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Hawkhost Review Sale on World Class Web Hosting

HawkHost, a reputable hosting provider with very good quality, is not comparable to Hostgator, Dreamhost … but Hawkhost still has its own niche when it comes to customers. For stability, reputation, as well as fast customer support.

Recently, with the expansion of two more datacenters in Singapore and Hong Kong to hit the Asian market, HawkHost is highly rated by customers with very fast access and high stability. . Very rarely the time out.

Hawk Host is a famous hosting provider that have all requirements including: Good price, Quality and Speed Hosting, Good Support. That’s why HawkHost gets the good reviews from WebMaster community.

The hosting provider offers a lot of powerful features that are rarely found in other hosting providers. These features help you get a WordPress site at optimal speed.

hawkhost Logo

Hawkhost Hosting Reviews

From the experience of building a website as well as hosting experience, I found that finding a good hosting provider with a datacenter located in Asia was relatively difficult.

To encroach on the Asian consumer market, Singapore and Hong Kong are two reliable addresses that many hosting providers target.

HawkHost currently has six datacenters covering the planet, including Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition, their datacenter located in Los Angeles is also rated for fast load speed.

High speed hosting and cheap price

When buying hosting for your website. The speed of hosting package is very important.

If you have a major website in Asia, the Web Hosting Providers are having a server in Asia will help you improve website speed to your customers who visit your website.

Hawk Host is one of hosting providers having servers in Hong Kong, Asia. As you know, the speed of Server Hong Kong will positive impact to increase load website speed of your website at Singapore, Indian, Vietnam…

  1. Cpanel is easy to manage and quite friendly.
  2. Extremely uptime for their uptime commitment at 99.99%
  3. Fast 24/7/365 support via Email, Live chat and phone call.
  4. All Hawkhost hosting packages use faster SSDs, buffers, and more.
  5. There are 6 locations for users to choose from: Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Dallas and Washington
  6. The only downside is that Hawkhost does not offer domain names.
  7. HawkHost support available Memcached helps to speed up the website to greatly improve SEO.
    Also, it is more amazing that you can activate the free SSL service with Let’s Encrypt right in cPanel, very simple. SSL is being considered by Google to add to the algorithm that affects SEO. Many bloggers in the world have updated SSL, Blog Royal Banh also.
  8. HawkHost offers two Web hosting packages. Both packages are unlimited bandwidth, database, add domain. You can easily select according to your own use needs without worrying about how the host package hosts the package, Like other services they have too many service packages that make the user feel difficult to choose. I personally feel this is both simple and easy to make decisions.
  9. Very cheap price, many promotions, big discounts. If you use Hawk Host Coupon will be save from 30% to 75% Off.

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Some features of Hawk Host

  • Time up to 99.9%.
  • Hosting packages use SSDs for high speed
  • HawkHost provides two shared host packages: Primary and Professional. Both packages are not limited to bandwidth, database and domain. Private Primary limited storage capacity is 10Gb.
  • The refund period is 30 days if you are not satisfied with their services
  • Install WordPress with just one click
  • Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Support.
  • CPanel integrates its daily automatic backup manager (R1Soft Backup) which allows you to easily recover data.
  • Support for transferring free data from the old host to the new one.
  • You can transfer location during use hosting in Hawkhost.

Hawkhost packages domainhostcoupon

Features oriented to speed

HawkHost Web Hosting Packages have many features to help you have a website running very fast. Unlike other hosting providers, these features are available in all Hawk Host hosting packages.

At first, Hawk Host now uses LiteSpeed ​​instead of Apache server which is popular in many other hosting services. LiteSpeed ​​delivers 900% faster performance when serving static content and 50% better handling PHP requests than Apache. Even if you install SSL, LiteSpeed ​​is still up to three times faster than Apache.

Besides, you can use LightSpeed ​​cache to improve the speed of your website.

HawkHost supports Memcached to improve the load page time visibly. This has to be attributed to Memcached data cache on RAM. HawkHost allows you to switch to PHP 7 version . The latest version of PHP will improves your website speed.

