations – they’ll transfer all of your sites, including resellers, for no charge.

WordPress Optimized

RackNerd utilizes first-rate infrastructure with a network setup that is geared toward WordPress and many other apps. Additionally, it has the most advanced Intel Xeon CPUs to power its servers.

SSD and HDD storage

The platform’s network is set up to give your website lightning-fast rocket speed. They not only provide you with SSD and HDD storage options but also a ton of advice.

Dedicated support

It takes care of all of your questions and doubts quickly and focuses on customer pleasure and support. It provides you with a live chat feature that offers exact radio replies thanks to a competent and skilled technical crew.

The staff at your alternative cloud provider will thoroughly comprehend your company and its requirements with the help of individualized support. This can be especially helpful if you are not yet comfortable maintaining your infrastructure. The average response time for a support ticket from a client to RackNerd is less than 10 minutes.


No matter where the servers are located, they all compete on the same level playing field in the optimized network. Linking your website to top-notch servers located in the same data center speeds up and improves the reliability of website loading. The network is set up to function with your applications and sites at their peak efficiency.

Unlimited email accounts

You can create an unlimited number of email accounts via the cPanel control panel for free when using RackNerd’s shared and reseller hosting services. By default, premium email delivery is enabled, utilizing our hybrid MailChannels configuration for handling outgoing mail. You can receive both website hosting and email hosting from RackNerd under one plan, which will also help you save money over time, as opposed to paying separate suppliers to manage both services.

WAF (web application firewall)

Did you know that every shared hosting server from RackNerd comes with a WAF (web application firewall)? The WAF function of RackNerd also makes use of malware. business ModSecurity expert regulations.

A system-level firewall like RackNerd’s WAF can stop many assaults before they even reach your website. It is extremely sophisticated and well-suited to a wide range of scenarios and application cases. The WAF is also regularly updated in real-time to make sure it remains effective and responds to the most recent/modern sorts of assaults.

RackNerd Hosting Plans - Check out different types of hosting plans
RackNerd Hosting Plans – Check out different types of hosting plans

Types of RackNerd Hosting Plans

You have a selection of plans from which to choose at RackNerd, all of them are reasonably priced and meet your needs with the best features. In addition to this, it provides three subcategories of affordable plans in both its shared and reseller hosting plans.

Shared Hosting

A simple form of hosting service is shared hosting, which is generally chosen by individuals or small businesses. Typically, websites with less traffic are hosted by shared hosting. Most websites and businesses move to a virtual private server after they outgrow the shared hosting environment.

As you share the server’s resources with several other websites, this is an economical approach to launch your website at a minimal cost. If you manage a tiny WordPress blog, a personal website, or a small-to-medium-sized business, shared hosting is a fantastic choice. There are three versions of this strategy. The first one is ideal for small websites because it costs $5.59 per month and includes 30 GB of SSD storage, 2 TB of monthly transfer, unlimited databases, free SSL certificates, etc. In addition, you should also check out the article best blog hosting providers to be able to find alternative services.

The following plan, which costs $9.59 a month and offers 100 GB of disk space and 3 TB of monthly transfer, is suitable for commercial websites. The last option, which comes with 200 GB of storage capacity and costs $15.59 per month with a 5 TB monthly transfer cap, is excellent for demanding websites.

Reseller Hosting

An upgrade from shared hosting is a reseller hosting plan, which, in essence, lets you set up a shared web hosting account under your reseller. Reseller hosting capabilities are frequently far more wholesome even though they are similar to shared hosting.

Reseller hosting does not grant root access, which means you have very little control over the server and would be dependent on your hosting provider to implement any server-wide changes. In order to automate account provisioning, billing, and other processes, you should also think about using a billing platform.

There are three storage capacity-related differences in the reseller plan. The first one is $14.59 per month and entitles you to 20 hosting accounts with a 40 GB SSD, 2 TB of monthly transfers, free migrating, free backups, and other benefits.

The other two plans differ in capacity but have the same characteristics as the least expensive one. The middle-tier plan costs $22.59 a month and includes 40 hosting accounts, 100 GB of SSD storage, and unlimited monthly transfer. The final one includes 60 hosting accounts and 200 GB of SSD space for $36.59 per month with unlimited monthly transfers.

All you need to do is select the ideal option for your requirements. Any package comes with free migration from your current hosting provider. And any plan may be upgraded in the future.

VPS Hosting

This is the VPS with More Than Just Hosting. With Racknerd VPS, you receive more than just hosting. It can function as a database server, file server, email server, or game server.

Racknerd VPS is a kind of custom VPS. It customizes your server’s CPU, disk type, control center, RAM, and operating system to meet your needs. You can also change these settings whenever you choose.

Racknerd VPS allows you to enjoy total control over the virtual server with full root access and SSH root access, as well as access to VNC. In case of emergency, access to VNC console and out-of-band. A 99.99% SLA and a 100Mbit connected Internet connection are standard with every VPS.

The latest hardware from Dell and Intel is the newest series of Dell PowerEdge servers with optimized KVM virtualization and an optional choice of Samsung SSDs.

Dedicated Server

For individuals seeking dedicated servers with substantial IPv4 allocations, SEO-dedicated servers of Racknerd are ideal. Depending on the level of diversity you desire, choose from 1x /24 IPv4 allocations all the way up to 16x /28 IPv4 allocations! The dedicated SEO servers are often implemented in less than a day, and oftentimes on the same day.

With hybrid dedicated servers of RackNerd, you may take advantage of fully dedicated resources on servers that are promptly set up in the Los Angeles data center.

Choose from multiple datacenters
Choose from multiple datacenters

Why RackNerd instead of AWS or Azure might be the better choice for you?

A company that provides cloud computing services but is not a part of a large public cloud like AWS, Azure, or GCP is known as an alternative cloud provider.

Alternative cloud providers typically give the same level of service as the public cloud provider while also granting you full control of your data, access to your code, and a way to scale your services on demand. RackNerd is an illustration of a substitute cloud service provider. By selecting to host with a different cloud provider like RackNerd, you may also gain from significant cost reductions.

You have complete custody of your data and code while utilizing RackNerd as a substitute cloud service, which is one of the key advantages. In sectors like health, finance, and administration where security, compliance, and privacy are essential to the organization’s basic activities, this can be quite significant.

In addition, RackNerd features affordable pricing compared to public cloud solutions and user-friendly interfaces that make managing your services simple. The individualized service and attention to detail in every engagement with us are other advantages of choosing a different cloud provider like RackNerd. With AWS, you merely don’t get that.

What can you do with Racknerd to set yourself up for future success and stability?

Decide whether to grow

Whether you run your own business or not, this advice is applicable to every aspect of your life. First and foremost, you must realize that change begins with you. As an illustration, I try to be expanding in all of my interactions.

Develop more discipline

It’s crucial to have more outflow than the input (activity being put out). The people who have a higher level of discipline to get things done, even when at home, will succeed the most in these uncertain times when the majority of the globe is under stay-at-home orders.

Change and new thoughts

The manner in which you previously conducted business won’t be effective in the “new normal” era in which we now find ourselves. You’ll need to adopt a control-oriented mindset as soon as possible. Act immediately; you are in charge of your own economy.

Keep in touch with your customers and suppliers

Now it is more important than ever to maintain contact with your clients, suppliers, and business associates to ensure the long-term survival of your enterprise. Update your consumers frequently via email and social media, and keep coming up with innovative ways to increase the value you give.

Improve your skills

Spend money on your skills. Spend the extra time you have at home improving yourself and your talents. Don’t be afraid to put time, effort, and money into bettering yourself, especially in these challenging times.

Without a doubt, the best investment you can ever make is in yourself, regardless of your financial situation. Make a commitment to excelling at what you do rather than just doing it on average.

For instance, the best candidates are those who are unquestionably excellent and go above and above on the job when a company must decide whether to furlough or lay off staff. Make sure to deliver, and always strive to exceed expectations.

What is the price of RackNerd?

In light of consumer interest and benefits, RackNerd has placed its prices at affordable levels. It offers best-in-class services at a low cost with monthly hosting options ranging from $5 to $37.

There are three types of regular plans available, with prices ranging from $5 to $15. Additionally, its reselling plans are priced between $14 and $37.

Common Frequently Asked Questions about RackNerd

Install LiteSpeed Web Server yourself? LSCache?

Yes. To give your websites the best performance possible, RackNerd uses LiteSpeed Web Server with LSCache.

Will you move my website from the hosting company I currently use?

Yes! We would be pleased to take care of the migration from your current host. After placing your order, simply provide the login information in a support ticket.

Can my hosting plan subsequently be upgraded?

Absolutely, yes. This can be automatically upgraded from your client area. If you need help opening a ticket with our sales department, don’t hesitate to do so.

What is the duration of activation?

Following your order, all shared hosting plans offered by RackNerd are immediately enabled. Your web host service is available for use right immediately.

Is the hosting package you offer subject to a contract?

It is a monthly subscription service (no-contract). If you choose, the ordering form also offers alternatives for annual prepayment.


We have concluded that the RackNerd hosting platform is one of the most dependable and quick providers. It offers the highest quality services at a reasonable price after doing an in-depth analysis of it. December 2022 review review

Understanding Forex VPS

Forex VPS are virtual servers that are used to execute automatic Forex trading orders using trading software (most often MT4) rather than personal computers. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual computer or virtual server that may operate independently as a conventional computer and has the advantage of being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

VPS may be tailored to your specific requirements and is very handy for Forex traders due to its security and flexibility. Forex VPSs can handle massive amounts of data at high speeds, among other things.

Using a VPS for Forex transactions (or VPS Forex for short) is a very safe and secure method that provides the fastest transaction speed possible because the network speed of a VPS is stable and can be 100 times quicker than that of a standard computer.

VPS entirely addresses and overcomes problems that a personal computer frequently meets, such as viruses, loss of Internet connection, or power failure, all of which have a significant impact on trading operations, particularly during volatile market moments. With the competition as fierce as it is today, placing orders must be quick and precise.