Price hosting of HawkHost

Although offering many attractive features, the hosting price of Hawk Host is very cheap. You only spend $ 2.99 a month for 2 years Hosting Pakage. After applying the 30% discount code you only spend $ 2/month.


Guide To Buy Cheap Hosting HawkHost

Because there are servers located in Singapore and Hong Kong, hosting of Hawkhost has been hired by alot of Asia customers to develop their website because the servers located on Asia will increase the speed for load website of the Asia customers.

In addition, Hawkhost also supports plugins that help to speed up the page loading, this plugin is free for their their customers.

Guide to buy Web Hosting

The price of Hosting  Plans, As Stablehost ( you can read Guide to buy Hosting at StableHost in here) if there is not discount code, you will spend alot of money for Hosting at HawkHost, however during this time Hawkhost has the biggest discount coupon that is Save 40% for Web Hosting in the first year.

Here, I will write the guide to buy the Hawkhost Primary package Only $29/yr. You will get:

  • 1 year hosting at Hawkhost
  • you can choose Singapore or Hong Kong server
  • Unlimited domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth

This package is limited to only 10GB of storage, but 10GB is a pretty large number, you will spend comfortably.

To receive a discount code and start buying, you press the “Show Code” button below to receive a Hawk Host Coupon and Promo code

On Hawk Host Website, you choose the Primary package. The Professional only for those who a large amount of traffic for their website.


Similar to Stablehost, the add domain step can not be ignored, so you fill any domain name in a domain box, we will remove this domain later:

Add domain name Hawkhost

Then click Continue button. To the next step, you can choose 12 months pakage to get a good price or pay monthly, 3, 6 months if you have alot money.

You can choose Servers location in Hong Kong or Singapore for better page load speed in Asia. The cost in the picture does not include the discount code.


On the next step, you can remove domain name if you don’t wanna buy domain on HawkHost. Then, type your promo code to ” Coupon code” box and click checkout.


You can get other the latest Promo code from HawkHost on below:

  • HawkHost Coupon – Save 40% Web Hosting
  • HawkHost Coupon – 30% lifetime discount Shared Hosting
  • HawkHost Coupon – 30% discount for VPS Hosting Lifetime
  • HawkHost Coupon – 30% Off Semi Dedicated Hosting Lifetime

Visit HawkHost Store to get the latest Coupon Codes Update weekly in here.

Click Checkout to Complete payment, fill all the information, Some note:

  • Passwords must contain letters, numbers, special characters (!, @, # …) to ensure security.
  • Hawkhost is very diversified form of payment, can use Paypal, VISA, Alipay, Bitcoin

Choose payment by Paypal, there are 2 button including: Subscribe and Checkout button, you select Checkout to pay once times, if you choose Subscribe will be the annual payment:

After successful payment you will receive Order Number. And your payment on Hawkhost was successfully!

HawkHost Discount Codes for promotion

Hawkhost promotional for Hosting

Get saving when buy hosting at HawkHost is very easy today! Bookmark our website and  get more saving everyday. You can get the latest promotional code on HawkHost by the latest Coupon News of DomainhostCoupon or visit our HawkHost stores.

Some discount codes from HawkHost save from 40% to 50% Off for Hosting Plans. You need update the latest news to get these coupon codes.

Visit Store HawkHost an get the latest discount codes for your orders on HawkHost Website.

HawkHost discount codes just updated buy us today, you can find over 8 discount codes are available now!

Some big promotion from this brand on this time such as: Save 40% Web Hosting,  30% Lifetime Discount Shared Hosting,  30% discount for VPS Hosting Lifetime and more.

You can read HawkHost reviews by us on here.

After visit HawkHost Store on our website, you need get a coupon which you need to get saving and click the button to visit HawkHost Promotion page.

When buy any products on their website, just type or paste the coupon codes to “Coupon Box” and click Apply to get saving. If the coupon are not available, you can try other coupon code or expired coupon. Some coupon codes can reuse on other promotion from HawkHost.

Get 40% Off Web Hosting Hawkhost Promo Code very easy today! Let visit us daily and read more other news to get the latest codes for your shopping online.

Typical Hawkhost Discount Campaigns

Same last year, this year launched a program HawkHost very attractive promotional Christmas and Boxing Day, down to 50%.

This program applies discounts for all hosting packages include Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Sale:
– 50% off the first bill
– Lifetime 40% discount (used Priority)

HawkHost Shared Hosting provider is the only location in Hong Kong with stable quality, best support. If you have not registered round up Black Friday, do not miss this opportunity ahead.

Web Hosting Promotion

– 50% discount on all Shared Hosting packages, they fell from $1.45 / month
– 40% lifetime discount on Shared Hosting packages

Reseller Hosting Promotion

– 50% Off Reseller Hosting packages, only from $6.49 / month
– 40% Lifetime Discount Reseller Hosting packages

Dedicated Server Promotion

– 50% Off Semi-Dedicated Hosting packages, only from $7.99 / month
– 40% Lifetime Discount Semi-Dedicated Hosting packages

VPS Hosting Promotion

– 50% discount for VPS Hosting All packages, they fell from $9 / month
– 40% discount for VPS Hosting All packages Lifetime


– Payment is by all accounts PayPal and Visa/ Master.
– Unpaid bills will be canceled after 96h.
– Every customer is only a one-off coupon.
– Does not apply to the old service (upgrading and extension).

Hosting service Hawk Host is being a good hosting service for websmaster. With servers in Hong Kong, you will no worry about the page loading speed in the Asia region.

In addition, Hawk Host is investing quality in hosting service by adding a series of powerful features. Such as Memcached, daily backup with JetBackup, Let’s Encrypt SSL.

LiquidWeb September 2022

Web Hosting Review

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Hostinger September 2022

 Why is Hostinger so popular, Is there anything special
Why is Hostinger so popular, Is there anything special

IdeaStack September 2022

Web Hosting Review


IdeaStack là một nhà cung cấp dịch vụ lưu trữ trang web tốt
IdeaStack is a good website hosting provider

Introducing IdeaStack

The Most Popular Website Hosting Provider in the Market

IdeaStack is sourced from India and is a provider of a variety of storage solutions including shared web, VPS, dedicated server, cloud and even GPU storage. This unit is currently well known and used very much. It provides world-class storage experience through global presence with the world’s most popular language – English.


Hostiso September 2022

Web Hosting Review


The strengths of this supplier is their commitment to reducing CO2. So, if you are using Hostiso hosting services, you are contributing to protecting the environment.

In addition to hosting services, they also offer domain name registration services. Although this is not their strengt

Their headquartered in Germany. Currently, they have databases in many countries such as USA, Canada, Singapore and France.

hostiso Coupon reviews

Web Hosting Plans at Hostiso Coupon

Similarly hosting providers. Hostiso also offers basic hosting packages including: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Their hosting packages are well appreciated by professionals and webmaster communities around the world. Their shared hosting packages are affordable pricing compared to other hosting providers.

At Shared hosting packages, they offer 3 main plans including: basic, business and professional. Their shared hosting packages include features such as: free cPanel, Free SSL, Domain, CDN, DDOS … Unlimited sub domains, email accounts, mysql, daily backup data, 24/7 support.

The price of their  shared hosting from $3.99/mo to $9.99/mo for manual plans. This is a reasonable price for the international users who are looking for cheap hosting with many great features.

hostiso coupon Our VPS Performance plans

For VPS packages, the customers have two main choices including: Management and Unmanaged VPS.From $14.99/mo, you can own a host VPS package with features including: 2 CPU Cores, 6GB RAM, 500GB HHD Storage, 100 MBit/SPORT transfer.

Customers can easily upgrade their Hostiso VPS packages to 10 CPU Cores, 50GB RAM, 1200GB Storage and 1 GBit/SPORT transfer at $69.99 per month.

If you are looking for a dedicated server package with great features, Hostiso is a good choice for you. They offer you 7 dedicated server packages only from $149 per month. Their dedicated server packages include both Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers.

Customer Services

Hostiso is one of the leading online storage providers. Their customer service is also appreciated by alot of customers who are using Hostiso’s services. Similar to other hosting providers, Hostiso also offers basic customer services such as Live Chat, Support Phone, Suppot tickets and email.