Advantages of Forex VPS

Unlike laptops, which must be turned on and off regularly or are easily disrupted by power outages or network connectivity issues, VPS Forex can totally resolve this issue. Therefore, you can surely be assured:

  1. As previously said, a VPS Forex is a type of virtual server that allows you to operate MetaTrader 4 (MT 4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT 5) and backtest EA throughout the day.
  2. Forex VPS is long-lasting, stable, and difficult to shut down.
  3. VPS (Virtual Private Server) allows Forex traders to operate the MetaTrader Expert Advisors application in a virtual environment on the broker’s server 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  4. Throughout the trade week, VPS keeps a constant connection. It’s also not affected by power interruptions, so you don’t have to keep your computer turned on all the time. If you want to keep experienced advisers running without interruption, VPS Forex for MetaTrader is just what you need.
  5. A virtual private server (VPS) has an operating system, HDD storage, RAM, and a server location. As long as you have an internet connection, you may access and control this system from any device.
  6. Forex traders require internet access to use the MT4 platform under regular circumstances. If you use the Expert Advisor service, these EAs will be linked to your computer and will only function if you have an internet connection.

If your computer loses connection or is turned off, the EA will cease delivering trade signals. If you install the EA on the Forex VPS service, your EA will be able to run indefinitely because the VPS is always linked to the internet. Even if you do not switch on your computer, all orders will be delivered to the trading platform.

Forex VPS – Overview

Launched in 2012, is a subsidiary of Think Huge Limited with its main office in Hong Kong. It offers a variety of quick dedicated and VPS servers for online Forex traders. The business has servers in several financial data centers in Asia, Australia, Western Europe, and North America. You can also refer to the article on FXVM Review, which is also a subsidiary of them, from which you can choose the services that are more suitable for you.

The simple (and unattractive) website is written exclusively in English. All costs are listed in US dollars. features features

Forex VPS – Features

As I mentioned, has paid great attention to the needs of the trading community and business as they only offer services to forex traders and brokers.

For instance, they are aware that latency is crucial when it comes to high frequency trading methods or EAs, which are time-sensitive trading strategies. In order to reduce latency to as many forex brokers as possible, they have placed focus on this measure by dispersing their data centers across the globe. We’ll cover this in more detail under the “locations” portion of our review. is one of the best VPS hosting providers compatible with all Windows programs, software systems, and trading platforms. For traders who utilize many platforms or applications with plenty of computer power, this is fantastic news.

In line with its four VPS plans (Basic, Basic+, High Frequency, and Standard), this web hosting provides a plethora of features, including:

  • SSD capacity.
  • Complete uptime assurance.
  • Windows 2012-2019 support (except the Basic package).
  • Exclusive IP address.
  • Regular backups.
  • Support for all brokers and platforms.
  • A five-minute setup.
  • Individual control panel.

Since time is money in the forex industry, Forex VPS offers solutions that are ready to use to cut down on time-consuming procedures. You only need to download and install your preferred program or sign in to your MT4 account. There are pre-installed programs and browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Additionally, you do not need to wait days or hours to set up your VPS server. Although I’ve been told it can take up to 30 minutes, setting up your VPS server with simply takes 5 minutes. Not awful at all, though. Additionally, this supplier has extremely low latency of just 1 millisecond.

Let’s look at the materials that come with ForexVPS’s plans now. You receive 1 to 2 CPU cores, 2 GB to 4 GB of RAM, and SSD storage ranging from 60 GB to 90 GB. Is that the best I’ve seen thus far? No, but small to medium-sized firms ought to be able to get by with it. You can choose one of its dedicated server options if you want to scale up.

Unlike many other Forex VPS sellers, only offers automated monthly backups. That is insufficient to protect your data or provide you peaceful sleep.

Forex VPS – Support

ForexVPS offers a number of services to help customers and prospective customers select the VPS that best meets their needs.

They are accessible round-the-clock via email, live chat, and tickets. In order to gauge how well the customer service is, I personally contacted them using all of those channels. The live chat was quick enough, and they addressed all of my inquiries. Naturally, they wanted me to email them for further technical information, so I did. They answered my queries in a half-hour, including the anti-DDos defense I had earlier stated.

Overall, the experience was positive and I received all the information I needed. To be a little nitpicky, I might claim that it takes me a half-hour to respond to emails. In the event of an emergency, you probably won’t encounter any issues because they offer live chat around-the-clock.

forex vps plans
Forex VPS Plans

Forex VPS – Pricing

For forex VPS, ForexVPS offers a number of managed options. They have made an effort to include all different sorts of traders and shape plans that are appropriate for trading, even though it is restricted to some plans created with static resources in mind, which means you can’t add extras like RAM to a plan.

In the event that you require extra resources, ForexVPS offers 4 different plan options as well as a dedicated server solution. Plans are priced at $30 and get more expensive as resources are allocated to them.

Examine them closely to determine how many resources you receive for each plan below:

Basic Plan:

This plan would likely be your best choice in this situation if you plan to run one or two Metatraders or EAs. A 1 core CPU and 2 GB RAM are yours for $30.

Basic + Plan:

A VPS with significantly greater resources, such as a 2-core CPU, 2.5 GB RAM, and 20 GB more storage space, totaling 80 GB, is available for $5 more.

These resources would be plenty for three to four trading terminals, and you probably won’t experience any issues like lagging or crashes.

Standard Plan:

This package is intended for more experienced customers that want a powerful VPS in order to run numerous trading platforms and/or expert advisers.

With a $51 investment, you can get a VPS with 4 GB of RAM and a 2-core CPU that can easily run up to 6 or 7 MT4s.

High Freq Plan:

You might wish to select this plan if your approach requires sensitive data to be processed quickly, such as high-frequency trading (HFT).

Faster data processing requires a CPU with higher GHz rates. Despite having a single core, the High Freq plan’s CPU is 3.4 GHz, making it significantly quicker than the CPUs in other plans.

Dedicated Server Plan:

This service has been designed specifically for professional methods that require a lot of calculation and hence a lot of resources.

You must pay $170 for ForexVPS’ dedicated server. You get a VPS with 16 GB RAM and a 4-core Intel Xeon E-2234 CPU for that amount of money.

In addition, they have an optional server service according to your needs, so that you can configure your own. If their options do not suit your requirements, we think you should check out the article Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers, where there are many more options for you. provides services to many countries provides services to many countries

Forex VPS – Performance

The robust ForexVPS suite is one of the data center sites. As I previously stated, several forex strategies and/or EAs depend on nominal latency, and ForexVPS is well aware of this. They have data centers all around the world because of this.

Having a data center in one of these two nations is usually sufficient because most Forex Brokers have their data centers in the USA or the UK. To accommodate as many forex brokers as possible, ForexVPS has taken things a step further and now provides data centers in a number of additional places.

Because downtime might impair forex robots or EAs, particularly those with a sensitive approach, we consider this a critical metric.

Most VPS providers claim to keep your VPS service connection up 99.9% of the time, but only a few of them state this in their terms of service. Of course, this does not imply that they do not keep their commitment, but because unforeseen occurrences can occur at any time, they prefer not to include this obligation in their TOS. However, is not one of such providers. They truly guarantee the uptime of their VPS services, as mentioned in their terms of service. So, you don’t need to worry about its performance.

Bottom line

After examining every significant component of and conducting a review, I can confidently state that the VPS services they give are acceptable for trading to a large extent and cover a variety of traders’ techniques and/or EAs.

The multitude of datacenter locations is Forex VPS’s most distinctive quality and strong point. They benefit from a reduction in latency to numerous brokers worldwide. As a result, they are able to offer clients with different brokers a quick VPS service. Although ForexVPS provides traders with a respectable VPS service, there are some drawbacks. The basic plan’s expensive pricing and the absence of slice customization are the primary drawbacks of their VPS services, in my opinion.

It would be more beneficial if you could alter the available resources, increase the ones you need more of, and decrease the ones you believe are unnecessary. In terms of resources and cost, it’s a good approach. Overall, is superior for running several EAs or professional techniques when you require more resources and can justify investing more money.

Contact us if you need more information.

Hostinger December 2022

Why is Hostinger so popular, Is there anything special
Why is Hostinger so popular, Is there anything special

Reviews, Hostinger’s Journey to Success

Hostinger is web hosting provider that supply hosting services. It was founded in 2004. Since its opening, Hostinger has brought its services to over 29 million customers in 178 countries.

According to the latest research reports, every day, there are 20, 000 new customers registered to use the service of Hostinger. This number is huge. Have you ever wondered: “Why did Hostinger make such great things?”

Hostinger at the time of its establishment provided a free web-hosting service without advertising. After just three years, their hosting brand was born and received many compliments from professionals.

Since then, Hostinger’s services have been responding, customers are also incredibly confident. Four years ago, Hostinger had a number of users up to 10 million. So far, that number has probably reached over 30 million.

Have you ever wondered: "Why did Hostinger make such great things?"
Have you ever wondered: “Why did Hostinger make such great things?”

Only ten years, Hostinger has grown tremendously. There are two things that many customers are fond of Hostinger:

  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Free domain included.

Hostinger’s service system is very diversified and popular. High-end and free services are available. Hostinger is well known for its free and unlimited services. All services are very good quality.

Hostinger is hosting provider that supply hosting services
Hostinger is hosting provider that supply hosting services

Hostinger’s basic hosting packages

There are 3 basic service packages that Hostinger provides to customers, namely:

  • Single Shared Hosting.
  • Premium Shared Hosting.
  • Business Web Hosting.

Single Shared Hosting

Currently, there is a price offer that Hostinger provides to its customers. Accordingly, the value of the Single Shared Hosting package is $3.99 per month. However, you only pay $0.8 per month for the first 3 months. From 4th month, you will have to pay $3.99 per month.
This service package provides you with:

  • A website managed by MySQL database. Attached to the website are an email account and an FTP users.
  • 10GB disk space.
  • Bandwidth of 100GB.

Premium Shared Hosting

Premium Shared Hosting is the average service packages. The value of this service package is $ 3.49 per month. You will be entitled to this promotion package if you use this service within 48 months. What do you have when using this service packages?

Disk space, bandwidth, MySQL database, number of websites/email accounts/FTP users are unlimited.
– Use WordPress 3X with the best speed.

Business Web Hosting is the most advanced service package in Hostinger
Business Web Hosting is the most advanced service package in Hostinger

Business Web Hosting

Business Web Hosting is the most advanced service package in Hostinger. As a result, you will be able to use all the benefits of these two packages, along with the following gadgets:

  • Data will be backed up and secured daily.
  • Use WordPress 5X with the best speed.
  • Double processing capacity and memory.
  • Deluxe Live support.

The interface of Hostinger is simple and very friendly with users
The interface of Hostinger is simple and very friendly with users

Advantages of Hostinger

Free service does not mean poor quality. Our tests show that Hostinger offers extremely good hosting services with fast access times and speeds, enthusiastic support, stable operation…

Hostinger doesn’t charge for creating website and domain services. You do not have to spend money to create a website and a domain name. You can think that this service is a trial for customers who are still concerned about the quality of Hostinger services.

The interface of Hostinger is very friendly with users. We can see all the functions of the website as soon as the website display. You can easily manage and control your account information.

Not only that, Hostinger also ensures the benefits of customers by refunding customer’s money within 30 days if problems occur with service.

For payment, Hostinger also offers a variety of payment options, from Visa to Mastercard, from Bitcoin to American Express…

Customer support staff are available 24 hours a day to serve customers and bring the most convenience to service users.

Hostinger disadvantages

  1. The team of technical consultants is inadequate, unable to meet timely needs of customers.
  2. Channels of communication with customers are limited, time consuming.
  3. To contact a technical advisor, the customer must log into the account and perform many complex operations.
  4. Price policies are not beneficial to customers

With a relatively low cost and steadily operating serve, Hostinger is truly one of the smartest options
With a relatively low cost and steadily operating serve, Hostinger is truly one of the smartest options

Who should use Hostinger’s services?

Hostinger is appreciated by many customers for quality of service as well as its cost. With a relatively low cost and steadily operating serve, Hostinger is truly one of the smartest options.
It’s also because of the quality and cost of Hostinger’s services, we think, it is suitable for many different audiences. Small and medium businesses can use Hostinger’s services.

These services will save a lot of money for businesses and help businesses manage data more efficiently. Individual objects can also use Hostinger’s services as a top solution to solve data management issues. We believe that few websites on the market are comparable to Hostinger.

However, for large enterprises, the source of information should ensure confidentiality and absolutely support, Hostinger is not necessarily the right choice.

Each person will have their own needs and choices. We hope the points that we give will convince you, help you make it easier for more choices. Thanks for your interest in our article.

Veesp December 2022

Discover a reputable and quality server rental service in Veesp
Discover a reputable and quality server rental service in Veesp

Overview about Veesp and related information

Veesp is one of the companies providing server rental services chosen by many businesses. A server is a device on a network, or computer, that manages the network’s resources. Any network user can store files on the server. The server is networked, has a high processing capacity, is designed with many outstanding features, and has a much larger storage capacity than a regular computer. Servers are the foundation of all services on the Internet. A database service machine is a computer system that processes database queries.

Simply put, the server can be understood as a mysterious PC, with outstanding features, performing amazing tasks, and an open system. At Veesp, there are now improvements and providing a variety of services to customers with the best quality experience.

Both virtual private servers and dedicated servers are available here for many different purposes. Veesp virtual servers have the function of storing and processing information with the same memory as physical servers, but the difference is that it is virtualized based on the Internet. Each such virtual server will be run on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux…

Veesp not only provides customers with server rental services, but also can deploy VPS. In addition, the company will ensure customers receive a full range of additional services based on the quality infrastructure of a reliable data center. Services provided at a reasonable cost, customers can completely choose according to their individual needs.

Overview about Veesp and related information
Overview about Veesp and related information

Features of Veesp

Server uptime

Veesp provides services that always guarantee 99.9% uptime, extremely flexible and without any problems during the experience. Customers can rest assured that the company promises to refund the entire cost of services if the uptime of the server falls below 99.9%. Make sure that with this experience, you will not lose time in finding a new server and dealing with frequent problems affecting the operation of the server.

Data center

Level II data center is also one of the services highly appreciated by customers during use. This data center provided by Veesp corresponds to the premium Tier II level, performing strongly according to the Uptime Institute classification. Therefore, every customer experience here is always guaranteed in all aspects.

Server network connection

Veesp also provides a reliable network source that is not compromised in any way, everything is fully tested and supplemented before providing it to customers. The outstanding advantage here is that the total capacity of the external channels has reached 250 Gbit/s. Make sure you can store and process a lot of information with unlimited capacity.

Server hardware

The hardware brought by Veesp is also guaranteed to be highly advanced. All servers provided here boast the latest and most modern hardware, promising to provide maximum performance for businesses, support development in the best way.

Built-in API

API is also one of the features of the server provided by the company when it is strong, through which it is easier for developers to make their business stronger. The RESTful API has provided completely premium visual programming experiences and is worth using.

Custom configuration

Besides, the example packages given here are completely customizable to suit the needs of all customers. you can completely adjust any configuration according to the purpose and needs that your business is aiming for.

Features on Veesp system
Features on Veesp system

Veesp provides services with many advantages, easy to use

The decision to rent a private server or services at Veesp depends on the area in which you do business. For small and medium businesses, different industries, you should only rent a server. The reason is that the investment cost of buying servers, operating and maintaining them is extremely expensive and complicated.

Cost savings

Buying a server is only suitable when you intend to run a server rental business, while also demonstrating that you have the ability to effectively manage the server and make a profit. If not, you should rent a server to save costs, ensure the website is still operating well. Besides, you need to choose a reliable server rental service provider, demonstrating safety and smooth operation of the system. Veesp is the perfect choice for any business.

Currently, private server rental services are being used by businesses. Enterprises have the need to use separate resources, ensure data safety, stability, good response to data processing, and a huge amount of traffic from business activities. Renting a server and services at Veesp will help businesses save costs, no need to make expensive investments in hardware, technical staff to operate and maintain the system, no need to care about equipment depreciation, …

Efficient service

Besides, there are countless other advantages when you choose a server rental service at the company such as:

  • Increase equipment life, limit failures that delay work thanks to a standard environment.
  • Information and system data are secured by professional firewalls, anti-virus, anti-Spam systems.
  • Get 24/7 professional technical support.

In addition to saving costs, renting a server also gives you peace of mind about the efficiency of services, optimizing constant connection speed, so that your work always goes smoothly. work. Thanks to these advantages, the server rental service is increasingly trusted to use. And the future trend is that most businesses will use this server rental service.

Friendly interface, many features

Besides Veesp server providing VPS service, is a great technology application of cloud electrification technology with many advantages such as:

The interface is comfortable with the user, which makes people more and more accessible to modern technology 4.0 because access becomes as easy as the way the Windows operating system has simplified the operations that people use. accessible on a regular physical server.

The reserve function of cloud electrification technology is great when the system is ready to disperse a VPS from one physical server to another to ensure that data is still processed and stored normally. Solve the problem of bandwidth exceeding the limit due to sudden increase in visits, unlimited visits. – Has the same function as a physical server running on a regular Windows operating system and full of software and applications. It is possible to ensure safe information for users, but if at an absolute level of information specialization, users should still choose Dedicated Server.

Especially all of these services are optimized so they are easy to use, just a few steps to be able to operate normally.

When choosing WordPress, it will also be easy for businesses to install. WordPress is used to run complex websites for large multinational corporations, manage small businesses, and create personal blogs. WordPress sites can contain full-service e-commerce stores, portfolio showcases, or host social networks, groups, or podcasts.

Regardless of the requirements of the business, the core WordPress package plus its combination of many plugins can make a website just right. Thanks to its wide range of themes and easy access to its source files, WordPress also easily adapts to the changing needs of the business.

A WordPress website can be installed and up and running in minutes. Even if you don’t have any technical expertise. All users need is a domain name and a hosting account. WordPress can be installed for free through a hosting provider or uploaded directly from From there, the intuitive and easy-to-manage admin dashboard has all the features you need to customize key features like your site’s header and layout, and to start creating pages and posts right away. ie. So you can come to Veesp to get the best experience.

Veesp provides services with many advantages, easy to use
Veesp provides services with many advantages, easy to use

Performance available in Veesp service

Performance is one of the terms that refer to the ability of machines to operate, from mechanical machines to electronic machines these days and VPS virtual servers are no exception.

In a virtual server, performance is the parameter that evaluates the ability of the server to operate compared to what it should be able to achieve. A higher percentage performance number indicates that the server is operating optimally and is properly exploited.

Often with virtual servers, we need to maximize the performance from the resources that the physical server provides to avoid waste. For example, if that virtual server has 6gb RAM, 4-core CPU, they must at least be operated up to 80%, not counting the resources provided to the platforms running in the background, then we can call the system.

Virtual servers are used based on virtualization platforms, divided by software, so the software used to set up, operate and manage virtual servers is also extremely important.

We must regularly update these types of software so that they can fully support our operating VPS system. Usually updates always include things like adding new features, optimizing performance, and fixing bugs.

Therefore, investing in high-end, regularly updated software systems is very important to us in the process of operating the virtual server systems that we care about to optimize performance today. .

Especially in the process of operating systems, it is important to optimize the system, not allowing them to conflict with each other. Because many virtual server systems can all run on the same physical server, just two pieces of software from two virtual servers that conflict with each other can greatly affect performance. However, the services that Veesp providers are always quality assured, so you will not encounter these problems.

Veesp’s virtual server service is built on a powerful infrastructure foundation with the world’s leading virtualization software VMWare to help you build IT applications and achieve results faster with low latency. All virtual servers issued from Veesp are ISO Information Security certified to protect your data and applications from DDoS and Trojan attacks.

Performance available in Veesp service
Performance available in Veesp service

Review of support for Veesp

Using Veesp’s server rental service, customers are assured when the machine is located at a reputable address that it is easy to upgrade CPU, RAM, HDD depending on customer needs, and domestic and international bandwidth can be expanded. up to 1Gb.