Customers will receive excellent and fast support from the technical staff through support tickets and live chat. Their customer support system is always available 24/7 and Hostiso’s technical staff are available to help you solve any problem.


If you are looking for a leading web hosting provider then Hostiso is a great choice. They offer hosting services for customers at afforable pricing and quick customer support. You can find a lot of good reviews from customers and partners of Hostiso around the world.

They are always trying to develop their infrastructure and upgrade their hosting packages. Hostiso also offers domain registration services to thousands of customers worldwide at reasonable prices.

WPWebHost September 2022

Web Hosting Review

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The information you need to know about WPWebHost

WPWebHost is a hosting service provider established in 2007. This unit is evaluated by many experts as the leading web hosting service provider in Southeast Asia. Unlike other units, WPWebHost only provides hosting services for customers using the WordPress website system. In 12 years of operation, WPWebHost has bring their hosting services for more than 100, 000 customers worldwide.

WPWebHost is one of the WordPress website hosting service providers that you can refer to
WPWebHost is one of the WordPress website hosting service providers that you can refer to

The features that WPWebHost provides to customers

To meet the needs of customers using WordPress website system, WPWebHost has deployed 4 main service packages, namely WP Blogger, WP Lite, WP Plus and WP Geek. All 4 service packages only provide shared hosting and bring the following features to customers:
• Uptime (SLA) is nearly 100% with user approval and 100% with third party tests.
• Very flexible backup management method. You can backup manually or back up automatically. Your data will be retained for 30 days.
• You will be provided a free domain name by WPWebHost and SSD memory with capacity from 10 – 100 GB.
• WPWebHost will provide free SSL Let Encrypt SSL certificate to users.
• This unit will provide services with Jetpack. Jetpack will supply more than 200 free themes for you. You can set them up in 5 seconds with extremely simple operations.

You may consider using the service of WPWebHost because of these great features

In addition, WPWebhost also integrates WordPress tools into the system so users can work on the system manager with just one click without losing time moving between managers. With this feature, users can check sandbox, security scanner and provide WordPress automatic updates, website traffic statistics…

WPWebHost hosting price?

To be honest, actually hosting plan is not expensive if compare with other WordPress Hosting company. In the market today, there are quite a lot of units providing this service with extremely reasonable prices. However, in addition to price, we think service quality is more important.

You can refer to the cost of using the WordPress hosting service of WPWebHost in the image below:

Cost of using website hosting service of WPWebHost

Currently, WPWebHost is deploying service packages for 1 month, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. The longer you use it, the lower the cost of using your service. Today, WPWebHost does not give users a free trial version. Therefore, this is very inconvenient for some individuals who want to experience the trial version before registering to official version.

However, WPWebHost will refund the customers within 100 days if you feel not suitable for the service of this unit. This is also one of the advantages that other units do not have. Besides, quite a lot of people also expressed interest in support services of WPWebHost. Is the WPWebHost support service good?

Is WPWebHost support services good?

WPWebHost’s support services is evaluated through response time, service attitude as well as feedback quality. Basically, WPWebHost owns an extremely professional and enthusiastic staff. This unit can respond to all user requests and inquiries. The response time for this unit is relatively good. Users often receive timely support from WPWebhost staff. With these great support, we think that WPWebHost will be the best unit for customers.

WPWebHost is a pretty smart choice for customers

Overall assessment about advantages and disadvantages of WPWebHost

For a more comprehensive evaluation of this unit, you can review the advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages of WPWebHost

• WPWebHost is the perfect solution for users using WordPress
• Users can search for support right on the website
• Support customers anytime, anywhere
• System tools are easy to use for beginners, for example WordPress, JetPack tools…
• The system has an eye-catching and user-friendly interface.

Disadvantages of WPWebHost

• Little choice about global data centers

TurnKeyInternet September 2022

Web Hosting Review

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turnkey internet cloud hosting review

At present, TurnKey Internet is using the most advanced technology solutions for their customers. They always ensure 100% network uptime.