Veesp’s servers use high quality Firewall, Anti Virus, Anti Spam systems for security, the servers are also controlled by professional surveillance camera systems, fingerprint security…

In addition to server rental services, the company also rents out server space, helping businesses that already have a server to have a quality server space, rest assured to use the information system to work, develop their business. business.

The experience that Veesp provides to customers will certainly not disappoint. From the quality and reputation of the service to the customer experience are highly appreciated. There is a team of extremely professional staff, with in-depth knowledge to ensure full information and customer support in the best way. Whenever you need, the staff will answer enthusiastically 24/24.

One of the most concerning issues is the language barrier. Since many businesses come from different countries, they worry about not understanding the language. However, Veesp has staff trained in many different languages, of which English is the only one. So customers do not need to worry too much about this because the staff will try to translate and explain to you.

With the above services, Veesp ensures to provide customers with reasonable costs compared to the market. They also have different costs for each service to ensure that they are tailored to the needs of their customers. You can contact the staff to be able to explain and advise more about the price for each service that your business is in need of.

PulsedMedia December 2022

Understanding Pulsed Media

One of the most established seedbox providers, Pulsedmedia, has the majority of its data centers in Finland and France. They will have four distinct types of seedboxes with various speed ranges available in 2020. Which options do they offer clients that are really good? Their lowest speed range begins at 1GBPS, a very basic speed that is now offered by the majority of seedboxes. The majority of their customers are drawn in by their 20GBPS top bandwidth speed, which is amazing for both downloading and uploading.

Additionally, they provide several excellent seedboxes with big HDD space but low bandwidth connections. Let’s start with an examination of several parts that assist us determine where Pulsedmedia sits in the race of seedbox suppliers due to their incredible speed and some incredible combinations of seedboxes.

Pulsed Media – Performance

As previously said, we are quite pleased with the pulsed media’s quality. The variety of items they distribute in their seedbox is highly appealing and attracts a lot of interest. As a result, they offer very modern and quick services. Let’s go through the few characteristics that the majority of seedboxes depend on in more depth in the section below.

Pulsed Media – Features

Here are the top features that even the Standard package offers:

Money-Back Guarantee for 14 Days

A 14-day money-back guarantee is included with all of our shared services! Simply open a ticket during the first 14 days if you need a refund for any reason.

99.99% Uptime

Reliability and stability are crucial. Highest dependability seedboxes are what we offer. If you experience any downtime, we provide a very generous Service Level Agreement.

It’s in the cloud

With Seedbox, all of your Torrent activity and data will stay on the Seedbox server. Use Resilio or the built-in rclone web-ui if you require even more.

Storage Add-Ons

For up to 7 days, you may store 25% more than your allotted amount. By becoming a member, you will also receive FREE more disk space! For as long as you stay with us, your Seedbox will expand along with you.


We take protecting your privacy very seriously and have a strict policy in place. Read more about our strict privacy policies here.

24/7 Support

Support is provided round-the-clock via email, tickets, as well as our knowledge base and wiki. You can ask other users for assistance in our Discord server with frequent issues.

There are more and more features such as:

  • Fast Downloads
  • Powerful Software
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Available Anywhere
  • More and more

Pulsed Media – Support

On their website, they provide IRC chat, emails, and tickets as their help methods. IRC chat rooms on the website are quite outstanding because they provide quick responses and allow you to talk with other users and staff so that your issue can be resolved as soon as possible. They gain credit for their customer care system as a result. Additionally, they have set up user tickets so that whenever a user has questions about a technical issue, they may attach screenshots or videos for a clearer understanding.

It has been noted that they respond quickly, and they also make an effort to resolve any technical problems with the seedbox within 24 to 48 hours so that users don’t have to deal with them for an extended amount of time.

Pulsed Media – Speed

One of the main criteria used to compare most seedboxes is speed. Additionally, Pulsedmedia has demonstrated some positive qualities in the bandwidth allocation that they offer. According to the discussion above, the maximum amount of download and upload bandwidth that they offer subscribers is 20GBPS, which is included in their Dragon series plan. Additionally, they have a relatively common lowest speed that may be increased from. It has also been observed that the majority of the plans they provide have varying speeds and storage capacities, which is helpful because it gives users a variety of options from which to pick based on their demands.

Which of those is a strong argument in their favor? Additionally, they have said on their website that they provide users with 99% uptime, which is a really special feature to offer on a website. This aids customers in determining whether they will be a minor inconvenience in their services and so be able to adopt multimedia as their product. Overall, it can be concluded that pulse media offers a variety of speeds at various rates with the least amount of downtime, but they still need to work on increasing their lowest bandwidth allocation speed in order to offer better speeds at lower prices, similar to cheap seedbox and evoseedbox.

Pulsed Media – Ease of Use

Regarding the user interface, it has been noted that Pulsedmedia’s offering is very interactive and simple to use. When you open their interface, a select few items that are significant to you are immediately visible. Your HDD storage area constantly indicates how much storage you are using and updates it frequently so you are aware of it. In contrast, the app install area offers a good platform where you can quickly and conveniently download all the apps with just one click.

Bottom Line

As for the end assessment, we can state that Pulsemedia is generally an excellent option to purchase a respectable seedbox at affordable rates with good speed. One of the main benefits of purchasing with Pulsemedia is the availability of a wide range of products in various pricing levels. Additionally, they provide prompt customer service while providing users with a good and stable seedbox. They also allot users ram, so you can check how much RAM is being utilized when using various apps in your client area.

HostDare December 2022

Overview of HostDare - The dedicated hosting and superior experience
Overview of HostDare – The dedicated hosting and superior experience

HostDare will assist you in locating the solution to create a high-quality, efficient online presence, whether you choose one of their many exceptional partnerships or one of their thousands of free website builders.

Rapid scaling is a feature of HostDare cloud servers, which use enterprise-class servers with the newest Intel processors. The highest speed and dedicated resources are what you can anticipate with only 15 cloud servers per node.

Is HostDare Valuable?

Absolutely, yes! HostDare is an excellent purchase. The top hosting provider in the globe works hard to give its clients the greatest services at the lowest possible prices.

To enable the owner to concentrate on their business rather than other duties, they only wish to offer an easy online business creation through their services.

Additionally, there is access to 99.9% uptime, the newest databases, a CMS support network, 24/7 support, free setting, control panels, and other features. There isn’t a single justification for not choosing HostDare.

Why choose wants to be the finest with first-rate service supported by round-the-clock assistance. Its primary goal is to provide our customers with high-quality hosting services, but it also takes pride in giving them the best uptime in the business.

The main objective is to satisfy the customer and give them the best hardware and customer service they can. They offer the same service to everyone, including hobbyists and IT start-ups.

Instantaneous scalability is offered by HostDare Asia VPS servers, which are enterprise-class servers powered by the most recent Intel hardware. Additionally, it grants unlimited access to the Server Control Panel, where you may restart your server, rebuild your server, and do a lot more.

To install programs and customize your system to your preferences, you can use full-access SSH and SFTP. All server nodes have a 1000 Mbps uplink, but the speed of individual cloud servers varies depending on the package.

What services and features do HostDare’s plans offer?

With years of experience in operating data centers and providing dedicated servers, HostDare is a premier provider of cloud VPS, dedicated servers, and shared hosting.

Whether you need something for work or for pleasure, choose Hostdare. Each SSD server is set up in less than a minute. An uptime guarantee of 99.9% and a 30-day money-back guarantee are included with each SSD web hosting package.

SSD cloud web hosting for a superior experience
SSD cloud web hosting for a superior experience

Let’s dive into the features of each service Hostdare provides:

Shared Web Hosting

With shared hosting, several websites can share a single server. Typically, you won’t know who or what websites you’re sharing a server’s resources with. The overall amount of system resources that each client may utilize is often capped, however, this is determined by your hosting package.

The least expensive and most cost-effective choice for your needs is shared hosting. However, the low cost has drawbacks, which we’ll discuss below. Since most hosting providers will provide the same amount of storage and space, it’s crucial to pick a business you can rely on.

What is the process for shared hosting?

In that, they have a hard disk, a central processing unit (CPU), and RAM, shared servers resemble computers. Different users hosted by the server can share these resources. This enables you to safely store all of the stored files, data, and information that comprise your website.

The stored information from your website is transferred from the servers to the internet user whenever someone asks for access to it from their computer. Since each website generates a varied volume of traffic at different times, shared hosting makes the most of a server’s maximum efficiency.


Email optimization

An outstanding service for email management of HostDare is that unlimited email accounts can be made and managed. All email accounts have a number of sophisticated features. So your management and optimization become the easiest one ever.

Extensive capabilities

Hostdare offers some cutting-edge features including email, databases, file managers, SSH access, and log file access.


You can start with what you require at first, then advance to more potent solutions like VPS or dedicated servers. So scalability can be planned and made with confidence.

Gratis domain

Every one of the yearly plans includes a free domain. The management of domains is simple with our domain manager.

SSD pure storage

SSDs guarantee constant maximum performance with up to 100 times higher IOPS and less latency than HDD devices.

The deployment time for each HDD server is under a minute. With the top-notch Denial of Service Mitigation solution, your HDD Server will be safeguarded (up to 3gbps).

Weekly backup

Every week, HostDare automatically backs up your whole account. Upon request, backups can be restored.

Are shared hosting services right for you?

Shared hosting is best suited for anyone or any company that:

  • Has little prior experience with web hosting.
  • Intends to reduce expenses.
  • Favors easy website management.
  • Need a basic website for purposes related to small enterprises or personal use.
  • Is considering learning WordPress, coding, or site design?.Both fun and intimidating, building a website. To lay a solid basis for the growth of your website, selecting the appropriate web hosting setup is crucial. It’s likely that shared hosting will meet your website’s demands unless you have big viral marketing plans.

Once your website is operational, you will be able to determine where it needs to expand, whether it be in terms of bandwidth or data storage. Starting with a shared hosting package gives you the freedom to scale without any problems.

Cloud VPS

By definition, cloud computing is the process of storing, managing, and processing data on a network of remote computers that are accessible over the Internet rather than on a local server or a home computer. As long as you have an internet connection, you may access your computer from anywhere and at any time.

The Cloud VPS of Hostdare is the optimized solution, especially for Asia locations, especially China. It provides virtualized, scalable resources as a service, typically paid for by the amount of use. You would pay for a particular limit that you could not exceed in a typical web hosting setting. Instead, you only pay for the resources that you really use, which can be advantageous to you in many ways over the long run.

A cloud computing solution is known as a cloud VPS. It provides virtualized, scaleable resources as a service, typically paid for by the amount of use. You would pay for a particular limit that you could not exceed in a typical web hosting setting. Instead, you only pay for the resources that you really use, which can be advantageous to you in many ways over the long run.

In a virtualized system that is scalable, you have dynamic provisioning. You can usually find the resources you need for a project within a few minutes. In essence, Cloud VPS enables you to have access to a new server very immediately.

You are ensured of the greatest efficiency and resources to support with a limited number of customer VPSs per node.

Server Resources Allotted

You’ll see parallels between dedicated servers and VPS cloud servers if you’re acquainted with what a dedicated server is. A VPS cloud server provides many of the same advantages as a dedicated physical environment despite not being one.

Access to a specific pool of cloud VPS resources is the most important of these advantages. The only client who has access to that specific VPS server’s CPU, RAM, and disk space is your business.


VPS cloud servers imitate their dedicated counterparts in this additional area. Your data is immediately more secure because you are the only tenant using a specific virtual server within the VPS hosting.

When comparing cloud VPS to shared hosting, cloud VPS’s level of protection is unmatched. Customers have access to a publicly available pool of hosting provider resources in a shared environment. If another user develops to the point that they start to consume the majority of the storage and memory infrastructure, this could present problems.

Customers using VPS servers also have root access rights over their respective servers. You have access to the entire system with this superuser account. Given that root access is one of the primary targets for cyber threat actors, this security precaution is crucial.

Total control

In shared or public cloud hosting environments, changing server resources frequently necessitates getting in touch with a different hosting company. Cloud VPS functions differently by combining the flexibility of the cloud with the management of specific resources.

What you state is accepted because you are the sole tenant using your portion of the host server. You won’t need to worry about your website or applications running out of resources if you use resources as you like.


Speed is a crucial component of the user experience as a whole. You must deliver what your customers want as quickly as possible through your app, website, or eCommerce store if you don’t want to lose them.

There is little possibility of your site slowing down because all of the cloud VPS’s RAM, CPU, and disk space are yours. Best of all, Liquid Web enables you to simply add resources as your company expands so that your website continues to run at the pace that your clients have come to expect and appreciate.

China & Asia Optimized

ASIA OPTIMIZED HostDare KVM VPS Hosting servers provide instant scalability on enterprise-class servers powered by the latest Intel hardware. They also include full access to your Server Control Panel where you can reinstall your own operating system, you can also reboot your server set up security settings and more! Each VPS includes advanced features and is instantly upgradeable. The server system is protected from DDOS, the network is optimized and 24/7 Support. You are also guaranteed maximum performance and dedicated resources on each of your VPS servers.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting service where you get exclusive use of an entire server. It can provide you with more control over the server and make sure that it doesn’t affect any of your customers’ websites.

Compared to shared hosting, dedicated servers are significantly more expensive. However, a dedicated server will be appropriate for you if your website experiences high levels of traffic or you have other needs (such as additional security measures).

Here are features of Dedicated server:

Root access

You can install applications and customize your system using full-root SSH and SFTP.

Fast network

Budget dedicated servers come with 1 Gbps, whereas our smart servers have 100 Mbps per cloud on a 1 Gbps node.

Business-grade hardware

On nodes with enterprise-level SuperMicro systems, Hostdare utilizes potent Intel processors.


Upgrades and Add-Ons are also available to assist you to scale your online presence and business as it expands, such as more hard drives and IP addresses (with the right justification).


Performance-wise, a dedicated server outperforms every other hosting option available. The basic answer is that you have access to the entire server and all of its hardware. You will get the best performance possible with this hosting option until you pool resources from numerous dedicated servers.

You are ensured of the greatest efficiency and resources to support with a limited number of customer VPSs per node.

Domain registration

Domain name registration is the process of securing a screen name for a predetermined period of time, frequently one year. You ought to be aware that you can only purchase a domain name once and it will only belong to you as long as you renew it.

Registration of a domain name is necessary to use a site, email, or even another web service. However, you are not required to always register a fresh domain name. Many companies allow you to use their major domain or a subdomain of it for your website or email account.

You don’t need to register a new one in order to start or grow your business. However, you must register if you want to create a website for your business.

Even if the website for your business isn’t yet ready, you can still register for a domain name. You can make sure the name you want will be available when you need it by doing this.

Hostdare VPS KVM Premium Features
Hostdare VPS KVM Premium Features


HostDare targets Asia and China market with Optimized Servers for this region, They are currently leading web hosting provider. The leading providers of shared, cloud, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. Their cutting-edge technologies for fast upgrades, DDOS protection, an optimized network, and 24/7 Support are included in every service.

iWebFusion December 2022

Iwebfusion is a reputable hosting brand with quality products
Iwebfusion is a reputable hosting brand with quality products

Features of Iwebfusion

Iwebfusion is one of the most popular hosts in the world and they currently host over 2 million websites. You will find them frequently recommended by popular bloggers and website owners worldwide!

Iwebfusion has a top uptime in a thousand, so your site will almost never go offline when you need it. You will also find fast loading speeds. So your visitors will never wait for your site to load. In addition to the high level of performance, you will also have access to their support team 24/7/365.

Included with this much-loved hosting package is a free domain name for the first year of your service. Installation is simple, you only need one click to install many page builder tools. various websites, including WordPress. The starter plan also includes access to a website builder, support for a single domain name, plus unlimited space, bandwidth, and email accounts. Your website should load very fast and rarely (if ever) go offline

Free domain name when you buy a cheap hosting package. You can choose from a wide range of top level domain extensions. Besides that you get a lot of extras with your plan such as a free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth and built-in security features. The host is officially recommended by WordPress. You can install WordPress on your website with just one click. The control panel and interface are easy to use for beginners, from setting up your website, to managing your hosting account.

The great features that iwebfusion brings
The great features that iwebfusion brings

Ease of Use

Outstanding factors at Iwebfusion

There are many cheap web hosting services on the market today. However, not all hosting with the same price will have the same quality. Some hosting will offer better features, performance, and overall security.

When you want to choose a cheap hosting, you need to consider a lot of different factors. However, the two things that you need to be most aware of are: How much server resources you require and how much control you want over your server.

Usually, when a website’s hosting needs are minimal, looking for a cheap hosting is extremely suitable. Especially, if this is your first website, cheap hosting Iwebfusion will help you to build your website in this step. Regardless, here are the factors you need to consider when deciding to buy Iwebfusion:

  • Allows you to install WordPress and other blogging platforms with just one installation.
  • Plans start with a free domain or very cheap domains.
  • Iwebfusion has an email account for the website.
  • Iwebfusion is equipped with basic security features to keep your website and server safe.
  • It is equipped with enough bandwidth and storage to support a small website. At the same time, this hosting helps you through the initial stages of website development.

When you’re just starting a new blog, have very basic website needs, or have a low-traffic website, basic and cheap web hosting packages can be a great option. These plans usually only cost a few dollars per month and will have everything needed to support your website.

Cheap web hosting can come in many different varieties. However, the most popular is Iwebfusion. With Iwebfusion, you are splitting the cost of hosting with hundreds of other users. That is the cost reduction for this type of cheap hosting. The total number of accounts on the server will depend on the hosting provider you are using.

Iwebfusion is quite useful thanks to

  • This is one of the cheap hosting sites where you can get started with almost no money.
  • Your hosting plan will come equipped with everything you need to start and grow your website.
  • It’s built for beginners, so setting up your website and server is super easy.
  • The server resources are sufficient to support your website in its mid growth stage.

Web Iwebfusion is suitable for the following types of websites

  • Bloggers: Bloggers generally have lower traffic and simpler website needs. Plus, installing WordPress is easy for everyone.
  • Small Business Owners: Most small businesses only require a fairly simple website. That site was built solely for the purpose of ranking in local terms and providing them with a local online presence.
  • Simple website building: Websites with low traffic or just a few pages will require less resources from the host.
  • Side project: Not sure if your new project will be successful? Start small with a cheap hosting plan.


Iwebfusion’s performance is also highly appreciated by customers after using it. The products brought by the company are guaranteed to be novel websites with special details, high-quality images, everything is well-organized.

Iwebfusion gives customers the optimal web experience. The speed to complete the website is extremely fast and the performance is maintained consistently. People can use apps to check the performance.

Hosting capacity is also one of the highly appreciated advantages at Iwebfusion. This is the amount of space you are allowed to store your data on the server’s hard drive. The more data your website has, the larger the hosting capacity should be. To put it simply, the larger the house you build, the larger the land must be. Depending on the hosting package you choose, the capacity can vary, for example, 100 MB, 500 MB (Megabyte) or even a few GB (Gigabyte). But Iwebfusion has really met this, so it has become the choice of many individuals and businesses present in the market today.

Bandwidth is a parameter indicating the maximum amount of data exchanged between your website and Internet users in a month or in other words the maximum amount of information that the website is transferred back and forth during that one month. Therefore, you must base on the number of people accessing the website daily to have enough bandwidth to meet the needs. For example, you share a 10 MB file on a website and 5 users download it, the bandwidth of the website takes 50 MB. Therefore, finding a company that can provide high bandwidth is extremely necessary.

The capacity and bandwidth of the hosting package directly affects the speed and load capacity of a website. The server running the service must have a large enough configuration to ensure smooth processing and help users quickly access the website. Usually a high-quality hosting package must ensure the time from the time the user visits the website to the time the website is fully displayed, the content download is completed in about 3 to 5 seconds. At the same time, it has the capacity to bear the load of a large number of users. There are hosting packages with only a few hundred people accessing at the same time, but there are hosting packages that can be accessed by thousands of people at the same time without any problem. At Iwebfusion customers can absolutely find this. The company will provide all the features for your website to ensure the best possible performance.