VPS Cloud Packages

1000 Mbit (1 Gbps)1000 Mbit (1 Gbps)1000 Mbit (1 Gbps)1000 Mbit (1 Gbps)



WAS 9.99/MO



WAS 29.99/MO



WAS 49.99/MO



WAS 69.99/MO

CPU Cores:1 CPU Core4 CPU Cores8 CPU Cores12 CPU Cores
RAM / Memory:
1 GB4 GB8 GB12 GB
SSD Storage:
(RAID-10 Protected)
5 GB40 GB80 GB120 GB
Network Port:
Dedicated IPv4 Addresses:1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP
Dedicated IPv6 Addresses:/64 Subnet/64 Subnet/64 Subnet/64 Subnet
Virtualization Technology:KVM HypervisorKVM HypervisorKVM HypervisorKVM Hypervisor

Dedicated Server Packages

8 GB
INTEL E3-1230
16 GB
INTEL E3-1230

32 GB

Server Specs:Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.30 GHz
8 Visible CPU Cores
Detailed CPU Specs
Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.30 GHz
8 Visible CPU Cores
Detailed CPU Specs
Intel Dual Xeon X5650 2.66 GHz
24 Visible CPU Cores
Detailed CPU Specs
Operating System:Linux or Windows ServerLinux or Windows ServerLinux or Windows Server
Drive/Storage:4x 250 GB RAID-10
500 GB Usable
4x 1000 GB RAID-10
2000 GB Usable
4x 1000 GB RAID-10
2000 GB Usable
RAM/Memory:8 GB16 GB32 GB
All Plans Come With:
  • Unmeterered 1000 Mbit (GigE)
  • cPanel / DirectAdmin / Plesk
  • All Inclusive Management
  • Hardware RAID-10
  • One Usable IPv4 Address
  • One /64 IPv6 Subnet

Support Services:

I will say that the support services from them really exceptional. I had some problems getting things going smoothly.

In the first place issues when I kept running into was I spoiled my Cloud VPS compartment while attempting to get Team Foundation Server 2010 introduced.

They where brisk to offer support and get my VPS issues illuminated. From what it looked like to me was TFS introduced a few updates that Virtuozzo disliked with defiled the compartment.

They opened up a bolster tick with parallels and gave me another VPS to utilize while they got the issue settled. They had the new vps setup for me in only a couple of hours and I could get that up and running rapidly.

The next day they have settled the issue with my last VPS and gave me access to it so I could recover my documents from it.

The next day I figured out how to break my VPS once more by coincidentally uninstalling parallels apparatuses which I saw immediately as I uninstalled it. Again I opened up a bolster ticket and inside a hour I had my VPS back on the web and running.

Payment Method

Today,  They accept payment via paypal,  Credit Card (Visa/MC/Amex/Disc),  Mail In Payment and Moneybookers .

Very easy to purchase a Hosting packages on Turnkey Internet.

And you can get the Turnkey Internet Coupon then type it on “Promotional Code box” to get saving when buy a packages on them. Find “Promotional Code box” on Payment page.

Turnkey Internet Coupon

This is one of the VPS and dedicated servers providers. They have advanced technologies and focus on small and medium business customers.

In the latest promotion of Turnkey Internet, they have launched coupon code for dedicated server Save 80% Off Turnkey Internet Coupon and Promo Codes.

With many positive feedback from their customers. This company is developing very strongly. With the simply goal is focusing on the customer that has helped them succeed on VPS and dedicated Servers market.

With staring packages only $53/mo and Save 80% Off only $10.6 . Very very cheap for a good VPS and Dedicated Servers. Do not hesitate, choose one for you today.

You can get the coupon code on table below by click ” Show code” button. Then you can type the code to “Coupon box” when purchase packages on Turnkey Internet.


The code update weekly on Domainhostcoupon

Apply for with Dedicated servers on Turnkey Internet

They accept payment via paypal, Credit Card (Visa/MC/Amex/Disc), Mail In Payment and Moneybookers.


At clench hand I was exceptionally wary about their offer that I found in the VPS Offer segment of WHT however since I’m just utilizing the VPS to host individual sites and for programming improvement I figured there was nothing to lose except for a smidgen of my time if things did not work out.