Iwebfusion’s operating system currently has two types: Windows operating system and Linux operating system suitable for each different programming language of the website. With the best Linux operating system for installing websites programmed in PHP, Perl, Python, Joomla or open source code such as WordPress, Magento, Opencart and My SQL management system. Meanwhile, with Windows operating systems specializing in programming languages ​​such as ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, MS Access, MS SQL Server or POP3/SMTP/Webmail.

Professional customer service

Another factor that is indispensable and contributes significantly to the quality of hosting is the provider’s customer service. The dedicated and professional support team is a big plus. It is also the reason why customers trust and appreciate the quality of services in general and hosting products in particular.

Iwebfusion always treats its customers like gods, always dedicated to providing the best services to satisfy everyone. Regardless of whether individual customers or large enterprises that have been and are growing, they also become potential customers of Iwebfusion. You can completely trust the services of the company because it is a solid reliable foundation. They have successfully trained a quality staff with many years of experience in the profession.

Customers will be provided with a variety of services and detailed instructions on all relevant information. Besides, if you have any questions, you can also contact 24/7 for the most detailed answer.

Cheap iwebfusion hosting is suitable for all needs
Cheap iwebfusion hosting is suitable for all needs

Cheap hosting suitable to meet the needs

A cheap host does not mean low quality hosting and neither does Iwebfusion. In fact, every host mentioned in the above list is a high quality host that is capable of supporting the website and providing you with everything you need.

Almost every website on the internet today is hosted using a shared hosting plan. A large volume uses the hosting plans outlined above. There is no best hosting, but just the best web host for your needs. That is, cheap hosting that gives you a high level of performance, security, and features on a budget that fits your needs.

Usually, when starting to build a website, you should choose a cheap hosting package. When needed you can upgrade your website with a more powerful hosting package. You need to understand your needs before choosing the most suitable host.

Iwebfusion is highly rated

Iwebfusion is the perfect choice for all businesses and individuals who are looking for a website with many strengths. This company will help customers get the best experience compared to other hosts you know.

Iwebfusion has never let customers down in terms of performance as well as the strengths it brings. Their staff has always been on call anytime, anywhere so that whenever customers need them, they can respond quickly. Besides, the staff is also patient enough to explain to customers from the smallest details.

The agents all ensure that they can use English well to meet customers from many parts of the world. So you won’t need to worry about language barriers, Iwebfusion always supports customers in the best way. Even fastidious customers coming here are always satisfied.

Before registering for an account, you should call support for packages, speeds, server locations, or any unknown information. You can also ask employees to delete them when they don’t want to use them.

If you are in need of help connecting your domain and installing WordPress, the company will also assist you. They will proceed to explain the steps in detail for beginners.

Iwebfusion’s employees take the problems their customers experience seriously. So they will explain each experience in detail so you don’t have any difficulty during the experience.

Iwebfusion’s basic shared starter plan is quite flexible and will come with unlimited domains and email addresses. So theoretically you can host unlimited websites on one account. Iwebfusion’s hosting plan is also built for beginners and it’s very easy to set up your website. There’s even a website builder included, along with some simple installation that makes it easy to install things like WordPress. In addition, this cheap hosting company also has a set of security tools included in the package. This will keep your website safe from online threats.

Above is the information shared about Iwebfusion, one of the companies providing a variety of server services that you can refer to. Hopefully it will be useful information to help people quickly find a website that meets the needs of individuals as well as businesses. If you have any questions, you can contact lIwebfusion’s support team for advice and answers in the most enthusiastic way.

VPS Forex Trader December 2022

vps forex trader review

What is a VPS Forex?

Forex VPS are virtual servers. VPS is used to automatically execute Forex trading orders via trading software that replaces personal PCs. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual computer that may function independently as a regular computer. VPS may be adapted to your specific requirements and is very beneficial for Forex traders due to its security and flexibility.

VPSs can handle enormous amounts of data and are used as a gateway to the local network, anonymous access to your computer, and a variety of other functions. Because the network speed of a VPS is 100 times quicker than that of an ordinary computer, using VPS for Forex transactions is a safe, secure way that provides the fastest transaction speed.

VPS can fully eliminate problems that a regular personal computer would have, such as a virus, a lack of Internet connection, or a power outage that disrupts a transaction. It is especially important to make orders swiftly and precisely during this moment of market volatility.

How does VPS work?

In a nutshell, a VPS is a cloud-based desktop computer. VPS provides an OS instance (operating system) that may be managed remotely from virtually any device. VPS works similarly to SaaS in that you pay a monthly membership fee to the provider to gain access to VPS hosting.

Why should Forex traders use VPS?

Common technological issues, such as computer viruses, network connection failures, or power outages, can be detrimental to trading, particularly during unpredictable market times. However, these issues can be addressed by using a VPS, making it an ideal technical arrangement for automated trading.

This is the only method to assure that your computer is always linked to high-speed internet, making the procedure easier and establishing a safe and optimal trading environment.

Here are some of the advantages of using a VPS for Forex trading that you may be interested in:

Trade anywhere

With VPS, you can work on the trading market without being constrained by the location of your computer. Especially for any trader who uses a desktop computer rather than a laptop. When using VPS, you can login to the trading platform from anywhere as long as you have Internet connectivity.

Strong security

VPS servers are often checked on a regular basis to ensure that they are operational and provide 99.9% uptime for the majority of customers. You will also be provided with anti-virus software and other apps to ensure that your device operates safely and without faults.

Trade even during a power outage

If you have already set up trading automation, you can still trade in the case of a power outage. Even if you do not monitor your VPS, it will function normally. VPS will continue to make transactions and earn money for you even while you are not online.

Reduce crashes and complete transactions faster

Using a VPS server is one approach to benefit from a VPS server and execute trades more efficiently than a computer because the server is located in the same data center as the Trading servers.

VPS is compatible with a variety of operating systems

Popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS are all compatible and can be utilized with VPS.

Now, you know a bit about VPS Forex, so let’s get started to know more about its features, ease of use, performance, support & pricing.

Features & Ease of use of VPS Forex

VPS Forex Trader focuses on VPS and dedicated server solutions rather than shared web hosting services. The following are a few of the common hosting features included in their plans:

  • Network bandwidth exceeding 100Mbps.
  • OS Windows 2008 R2.
  • RAID 10 SSD 50GB+
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Broker-independent.
  • Support and installation assistance are provided at no cost.
  • VPS access on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

The Netherlands and Lithuania each have a data center for the Forex Trader VPS. Working with reliable network infrastructure suppliers, they can guarantee high-quality bandwidth and lower the possibility of interruptions by utilizing various network entry points.

The four VPS hosting plans offered by this company are designed for usage by forex trading companies. The basic kit comes with 50GB of RAID 10 SSD storage, a single-core processor, and 1GB of RAM. A 3-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 50GB of storage space are included in the premium package. Although Windows 2008 is the default operating system for all VPS hosting services, you can install any alternative operating system of your choosing. Your server(s) are completely under your control, therefore you can restart them whenever you want.

100Mbps network speed, 2 x 300GB minimum disk space, SAS 10k RAID 1, and 8GB RAM are all included in the dedicated server options for Forex traders. Although this business provides free backups, it is not liable if customer data is lost.

Financial traders can plan and carry out trades in the currency market using the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

Performance of VPS Forex Trader

Since its establishment in April 2011, the VPSForexTrader subsidiary of HOSTLINE, JSC has served a wide spectrum of private and business clients with VPS Forex hosting. Customer assistance has always been a top focus for VPSForexTrader in order to make sure that customers get the most out of our services. A little over four years have passed since HOSTINE JSC began operating data centers. Performance is therefore assured!

The quad-router multi-gigabit network used by the VPSForexTrader network offers superior routing, capacity, and redundancy. To provide high-quality bandwidth and lower the possibility of any outage, our network infrastructure is made up of a number of upstream providers that use a number of points of entry into the network.

All clients are guaranteed a backup power source from the data center that is dependable, stable, and high-capacity and that can be quickly upgraded to accommodate any future growth. To maintain stability, all power sources are isolated between racks and undergo routine inspection and maintenance. The data center also has high-end uninterruptible power supply units and backup diesel generators on site to keep the power on for the entire structure in the event of a grid outage.

All data tiers were kept at a constant temperature of 21°C 2°C and relative humidity of 50% 10% to ensure optimal performance. Both are continuously monitored electronically, and when thresholds are crossed, on-site staff will be informed.

The data center is located in a secure complex with a perimeter fence, electric gates, and a gate house that is staffed by security personnel around-the-clock to ensure optimum security. To prevent illegal access to the data center and equipment bag, strict access control measures are put in place in the data center building. These include nearby access card readers and secure lockable racks.

Pricing and Support of VPS Forex Trader

The VPS Forex Trader – VPS plans have some decent features and are competitively priced. Their dedicated server plans, however, are rather pricey and come with substantial setup costs. Customers that are willing to pay more for hosting solutions with lots of features could think they are getting their money’s worth.

The plans offered by this supplier can be paid for on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, and if you sign up for three months or more, you’ll receive discounts. All plans include a 30-day, “no questions asked,” money-back guarantee, allowing you to cancel at any time and receive a refund for your hosting costs. Although VPS Forex Trader doesn’t provide an uptime guarantee, they pledge to keep your website up and running continuously over the long term.

You can get in touch with the VPS Forex Trader support staff by phone in Lithuania, live chat, email, or through their ticketing system. They don’t mention the availability of customer care, but they react fast to client concerns. They have a half-finished knowledge base on their website with a few “lorem ipsums” that have not yet been replaced with actual text.

Pricing of VPS Forex Trader

Here’s the price of VPS Forex Trader VPS Hosting:

vps forex trader Virtual private servers

Here’s the price of VPS Forex Trader Dedicated Hosting:

vps forex trader Dedicated servers


Where your website is hosted does it matter?

You want the data center of your web hosting provider to be close to the vast majority of your website’s visitors for optimal performance. However, what you intend to do with your website is also a crucial factor to take into account when selecting a host.

For Forex Traders who want to operate MetaTrader 4 or 5 on Windows-based servers, there is a service called Forex Trader VPS. It has data centers in Vilnius, Lithuania, New York, London, and Amsterdam.

Do we really need a VPS Forex Trader?

VPS hosting is an excellent option for forex traders because it provides off-site servers with devoted resources, improved security, and high-bandwidth connections that boost performance for quicker transaction execution.

On the platform of VPS Forex Trader, automated trading is available around-the-clock, and you may track your profit and loss from any location with an internet connection.

Is a free trial available for VPS Forex Trader?

If you use the New York, Amsterdam, or Vilnius data centers, you can obtain a free one-month trial of the hosting platform from VPS Forex Trader. A free trial using the London datacenter is not available. Up to four instances of MT4 or MT5 can be run simultaneously in the free trial, which also includes a single CPU, 4GB of RAM, 50GB of SSD storage in RAID 10, and 1Gbps of network connectivity.

The monthly cost of VPS Forex Trader.

Compared to the majority of VPS and dedicated hosting companies we reviewed, Forex Trader VPS has a higher beginning pricing. This is partially because it offers capabilities tailored to FX traders and necessitates Windows Server and a unique software platform.

HawkHost December 2022

Hawkhost Review Sale on World Class Web Hosting

HawkHost, a reputable web hosting provider with very good quality, is not comparable to Hostinger, LiquidWeb … but Hawkhost still has its own niche when it comes to customers. For stability, reputation, as well as fast customer support.

Recently, with the expansion of two more datacenters in Singapore and Hong Kong to hit the Asian market, Hawk Host is highly rated by customers with very fast access and high stability. Very rarely the time out.

Hawk Host is a famous hosting provider that have all requirements including: Good price, Quality and Speed Hosting, Good Support. That’s why HawkHost gets the good reviews from WebMaster community.

The web hosting provider offers a lot of powerful features that are rarely found in other hosting providers. These features help you get a WordPress site at optimal speed.

hawkhost Logo

Hawkhost Hosting Reviews

From the experience of building a website as well as hosting experience, I found that finding a good hosting provider with a datacenter located in Asia was relatively difficult.

To encroach on the Asian consumer market, Singapore and Hong Kong are two reliable addresses that many hosting providers target.

HawkHost currently has six datacenters covering the planet, including Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition, their datacenter located in Los Angeles is also rated for fast load speed.

High speed hosting and cheap price

When buying hosting for your website. The speed of hosting package is very important.

If you have a major website in Asia, the Web Hosting Providers are having a server in Asia will help you improve website speed to your customers who visit your website.

Hawk Host is one of hosting providers having servers in Hong Kong, Asia. As you know, the speed of Server Hong Kong will positive impact to increase load website speed of your website at Singapore, Indian, Vietnam…

  1. Cpanel is easy to manage and quite friendly.
  2. Extremely uptime for their uptime commitment at 99.99%
  3. Fast 24/7/365 support via Email, Live chat and phone call.
  4. All Hawkhost hosting packages use faster SSDs, buffers, and more.
  5. There are 6 locations for users to choose from: Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Dallas and Washington
  6. The only downside is that Hawkhost does not offer domain names.
  7. HawkHost support available Memcached helps to speed up the website to greatly improve SEO.
    Also, it is more amazing that you can activate the free SSL service with Let’s Encrypt right in cPanel, very simple. SSL is being considered by Google to add to the algorithm that affects SEO. Many bloggers in the world have updated SSL, Blog Royal Banh also.
  8. HawkHost offers two Web hosting packages. Both packages are unlimited bandwidth, database, add domain. You can easily select according to your own use needs without worrying about how the host package hosts the package, Like other services they have too many service packages that make the user feel difficult to choose. I personally feel this is both simple and easy to make decisions.
  9. Very cheap price, many promotions, big discounts. If you use Hawk Host Coupon will be save from 30% to 75% Off.

Read more Best Unlimited Web Hosting Providers

Some features of Hawk Host

  1. Time up to 99.9%.
  2. Hosting packages use SSDs for high speed
  3. HawkHost provides two shared host packages: Primary and Professional. Both packages are not limited to bandwidth, database and domain. Private Primary limited storage capacity is 10Gb.
  4. The refund period is 30 days if you are not satisfied with their services
  5. Install WordPress with just one click
  6. Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Support.
  7. CPanel integrates its daily automatic backup manager (R1Soft Backup) which allows you to easily recover data.
  8. Support for transferring free data from the old host to the new one.
  9. You can transfer location during use hosting in Hawkhost.

Hawkhost packages domainhostcoupon

Features oriented to speed

HawkHost Web Hosting Packages have many features to help you have a website running very fast. Unlike other hosting providers, these features are available in all Hawk Host hosting packages.

At first, Hawk Host now uses LiteSpeed ​​instead of Apache server which is popular in many other hosting services. LiteSpeed ​​delivers 900% faster performance when serving static content and 50% better handling PHP requests than Apache. Even if you install SSL, LiteSpeed ​​is still up to three times faster than Apache.

Besides, you can use LightSpeed ​​cache to improve the speed of your website.

HawkHost supports Memcached to improve the load page time visibly. This has to be attributed to Memcached data cache on RAM. HawkHost allows you to switch to PHP 7 version . The latest version of PHP will improves your website speed.

Price hosting of HawkHost

Although offering many attractive features, the hosting price of Hawk Host is very cheap. You only spend $ 2.99 a month for 2 years Hosting Pakage. After applying the 30% discount code you only spend $ 2/month.


Guide To Buy Cheap Hosting HawkHost

Because there are servers located in Singapore and Hong Kong, hosting of Hawkhost has been hired by alot of Asia customers to develop their website because the servers located on Asia will increase the speed for load website of the Asia customers.

In addition, Hawkhost also supports plugins that help to speed up the page loading, this plugin is free for their their customers.

Guide to buy Web Hosting

The price of Hosting  Plans, As Stablehost ( you can read Guide to buy Hosting at StableHost in here) if there is not discount code, you will spend alot of money for Hosting at HawkHost, however during this time Hawkhost has the biggest discount coupon that is Save 40% for Web Hosting in the first year.

Here, I will write the guide to buy the Hawkhost Primary package Only $29/yr. You will get:

  1. 1 year hosting at Hawkhost
  2. you can choose Singapore or Hong Kong server
  3. Unlimited domain
  4. Unlimited bandwidth

This package is limited to only 10GB of storage, but 10GB is a pretty large number, you will spend comfortably.

To receive a discount code and start buying, you press the “Show Code” button below to receive a Hawk Host Coupon and Promo code

On Hawk Host Website, you choose the Primary package. The Professional only for those who a large amount of traffic for their website.


Similar to Stablehost, the add domain step can not be ignored, so you fill any domain name in a domain box, we will remove this domain later:

Add domain name Hawkhost

Then click Continue button. To the next step, you can choose 12 months pakage to get a good price or pay monthly, 3, 6 months if you have alot money.

You can choose Servers location in Hong Kong or Singapore for better page load speed in Asia. The cost in the picture does not include the discount code.


On the next step, you can remove domain name if you don’t wanna buy domain on HawkHost. Then, type your promo code to ”Coupon code” box and click checkout.


You can get other the latest Promo code from HawkHost on below:

  1. HawkHost Coupon – Save 40% Web Hosting
  2. HawkHost Coupon – 30% lifetime discount Shared Hosting
  3. HawkHost Coupon – 30% discount for VPS Hosting Lifetime
  4. HawkHost Coupon – 30% Off Semi Dedicated Hosting Lifetime

Visit HawkHost Store to get the latest Coupon Codes Update weekly in here.

Click Checkout to Complete payment, fill all the information, Some note:

  • fmbers, special characters (!, @, # …) to ensure security.
  • Hawkhost is very diversified form of payment, can use Paypal, VISA, Alipay, Bitcoin

Choose payment by Paypal, there are 2 button including: Subscribe and Checkout button, you select Checkout to pay once times, if you choose Subscribe will be the annual payment:

After successful payment you will receive Order Number. And your payment on Hawkhost was successfully!

HawkHost Discount Codes for promotion

Hawkhost promotional for Hosting

Get saving when buy hosting at HawkHost is very easy today! Bookmark our website and  get more saving everyday. You can get the latest promotional code on HawkHost by the latest Coupon News of DomainhostCoupon or visit our HawkHost stores.

Some discount codes from HawkHost save from 40% to 50% Off for Hosting Plans. You need update the latest news to get these coupon codes.

Visit Store HawkHost an get the latest discount codes for your orders on HawkHost Website.

HawkHost discount codes just updated buy us today, you can find over 8 discount codes are available now!

Some big promotion from this brand on this time such as: Save 40% Web Hosting,  30% Lifetime Discount Shared Hosting,  30% discount for VPS Hosting Lifetime and more.

You can read HawkHost reviews by us on here.

After visit HawkHost Store on our website, you need get a coupon which you need to get saving and click the button to visit HawkHost Promotion page.

When buy any products on their website, just type or paste the coupon codes to “Coupon Box” and click Apply to get saving. If the coupon are not available, you can try other coupon code or expired coupon. Some coupon codes can reuse on other promotion from HawkHost.

Get 40% Off Web Hosting Hawkhost Promo Code very easy today! Let visit us daily and read more other news to get the latest codes for your shopping online.

Typical Hawkhost Discount Campaigns

Same last year, this year launched a program HawkHost very attractive promotional Christmas and Boxing Day, down to 50%.

This program applies discounts for all hosting packages include Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Sale:

  • 50% off the first bill
  • Lifetime 40% discount (used Priority)

HawkHost Shared Hosting provider is the only location in Hong Kong with stable quality, best support. If you have not registered round up Black Friday, do not miss this opportunity ahead.

Web Hosting Promotion

  • 50% discount on all Shared Hosting packages, they fell from $1.45 / month
  • 40% lifetime discount on Shared Hosting packages

Reseller Hosting Promotion

  • 50% Off Reseller Hosting packages, only from $6.49 / month
  • 40% Lifetime Discount Reseller Hosting packages

Dedicated Server Promotion

  • 50% Off Semi-Dedicated Hosting packages, only from $7.99/ month
  • 40% Lifetime Discount Semi-Dedicated Hosting packages

VPS Hosting Promotion

  • 50% discount for VPS Hosting All packages, they fell from $9/ month
  • 40% discount for VPS Hosting All packages Lifetime


  1. Payment is by all accounts PayPal and Visa/ Master.
  2. Unpaid bills will be canceled after 96h.
  3. Every customer is only a one-off coupon.
  4. Does not apply to the old service (upgrading and extension).