GoDaddy September 2022

Web Hosting Review



If you are looking to register for cheap hosting to create a website, a name that can not be ignored is GoDaddy. You will own WordPress Hosting packages for only $12 per year and get a free domain name.

On this time, the domain registrar Godaddy has once again stimulated their hosting services by promoting the discount package Economy to $1/month.

This provider regularly launches many GoDaddy coupon code renewal for their customers, which causes many regular customers to use GoDaddy’s services.

How to Transfer a Domain to other GoDaddy accounts

How to Transfer a Domain to other GoDaddy accounts

Godaddy Domain providers have the ability to transfer domain names to other accounts. This is important for who wanna to trade their domains.

The process for sending and receiving domains between GoDaddy Domain Renewals accounts consists two steps:

Transfer the domain name to another account on Godaddy:

1. Login to Domain Management in here

2. Click to the domain you want to transfer, you will go to DOMAIN DETAILS. Then click “Account Change”

3. On the new tab, you choose “I have the recipient’s customer account #/username” and enter email and customer #/username of recipient. Then click “NEXT”

4. In the next window, please agree the terms of GoDaddy and click “FINISH” to finish.

Get a domain name from another account on Godaddy:

After transferring the domain name, the recipient must accept the new domain name appear in their management. See more Unstoppable Domains Coupon

1. Login and access to Domain Management

2. On the top menu, click DOMAINS and select Pending Account Changes

3. In the left column, you select “INCOMING ACCOUNT CHANGES”, the resulting domains will show in here. Click the domain name and then click “Accept”.

4. Accept with the terms of Godaddy on new Tab and click “OK” to finish.

Godaddy Domain Renewal Coupon

Latest GoDaddy Domian Renewal Coupon

You can find all deals and promo codes  from Godaddy. We offer everything you need for your online business including: web hosting, domain registar , VPS and more. If you wanna find the latest deals from Godaddy, let visit Godaddy store on Domain host Coupon. Some Coupons and Promo codes are now available on Godaddy Coupon

Some Notes from Godaddy:

Why doesn’t GoDaddy somtimes GoDaddy Renewal Coupon anymore?
GoDaddy had been one of the only companies to provide coupons or promo codes specifically for domains and hosting renewals, but they have recently  discontinued these in favour of offering memberships for their Discounts Domain Club.

What is “Discount Domain Club” and what are “membership benefits”?
Discount Domain Club is a new loyalty rewards program of GoDaddy. Godaddy customers who pay the yearly fee to join this club get special promotions & reduced prices on domain renewals.

This table outlines the savings money on some top level domains. You can find more information on:

Another ways to find promo codes and deals from Godaddy: you can follow them on facebook , instagram, tweeter and more their social network.
With cheap price, good customer services and the best guarantee. I think you can choose a good Godaddy Web hosting, Domains or VPS backages for you.

They really a No.1 Web hosting and Domain registar provider worldwide with more 14 milione happy customers and 63 milion domains.

GoDaddy Hosting Packages

Godaddy’s hosting package is not comparable to Hawkhost’s hosting package but with Godaddy’s hosting package only $12 fisrt year, GoDaddy’s servers are considred to be powerful.

GoDaddy’s advanced hosting technology can withstand very good CPU overload. This provider does not lock the hosting but only informs you to upgrade to a higher package.

So you have also seen the power of hosting GoDaddy. Although some recent reviews have been slower than before, this is still a good choice.

With Hosting pricing, although the price of hosting GoDaddy offer is not really cheaper than Namecheap or Hawk Host but with the first year, you just spend only $12 for a web hosting package. The price is so affordable.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Packages

GoDaddy integrates a lot of security features into the control panel such as:

  • Protect your folders with passwords.
  • Block IP
  • Connect hosting with SSH.
  • Encrypt files with GnuPGn … and some other features.

GoDaddy management interface or domain name is very easy to manage, for WordPress Hosting you just a mouse click to create a WordPress site immediately very quickly.