Hosting service Hawk Host is being a good hosting service for websmaster. With servers in Hong Kong, you will no worry about the page loading speed in the Asia region.

In addition, Hawk Host is investing quality in hosting service by adding a series of powerful features. Such as Memcached, daily backup with Jet Backup, Let’s Encrypt SSL.

LiquidWeb December 2022

LiquidWeb Review Dedicated Servers

The size of LiquidWeb Company is smaller than other VPS,  Dedicated Servers companies. But,  they usually provide large-scale services to big companies such as RedBull, American Airlines, MTV Television, TechSmith, Motorola, Hitachi, National Geographic, FedEx.

Review the quality of LiquidWeb 

Speed and Pricing:

The first impression after the first use of VPS hosting, Dedicated Server or Web Hosting at LiquidWeb is the speed of hosting outstanding.

LiquidWeb offer the high speed Top 10 Best Dedicated Server than all their opponents.

VPS Hosting LiquidWeb

During peak times, with a lot of traffics, my websites is still smooth without any problems, there is no sign of slowing.

With a Web Hosting Packages of LiquidWeb,  you can be completely assured of using WordPress without any problems installing plug-ins.

They take advantage of all the latest technologies, LiquidWeb own all of their hardwares. By owning more than renting, they always have more control the options to their customers.

The best Support Team

Not only phone support, they also offer other support services such as: chat live, Ticket systems. They are absolutely superior to other providers about customer support services.

If comparing with Hostgator,  Hostgator only ranked 7/10 points than LiquidWeb. When you live chat, their support team do not have to settle criteria as fast as Hostgato, at LiquidWeb you will be consulted and solve problems complex.

If you try to contact with LiquidWeb support to increase speed of your website. Crazy? No, LiquidWeb can do that for you. This’s amazing.

Remember, when you buy hosting at LiquidWeb, that means you are supported by FULL MANAGED HEROIC SUPPORT!


Since i’m using VPS and Dedicated Servers on LiquidWeb, I have never had any problems with security. But you can be assured that you are supported by the strongest support team.

Disadvantages of LiquidWeb

Although they are a reliable and excellent VPS and Dedicated Servers supplier. But they have some Disadvantages too such as:

  • Very high pricing
  • You don’t have permission to added domain to host,  even though hosting allows you to add it.
  • Registration complex
  • No additional bandwidth or storage service or any other services.
  • There are not any add-ons in the host’s cPanel
  • Bandwidth and capacity are limited.
  • When live chat, you need to declare the website link or IP of the host you are using.

Hostiso December 2022

The strengths of this supplier is their commitment to reducing CO2. So, if you are using Hostiso hosting services, you are contributing to protecting the environment.

In addition to web hosting services, they also offer domain name registration services. Although this is not their strengt

Their headquartered in Germany. Currently, they have databases in many countries such as USA, Canada, Singapore and France.

hostiso Coupon reviews

Web Hosting Plans at Hostiso Coupon

Similarly best web hosting providers. Hostiso also offers basic hosting packages including: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Their hosting packages are well appreciated by professionals and webmaster communities around the world. Their shared hosting packages are affordable pricing compared to other hosting providers.

At Shared hosting packages, they offer 3 main plans including: basic, business and professional. Their shared hosting packages include features such as: free cPanel, Free SSL, Domain, CDN, DDoS… Unlimited sub domains, Unlimited Web Hosting, email accounts, mysql, daily backup data, 24/7 support.

The price of their  shared hosting from $3.99/mo to $9.99/mo for manual plans. This is a reasonable price for the international users who are looking for cheap hosting with many great features.

hostiso coupon Our VPS Performance plans

For VPS packages, the customers have two main choices including: Management and Unmanaged VPS.From $14.99/mo, you can own a host VPS package with features including: 2 CPU Cores, 6GB RAM, 500GB HHD Storage, 100 MBit/SPORT transfer.

Customers can easily upgrade their Hostiso VPS Hosting packages to 10 CPU Cores, 50GB RAM, 1200GB Storage and 1 GBit/SPORT transfer at $69.99 per month.

If you are looking for a dedicated server package with great features, Hostiso is a good choice for you. They offer you 7 dedicated server packages only from $149 per month. Their dedicated server packages include both Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers.

Customer Services

Hostiso is one of the leading online storage providers. Their customer service is also appreciated by alot of customers who are using Hostiso’s services. Similar to other hosting providers, Hostiso also offers basic customer services such as Live Chat, Support Phone, Suppot tickets and email.

Customers will receive excellent and fast support from the technical staff through support tickets and live chat. Their customer support system is always available 24/7 and Hostiso’s technical staff are available to help you solve any problem.


If you are looking for a leading web hosting provider then Hostiso is a great choice. They offer hosting services for customers at afforable pricing and quick customer support. You can find a lot of good reviews from customers and partners of Hostiso around the world.

They are always trying to develop their infrastructure and upgrade their hosting packages. Hostiso also offers domain registration services to thousands of customers worldwide at reasonable prices.

TurnKey Internet December 2022

turnkey internet cloud hosting review

At present, TurnKey Internet is using the most advanced technology solutions for their customers. They always ensure 100% network uptime.

VPS Cloud Packages

1000 Mbit (1 Gbps)1000 Mbit (1 Gbps)1000 Mbit (1 Gbps)1000 Mbit (1 Gbps)



WAS 9.99/MO



WAS 29.99/MO



WAS 49.99/MO



WAS 69.99/MO

CPU Cores:1 CPU Core4 CPU Cores8 CPU Cores12 CPU Cores
RAM / Memory:
1 GB4 GB8 GB12 GB
SSD Storage:
(RAID-10 Protected)
5 GB40 GB80 GB120 GB
Network Port:
Dedicated IPv4 Addresses:1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP
Dedicated IPv6 Addresses:/64 Subnet/64 Subnet/64 Subnet/64 Subnet
Virtualization Technology:KVM HypervisorKVM HypervisorKVM HypervisorKVM Hypervisor

Dedicated Server Packages

8 GB
INTEL E3-1230
16 GB
INTEL E3-1230

32 GB

Server Specs:Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.30 GHz
8 Visible CPU Cores
Detailed CPU Specs
Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.30 GHz
8 Visible CPU Cores
Detailed CPU Specs
Intel Dual Xeon X5650 2.66 GHz
24 Visible CPU Cores
Detailed CPU Specs
Operating System:Linux or Windows ServerLinux or Windows ServerLinux or Windows Server
Drive/Storage:4x 250 GB RAID-10
500 GB Usable
4x 1000 GB RAID-10
2000 GB Usable
4x 1000 GB RAID-10
2000 GB Usable
RAM/Memory:8 GB16 GB32 GB
All Plans Come With:
  • Unmeterered 1000 Mbit (GigE)
  • cPanel / DirectAdmin / Plesk
  • All Inclusive Management
  • Hardware RAID-10
  • One Usable IPv4 Address
  • One /64 IPv6 Subnet

Support Services:

I will say that the support services from them really exceptional. I had some problems getting things going smoothly.

In the first place issues when I kept running into was I spoiled my Cloud Hosting compartment while attempting to get Team Foundation Server 2010 introduced.

They where brisk to offer support and get my VPS issues illuminated. From what it looked like to me was TFS introduced a few updates that Virtuozzo disliked with defiled the compartment.

They opened up a bolster tick with parallels and gave me another VPS to utilize while they got the issue settled. They had the new vps setup for me in only a couple of hours and I could get that up and running rapidly.

The next day they have settled the issue with my last VPS and gave me access to it so I could recover my documents from it.

The next day I figured out how to break my VPS once more by coincidentally uninstalling parallels apparatuses which I saw immediately as I uninstalled it. Again I opened up a bolster ticket and inside a hour I had my VPS back on the web and running. Also if you like Parallels on your own install, the Parallels coupon will fulfill your claim up to 30% off.

Payment Method

Today, They accept payment via paypal, Credit Card (Visa/MC/Amex/Disc), Mail In Payment and Moneybookers .

Very easy to purchase a Hosting packages on Turnkey Internet.

And you can get the Turnkey Internet Coupon then type it on “Promotional Code box” to get saving when buy a packages on them. Find “Promotional Code box” on Payment page.

Turnkey Internet Coupon

This is one of the VPS and dedicated servers providers. They have advanced technologies and focus on small and medium business customers.

In the latest promotion of Turnkey Internet, they have launched coupon code for dedicated server Save 80% Off Turnkey Internet Coupon and Promo Codes.

With many positive feedback from their customers. This company is developing very strongly. With the simply goal is focusing on the customer that has helped them succeed on VPS and dedicated Servers market.

With staring packages only $53/mo and Save 80% Off only $10.6 . Very very cheap for a good VPS and Dedicated Servers. Do not hesitate, choose one for you today.

You can get the coupon code on table below by click ”Show code” button. Then you can type the code to “Coupon box” when purchase packages on Turnkey Internet.


The code update weekly on Domainhostcoupon

Apply for with Dedicated servers on Turnkey Internet

They accept payment via paypal, Credit Card (Visa/MC/Amex/Disc), Mail In Payment and Moneybookers.


At clench hand I was exceptionally wary about their offer that I found in the VPS Offer segment of WHT however since I’m just utilizing the VPS to host individual sites and for programming improvement I figured there was nothing to lose except for a smidgen of my time if things did not work out.

IdeaStack December 2022

IdeaStack là một nhà cung cấp dịch vụ lưu trữ trang web tốt
IdeaStack is a good website hosting provider

Introducing IdeaStack

The Most Popular Website Hosting Provider in the Market

IdeaStack is sourced from India and is a provider of a variety of storage solutions including shared web, VPS, dedicated server, cloud and even GPU storage. This unit is currently well known and used very much. It provides world-class storage experience through global presence with the world’s most popular language – English.


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