Support Service

Speaking of Godaddy hosting technical support team, you will see many poor reviews from their customers such as:

  • The response time is extremely long.
  • But it can also be extremely fast but with just one sentence.
  • Copy & Paste scripts available, from email to chat.
  • Money back is very bad.
  • Phone support is NOT FREE for all customers.

Weekness of Godaddy

Referring to the support system, Godaddy is underestimated in the webmaster community. The response time is quite long.

I have read some Godaddy hosting reviews from customers using Godady’s shared hosting services that have a lot of comments like: slow, unstable, flicker, … The reason is that a large number of shared hosting users make the server overloaded.


Godaddy is a longtime and reliable supplier. Price is one of the advantages of Godaddy when they regularly offer monthly promotions so it is very economical to use the services in here.

This is a good choice if you are looking to build a website with low price but high quality hosting.

Mxroute September 2022

Web Hosting Review


Mxroute is the leading address which provide domain names emails
Mxroute is the leading address which provide domain names emails

Mxroute is a brand founded by Jarland Donnell and Ryan Arp. Both Jarland Donnell and Ryan Arp have experience in hosting. Throughout the research process, they realized the need about using email domain name of many individuals and small/big businesses. Without hesitation, they quickly proceeded and launched the product or service that they deemed necessary.

In 2013, they launched the Mxroute brand in the hope that Mxroute can meet the growing demand of consumers. Of course, until now, they have been extremely successful! Mxroute’s revenue and profit figures are truly remarkable.

Mxroute is the leading address which provide domain names emails. You can hardly find a reputable address like Mxroute. Mxroute offers a wide range of services at various prices and utilities. Just something customer need, Mxroute ready to serve.

Mxroute is a brand founded by Jarland Donnell and Ryan Arp
Mxroute is a brand founded by Jarland Donnell and Ryan Arp

Coming to Mxroute Coupon, customers can easily make choices. Over the years, Mxroute has achieved a number of successes and is well positioned in the domain name email market.

What does Mxroute bring to customers?

Unlimited email accounts

First, we’d like to share with you the number of email accounts provided by Mxroute. Accordingly, Mxroute provides an unlimited number of email accounts to customers using their services. This is a great incentive for Mxroute customers.

Mxroute provides an unlimited number of email accounts to customers using their services
Mxroute provides an unlimited number of email accounts to customers using their services

Mxroute’s low-cost service is $ 25 a year, meaning you only pay $ 2-3 a month. This is an impressive number, any customer who needs to use also can afford. To put this price, Mxroute had to research and deploy a lot of technology in order to optimize costs for consumers.

Use Cpanels easily

Most of the current customers come to us are having a hard time with performing tasks with Cpanels. All services of other brands in the market are very difficult to perform Cpanels operation.

Most of the current customers come to us are having a hard time with performing tasks with Cpanels
Most of the current customers come to us are having a hard time with performing tasks with Cpanels

However, with the most modern technology, you can perform the tasks easily and quickly. You can add email addresses, change their login information, login to webmail, add other users to your account… depending on your needs.

The interface is very user friendly

The forms shown on Mxroute are pretty straightforward and easy to grasp. You can easily find the information on the web of Mxroute.

The forms shown on Mxroute are pretty straightforward and easy to grasp
The forms shown on Mxroute are pretty straightforward and easy to grasp

Customer support

Mxroute has a very good team of caring and support staff. So recently, many people/businesses have switched to Mxroute service. The number of people who need support increases, Mxroute also improves its customer support policies. All questions are answered within 24 hours. This is really a great thing!

All questions are answered within 24 hours
All questions are answered within 24 hours

Some of the features that Mxroute offers to its customers

– Email server filter.
– Forward email.
– MailChannels for outgoing emails.
– Webcube/Squirrelmail/Horde Webmail.
– Z-Push.
– Backup and download your data anytime.
– Control based on cPanel.
– Low price.
– RAID10 memory with daily offsite backups.

There are many features that Mxroute offers to its customers
There are many features that Mxroute offers to its customers

Mxroute service packs

There are two major service packages that you can refer to, which are yearly service packages and monthly service packages. Accordingly, service packages by year usually have higher costs but will more benefit for user.

Example: With the Small service package, you have to pay $ 30 per year, equivalent to about $ 3 per month. However, the lowest monthly package that Mxroute offers is $ 5 per month. From there we can see, using the service pack by year is more profitable than the monthly service pack a lot.

Service packages by year usually have higher costs but will more benefit for user
Service packages by year usually have higher costs but will more benefit for user

For monthly service packages, Mxroute is divided into three categories:
– MX1.
– MX2.
– MX3.
For service packages by year, Mxroute is divided into three categories:
– Small.
– Medium.
– Large.

Service package by year

You pay: $ 30 per year.
You are:
– 5GB of memory.
– Domains and email accounts are not limited.

You pay: $ 40 per year.
You are:
– 10GB of memory.
– Domains and email accounts are not limited.

You have to pay: $ 50 / year.
You are:
– 15GB of memory.
– Domains and email accounts are not limited.

Monthly service package

You pay: $ 5 per month.
You can: Domain and email account unlimited.

You pay: $ 10 / month.
You are:
– 30GB of memory.
– Domains and email accounts are not limited.

You pay: $ 15 per month.
You are:
– 40GB of memory.
– Domains and email accounts are not limited.

WHUK September 2022

Web Hosting Review


Webhosting UK - WHUK Review

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Deciphering Web Hosting Reviews, Part II: From Java to Windows! September 2022



ssh vps hosting

ssh vps hosting

In an earlier short article, we discussed how web hosting evaluations identify web hosting companies by the services they offer. So if a webhosting offers ASP technology, they say it’s an ASP hosting business. With that in mind, in this two-part series we’ve set out many of the most common kinds of webhosting services you’ll read about in the webhosting evaluations you peruse. Last time we started at ASP and got as far as FrontPage. Now we’ll complete the alphabet.


Mailbird Review – Reasons To Choose Mailbird September 2022

Blog, GetMailbird


Have you ever heard about Mailbird – a desktop email client for Windows 7, 8 and 10? If you haven’t heard, you should search for more information about Mailbird. Because it is one of the best email client nowadays. Here are some reasons to use GetMailbird.

Mailbird Review – Reasons To Choose Mailbird
Mailbird Review – Reasons To Choose Mailbird

Get 7.49 Godaddy Domain Renewals coupon Today! September 2022

Blog, Domain Review, GoDaddy


How to get some renewal Coupon code from Godaddy Domain and Hosting provider. Today, i will show you some renewal Coupon code from this provider. Easy to use and easy to saving.


On this time, Godaddy just lauch a big promotion for Renewal Domain .COM only 7.49$. If you are looking for this coupon, let visit Godaddy Store on our Website and get a free promo codes for you. Everything is free. See more Unstoppable Domains Coupon


Get $7.49 GoDaddy domain Renewals coupon September 2022

Blog, Domain Review, GoDaddy


Coupons used to renew domain names are usually quite hard to find and not as much discount as when you register new. I renew my domain at and use coupon to get a discount up to $7.49/ domain. This is the lowest price for domain renewal in GoDaddy that you can use.


In addition to the need for new registration, every year we all have to spend a small amount to extend the service used in GoDaddy coupon code renewal domain, hosting, email … To lure customers, this provider occasionally also Launch some discount coupon on renewal.


JaguarPC Reviews September 2022



Overview JaguarPC

JaguarPC is a company specializing in storage services, they are based in Colorado. The company was founded in 1998 and now offers over 500, 000 domain names. In addition, they offer hosting services with powerful and affordable features.

JaguarPC Website

Their hosting services are highly valued by users and businesses. When purchasing JaguarPC hosting packages, customers will receive free SSL certificates, website builds and more.

The Best Shared Hosting Service For WordPress September 2022



Shared Host is a starting for anyone who wants to make a WordPress Self-Hosted website and other websites. But choosing a hosting provider is not easy for a beginner. Today, i will show you the best hosting Service for WordPress which will help you choose a great web hosting provider for your websites and blogs.


If you are still looking for a good international host provider which are fit to use then you can look through the list of hosting providers below. The list below you will be classified into 3 types: Cheap price, Medium price.


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